Apex Legends Reddit Highlights

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Apex Legends Reddit Highlights

Apex Legends is breaking all chart records there is no question about that fact. But not everybody is aware of everything that you can do in this game. We have selected for you a selection of videos from hundreds in the Apex Legends Sub reddit. Please remember to check our Apex Legends page (xbox one page) and Apex Legends Currency page to see if you can find a good deal or just to support us.

The videos belong in various categories like funny, highly skilled, useful, etc. Just scroll down and enjoy!

Let start with the funny ones 🙂

Wait for it


Guys, I think they sent in the wrong package

The next one is like a moment from the Disney movies…

Some light ammo guiding me to treasure

Now some stuff you should know about Apex Legends.

Recoil patterns !

Recoil patters by weapon from StoneMountain64

Bug or intended ?

You can cancel the stun when landing from a large fall by kicking the ground as you land.

“Where do we drop?”

Guide for the Jumdpmaster…

Did you know the legendary (yellow) knockdown shield can auto revive you ?

The “surprise self-revive” gets them everytime


Love the wave he gives me

Dude how mad is that guy?

Now we are in for some HIGHLY skilled moves:


Waiting for that money shot. Double headshot single bullet.

What compilation has no 360 😀 Here you go:

Amazing Trickshot (I can’t believe I hit it)

What a bad way to die 🙁

Playing Caustic has finally paid off

I would have called it the “Almost” perfect Slide.

“The perfect slide”

This is why I love the Robot 😀

I couldn’t let him get away after that look he gave me

And let’s finish with some Apex styled Astrology !

what your main says about you:

That’s all everyone, enjoy gaming and check our deals of the day.


Respawn Banned 16000 Cheaters from Apex Legends in first 10 Days

Apex Legends just banned a whooping 16000 cheaters in the first 10 days of its existence.

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