Ark Survival Evolved Goes To The Moon

14 April 2016 at 10:52 in Gaming News with no comments



A great new Mod for Ark Survival Evolved is now available called the Ark Moon Survival. This has been the latest in the community made total conversions mod.

ARK Survival Evolved
ARK Survival Evolved Xbox One

The Ark Moon Survival mod will bring you to the surface of the moon. You must be thinking that the moon and dinosaurs don’t mix, well check out the Ark Moon Survival cinematic trailer found in ThickFreedom’s YouTube channel.

You will be wearing a spacesuit and will be with two other companions: Tony and the other guy who keeps on talking. The moon looks very barren with mostly rocks to be seen and the only other structure there is your command center.

The creators of the Mod are DavidBC and Matteoni. The mod will let you explore the moon’s surface, drive a moon rover, build a base and many more. It also comes with a complete story set up with readily available features. You can now download the Mod directly from Steam.

Take Ark Survival Evolved to a whole new other level in Ark Moon Survival. Will you have what it takes to survive on the surface of the moon with its currently viscous residents? Or will you die in space without getting a chance to come home?