Balatro: The Poker-Themed Roguelike That’s Taking the Gaming World by Storm

28 February 2024 at 09:01 in Gaming News with no comments

Balatro, the poker-themed roguelike from LoclThunk, has smashed its way to the top of the Steam charts since its release on February 20, in which it made $1 million in its first eight hours.


Is Balatro worth buying?

Balatro is an addictive roguelike that blends poker and deckbuilding to create a game where illegal poker hands are fair, Jokers have unique abilities, and creating powerful synergies is the only way to beat the ante.

It may not seem like the most in-depth game you’ll ever play, but looks can be deceptive. Balatro has 150 Joker cards, 15 decks with distinct modifiers, 22 tarot cards to enhance your regular cards, 11 planet cards that will level up your poker hands, and 32 voucher cards that provide permanent buffs to your run.

It’s the kind of game where you say to yourself, “just one more go,” before seeing it’s 4am on a Thursday. And you don’t have to take our word for it. The game sold over 250,000 copies across PC, PS5, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch in its first three days and generated over $1 million in its first eight hours of release.

Balatro has become a massive success, and publisher Playstack is stunned with the performance of the game, which was developed by a single person, with CEO Harvey Elliot saying, “I cannot praise the developer LocalThunk and the publishing team at Playstack enough for achieving such an impressive milestone.”

LocalThunk themselves added, “I poured my heart and soul into this game with the hopes of sharing it with a few friends and loved ones, but seeing so many people share and enjoy this odd creation has been incredibly overwhelming.”

The game was 94 on Metacritic and is currently “Overwhelmingly Positive” on Steam and 10th on the Steam Top Sellers list.

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