Artificial intelligence will help the creators of Warcraft in the development of new games

9 July 2023 at 09:20 in Allkeyshop Gaming News with no comments

In the world of video games, a new trend is the use of artificial intelligence to create new projects. And Blizzard Entertainment is no exception in this aspect.

It is reported that the company has trained its own generative AI, which can create high-quality concept art for new characters, outfits, and the environment. We decided to name the novelty simply – Blizzard Diffusion. Representatives of the game studio have already stated that their main goal is to save time and make creative work more accessible. At the same time, it is worth noting that artificial intelligence is already adjusting cosmetic hats to the models of characters in World of Warcraft.

Artificial intelligence will help the creators of Warcraft in the development of new games

Recall that Ubisoft faced great public discontent not so long ago when it decided to introduce AI to write simple phrases and a basic plot in its games.

Is it worth waiting like the creators of the legendary Diablo, Warcraft, and Overwatch? Time will show. And now let us remind you of the history of probably the best MMORPG of all time. 


The history of the creation of WoW


World of Warcraft is the most famous MMO game, which has a history of almost 20 years. Only people who are very far from the gaming industry have not heard about the brainchild of Blizzard, and avid gamers have tried at least once to start their story in this online Universe. There is a lot of content, it is released in parts, otherwise, avid gamers will simply lose sleep, participating in tournaments to get WoW gold, and passing countless new locations.

Currently, it is difficult to determine the exact date of the beginning of the development of the game World of Warcraft. According to some estimates, it has been conducted since 1999.

At the beginning of 2004, the development of the game had already progressed far enough. It had its style and concept of the process, which was based on the execution of tasks. At the same time, the ceiling for the character was the 15th level. The bulk of the playing areas were ready, but the stages above the 15th had no filling.

The presentation of the game took place in Los Angeles on November 21, 2004. In Europe, it became available only a few months later, the first servers for the game were launched in February 2005.


What was the initial WoW like?


Let’s remember what World of Warcraft version 1.1.x was like. The game included two continents, Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms, with 60 levels of passage. Stratholme could include 10 people, and most of the 5ppl instances of the Old World could receive guests. Two raid instances, Fiery Bowels, and Onyxia’s Lair.

It is easier to list what was missing – many elements that were missing in the first release in today’s version are perceived as an integral part of the passage.

Griffins could fly no further than the nearest station, from which the character had to walk. There was no question of personal flying mounts then. There were no battlefields or Arenas. PvP was limited only to spontaneous battles in open locations. There were no such popular instances as Maradon and the Forgotten City. The Alliance didn’t have shamans, and the Horde didn’t have paladins. There were no daily quests.

This is what the first publicly available version of WoW looked like, and over the years the game has changed beyond recognition.


Should I start playing World of Warcraft?


In the World of Warcraft series, many versions have been released that have changed the game beyond recognition compared to the first release. Many users are wondering if it should be used today. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this game?


  • A well-thought-out and detailed plot. Over the years of its existence, World of Warcraft has gathered an army of millions of fans; no other project has been able to gain such popularity in the MMO RPG genre.
  • Accessibility for beginners. The WoW universe allows everyone to quickly master the features of gameplay and management. There are no complicated options that are incomprehensible to users of new gamers. The interface is intuitive.
  • Management does not affect the complexity, allowing you to avoid turning the game into a casual one.
  • Variety of gameplay. The game is filled with detailed quests and dialogues. The writers did their best. The story does not stand still and is complemented by a plot.
  • A large number of game styles. There is not only a wide selection of races but also a variety of classes. It is possible to play on behalf of melee or ranged characters. All classes have their own set of specific skills and development scenarios.
  • Elaborate PvP and PvE modes. So, in PvP you will practically not find lags and friezes, even mobs have qualitatively drawn models and mechanics of movements.


  • Outdated graphics. The project is more than 15 years old, and during this time computer technology has gone far ahead. Nevertheless, the developers do not make significant changes to the graphics, and many fans even claim that this element cannot be changed, since it forms an integral part of the look of your favorite WoW.
  • The time-eater. This problem is not unique to WoW but is characteristic of the entire game industry.
  • A large amount of paid content. Each of the released additions, which made significant changes to the game, required money. You also have to spend money on a monthly subscription. For comparison: in other games, the users can participate for free, spending money only for the purchase of unique items or skills, or earning an internal currency with which they can pay for purchases.

Now you can see how simple Warcraft was when it was created, and how it changed by trends in video games and has become a standard in the MMORPG genre. From day to day, the company is improving, keeping up with the times, and starting to attract AI for better development.