Allkeyshop Video Gaming News 6 January (Recap)

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PUBG Miramar Cinematic Unlocked

The cinematic video that PUBG Corp promised after players are able to collect 1.15 million disc pieces has now been unlocked. The original amount had been 1.95 million pieces but was downgraded to the said amount. The cinematic that is now available to everyone explains how the Miramar map became a battleground. Long story short, the owner of Miramar confronts a Mexican man who organizes car races on his territory, this is the same man behind the Erangel’s survival games.

COD: Modern Warfare to get More Custom Loadout Slots

According to Infinity Ward art director Joel Emslie, the most annoying problem in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is going to be fixed. Emslie said that they had been tinkering with it and are not sure in what update it will be made available. He also added that if not tested properly, it may cause other horrible bugs. The problem is that there were just five slots for custom loadouts, more slot options will be available soon as announced, but it is not sure as to when or if it will be free.

The House In The Hollow Announced

A new first-person exploration game has been announced by Psine Studios and it is called The House In The Hollow. The game uses the Unreal Engine 4 and it allows players to explore an Art Nouveau manor house that is surrounded by a forest. It offers an atmospheric location in the mysterious void called the Hollow. The game will have advanced physics as well as environmental and asset particle effects for increased realism. The House In The Hollow is set to launch by the fourth quarter of 2020.

Grand Theft Auto Online New Year Bonuses Revealed

Grand Theft Auto Online is starting the year with new vehicles, new bonuses and so much more. The new vehicle is an off-road vehicle called the Rune Zhaba. This can go through land, mud, swamp, beach and just about everywhere. The New Year Bonuses include Triple Rewards on Freemode Events, Double Payouts for Business Battles and the Bunkers Series is paying double as well. A new Podium Vehicle is also available which is the Seasonal Pfister Comet. Great discounts are also heading your way.

Blood of Steel Launch Date Delayed

The PvP MOBA strategy game set in the Middle Ages called Blood of Steel will be delayed for about a month as announced by YC Games. The launch date is now February 19, 2020, PST or February 20, 2020 CET. The extended time will be used to refine the game even further so that the developers are able to deliver the best gameplay experience to its players. A closed beta is now available for Blood of Steel through Steam.

League of Legends Earned $1.5 Billion in 2019

2019 had been a great year for League of Legends as it was reported to bring in a total of $1.5 billion dollars in total. To compare, this is just $300 million dollars less than Fortnite which is the number one game of 2019 according to SuperDate. All-in-all the global games market has reportedly generated about $120.1 billion dollars in 2019. Among the free-to-play PC games, League of Legends generated the second-highest amount of revenue with a total of $20.6 billion dollars.

League of Legends Academy Team G2 Arctic Announced

The new League of Legends academy team of G2 Esports has been announced and it is called G2 Arctic. This is a union between G2 and Arctic Gaming. G2 Arctic will be fighting in the Spanish Superliga Orange for the 2020 season. They will be managed by Arctic Gaming in Spain and their sponsor is Chips Ahoy! This marks the very first time that one of the largest food companies in the world has entered esports.

T1 Defeated by SANDBOX in KeSPA Cup Semifinals

SANDBOX wins against T1 in KeSPA Cup semifinals. It was a 3-1 win within 37 minutes from each other. The best player of the day is SANDBOX’s Kim “OnFleek” Jang-Gyeom. He won two MVP titles and was able to score a pentakill using Olaf in the last game. During the quarterfinals SANDBOX beat the defending champions, Griffin. The next KeSPA semifinal match will be between DragonX and Afreeca Freecs, the winning team will go against SANDBOX on January 5.

Xbox Game Pass Now Includes GTA 5

The Xbox Game Pass for console right now has GTA 5 available. This also comes with GTA Online as well as the recent Diamond Casino Heist DLC that is for The Diamond Resort and Casino. Also, Xbox Game Pass members are able to enjoy 10% off on the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack or the Shark Cash Cards to get 20% off the base game in the Microsoft Store.

New Fallout 76 Zone Revealed

A new Fallout 76 area has been announced by Bethesda which is a part of the Wastelanders DLC that is supposed to be coming in this 2020. The new zone is called Watoga Underground which is known as the City of the Future. What it really is, is a huge automated parking garage which will add into the lore of the in-universe West Virginia locale. Fallout 76 will also have a double XP event which will run up until January 13th.

Platinum Games to have “Full Speed” Operations this 2020

Platinum Games the people behind the successful Astral Chain promised to be at “full speed” this year as announced by Platinum Games president Kenchi Sato. Sato also announced that we could see a “beginning of a new stage” for Platinum. We have a lot of games to look forward to with this developer like perhaps a revival of Scalebound, a sequel for Astral Chain, or another NieR game. It has also been announced that there are two mystery projects to come.

Best Selling Game of the Decade in the UK is GTA 5

The best-selling games of the decade in the UK have been revealed and it is based on the Ukie Games Charts. This has all been compiled by Gfk. The game that came out on top is none other than GTA 5. The rest of the list includes Call of Duty: Black Ops in second place, Minecraft in third, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in fourth, the rest still in order are FIFA 14, FIFA 13, FIFA 15, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, FIFA 22 and FIFA 12.

Bethesda Shares More Fallout 76 Wastelanders DLC Information

When you thought that the Fallout 76 DLC Wastelanders isn’t coming anymore, Bethesda shares new information about it. One of the new zones has been introduced which will be a part of the DLC and it is the Watoga Underground called the “City of the Future”. What it actually looks like is a huge automated parking garage which will expand the lore of the in-universe West Virginia locale. Still no launch date for the DLC as Bethesda is still working on this new content.

GTA Online Weekly Bonuses Now Live

The weekly bonuses of GTA Online are now available and you are able to get its latest off-road vehicle which is the Rune Zhaba. This vehicle is amphibious which means that you are also able to bring it to the water. There are also some Free mode events available that will give players triple rewards and they are Play Hunt the Beast, King of the Castle, Criminal Damage and more. These events will give players the chance to earn more money and RP.

Portal 2 Mechanic Called F-Stop Revealed

Valve was previously working on a spin-off of their game Portal which did not include Glados or Chell. The main mechanic was actually called F-Stop or Aperture Camera. This project never pushed through though but another developer was able to get their hands on the game’s original code and was able to document the project via a video series called “archeological journal”. The very first episode is called Exposure.

Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls PC Launch Announced

The long-running dungeon crawling RPG called Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls that first launched in 2011 for the PlayStation 3 will also be launching for the PC on January 15th via Steam and the Humble Store. The game will be available for $14.99 dollars, €14.99 euros, or £12.99 pounds. There is also a 10% off discount available in the first week of the game’s launch.

Story-Driven Adventure Game Lydia to Launch on Nintendo Switch

The atmospheric story-driven adventure game Lydia is getting a Nintendo Switch launch on January 17th. The game was originally available for the PC and Mac. The game offers a spectacular gray-scale graphics and is about a girl who wants a happy childhood but was not given that because of her parent’s alcohol and substance abuse. A unique DLC is available with the Switch version of the game. This is a coloring book of monsters that Lydia can only paint on happy colors.

Fortnite is the Top Selling Game on the Nintendo Switch for 2019

Nintendo of America was able to reveal the top-selling Nintendo Switch games of 2019 based on the unit sales on the Nintendo eShop. The top game is the free-to-play game Fortnite followed by Super Smash Bros. Ulitmate. Indie game’s Minecraft, Cuphead, and Untitled Goose Games took the third, fourth, and fifth places respectively. The sixth to the tenth spot belongs to Pokemon Sword, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, NBA 2K19, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe and Dragon Ball FighterZ.

COD: Modern Warfare Bug Lets Players Kill From Under the Map

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare currently has a bug that players are hating on. One Modern Warfare player was able to experience this exploit when he got killed out of nowhere. It turns out, his enemy was actually hiding under the map of Port Verdansk’s concrete lot. The enemy was unseen but was able to see and shoot at everything. This has been revealed via the killcam. No word yet as to how Infinity Ward will be addressing the issue but they have banned the cheating player already.

Fortnite Lightsabers are Causing Desynchronizing Issues

The lightsabers in the Fortnite and Star Wars crossover are bugged. Players are experiencing desynchronizing issues with it. It looks as though players who are wielding the Lightsabers are able to teleport during fights because of the desynchronization issues. The reason of the problem is unknown as of yet, but players should not fear as the mode will be removed from the game soon as revealed by leaker Hypex.

Dota 2 Third Small Update for the Year Released

A third update has been launched for Dota 2 without it being previously announced. This marks the third small update made available for the game that was launched this year. This includes the fix for the Frostivus chat wheels and consumable items not being useable. The bug where the neutral creeps would not de-aggro correctly has been fixed as well. The problem with the armory UI that would not scroll to the typed hero name was fixed too. You can check out the complete list on their site.

Possible New Ape Escape Game Teased

A possible new Ape Escape game could be coming this year as a new post from the Twitter handle piposaru20th teases. If you didn’t know Pipo Saru is the Japanese name for Ape Escape. The post was in Japanese, and roughly translated it said, “This year also, exciting, wonderful! To send lots of important information.” If that is correct, it may be possible that it is teasing another Ape Escape game coming this year. Nothing has been confirmed so far.

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