AWAY: The Survival Series Lets You Experience the Wild in a Nature Documentary

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AWAY: The Survival Series lets you play as a sugar glider who’s on a journey to save his family.

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AWAY: The Survival Series – Step Inside Your Own Nature Documentary


Developer Breaking Walls presents AWAY: The Survival Series, an adventure game which lets you play the role of an animal. The game lets you follow the story of a young sugar glider who needs to save his family. Along the way, he will come across dangerous predators which he has to fight.

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The game is set in a huge world with beautiful environments that are filled with life to the brim. Glide and explore it as you breathe in the wonders of nature.

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Every move you make is also being described by a narrator — like in a nature documentary, but starring yourself.


Side Quests and More


AWAY: The Survival Series also brings you more things to do in the game aside from completing the main story. It also has side quests that will let you unlock mysteries as you progress through the game.

You have the freedom to choose how you want to play. Whether you use stealth and agility, or fight larger enemies head on, choose the playstyle you want and see how it goes.

You also have the chance to play as other animals such as crabs, beetles, lizards, and more. The challenge is to find them all.

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Where can I play AWAY: The Survival Series?


AWAY: The Survival Series is currently available on PC via Steam and PS4/PS5. The game will also be available on Xbox consoles, but a release date is yet to be announced.


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