Apex Legends: Ajay’s Backstory Featured in Latest Stories from the Outlands

18 June 2022 at 19:49 in Gaming News with no comments

Apex Legends puts Ajay Che under the spotlight in its Stories from the Outlands cinematic “Family Business.”

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Apex Legends’ Lifeline, Ajay Che, gets her backstory featured in the game’s Stories from the Outlands animated featurette. Called “Family Matters,” the video introduces us to Ajay’s past as a part of the Che family who’s known for war profiteering, and how she became part of Apex Games.

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Ajay ran away from her family and joined the Frontier Corps where she extends help to those who need it. During the war, she saves one of the soldiers and treats him in a small facility for the wounded. Both developed feelings for each other which led to them starting a relationship.

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Days passed and the facility is running out of medicines to treat him and the other patients. Ajay then decides to contact her friend Octavio Silva aka Octane.

Thinking Octane’s father (who owns Silva Pharmaceuticals) would give medicines as donation, Ajay meets her friend only to find out they’re out on a heist. They infiltrated the factory and eventually got what they needed, however,  Octane’s father was watching through one of the security cameras, and deployed security to stop them.

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They escaped, but Octane got shot on his leg during the chase which led to him getting injured and unable to walk. Ajay brought her friend to their facility where she also asked the medicines they got to be distributed to the others.

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They were unfortunately tailed, and Ajay’s mother and Octane’s father barged into their facility, with armed guards in tow. This led to Ajay exposing her identity as part of the Che family, which her boyfriend hated. Thinking it’s the only way to save those in the facility, she gave herself up to return to her family, but her mother wants everyone in the facility dead.

Octane then decided to broadcast their situation online, and only then did the armed personnel retreated along with their parents.

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With medicines running out again, Octane asked Ajay what her next plans are. This is when she sees the Apex Games ad on television, which made them decide to join.

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