Allkeyshop Video Gaming News 21 January (Recap)

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Morteshka Announces Adventure RPG Black Book

Morteshka, the team behind The Mooseman, is happy to announce its upcoming adventure game, Black Book. Set in the 19th Century, Black Book tells the story of witch-to-be Vasilisa, who decided to “throw away her fate and marry her beloved,” who, unfortunately, end up dying “under mysterious circumstances.” Vasilisa then decides to use a demonic artefact which grants the user any wish by uncovering all its seven seals. The game also has some deck-building involved, as Vasilisa uses spells in card-based battles. Black Book is due sometime this year on Steam.

Bells & Whistles Coming Back to PS4 and Switch

Retro Publisher Hamster selected Konami’s Bells & Whistles for this week’s Arcade Archives release. The game is now available for download on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Bells & Whistles released for arcades back in 1991, and was known as Detana!! TwinBee in Japan. It features fast-paced vertical-scrolling action, with one to two players gunning their way through seven stages taking on waves of enemies and powerful bosses.

Third-Person Action-Adventure Summerford Launching This Year

Noisy Valley Studios has announced its upcoming third-person action adventure game, Summerford. It is inspired by survival horror classics like the original Silent Hill, as well as Alone in the Dark. Summerford features the protagonist Sam, and revolves around exploration, with puzzles-solving and a lot of planning to do in order to survive. It is set to launch on Steam later this year.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Pass Inclusions Revealed

We all know that Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 will only bring a total of 6 Operators instead of the usual 8, and Ubisoft has also already explained their side. Now a Ubisoft representative confirmed what players will expect in the game when it launches. The Year 5 Pass will include the 6 Operators with 7-day early access, exclusive customization options, 10% discount in the Shop, 5% Renown boost, 0.3% Alpha Pack Boost, 30% discount on Battle Pass purchase, and 30% bonus Battle Points (not applied to challenges or achievements).

MMO Sky: Children of Light Gets Switch and PS4 Crossplay

Jenova Chen from thatgamecompany has announced that MMO Sky: Children of the Light will be heading to consoles and will support crossplay. The social adventure game is currently available on PC and iPad, however, thatgamecompany did not mention when it will exactly release for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Chen also said they are also planning to bring the game to Android “within a month.”

Temtem Reveals Details on Battle, Breeding and End Game

Creature-collecting MMO Temtem, has released a new trailer that details the game’s battles, how players will breed creatures, as well as its end game. The trailer gives players a glimpse at how breeding works, with it showing that it’s a “more intense” system for players, with risk and rewards. Creatures can also gain unique abilities only through the breeding system. The game’s end-zone will then feature rare Temtem with better stats, and the creature available in it will change every week. Temtem will launch to Early Access January 21st.

Ys 8: Lacrimosa of Dana Adds Experimental Co-op in Latest Update

Nihon Falcom has recently released a new major update for Ys 8 Lacrimosa of Dana. The update is from Peter “Durante” Thoman and brings various improvements to the game’s graphics, performance, and stability. The update also includes an experimental co-op mode that allows a second player to jump into the adventure. This mode is not officially supported, though, so don’t expect fixes and updates for it to come quickly.

Two Teams Dominate DreamLeague Season 13 Major Opening

Nigma and Team Secret opened up DreamLeague Season 13 Major with excellent performances. Nigma took down TNC Predator in Group A, even though TNC initially looked like the better bet. Though they were struggling at first, Nigma ended up reverse sweeping TNC. Nigma then took down Fnatic to become the first team to move to the upper bracket. Team Secret had their work cut out for them too when they battled Vici Gaming. The series went back and forth but Team Secret took the W in game 3. They then breezed through their matches with beastcoast, earning the top seed for Group B in the upper bracket.

Sokpop Collective’s Games Now on Steam

A small group of Dutch game designers called the Sokpop Collective has just released 52 games on Steam in one day. Sokpop has been releasing two games per month to their Patreon subscribers via and now they’ve brought their collection to Steam. The games range from deckbuilders to Metroidvanias, and even Soulslikes. There are even a couple of MMOs. You can view their entire catalogue now at Steam.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid League Unveiled

Although many may have dismissed nWay’s Power Rangers Battle of the Grid due to its buggy and lacklustre launch, the game has actually come a long way and is even hailed as the best fighting game of 2019 by a few popular streamers. Now, nWay has partnered up with Lionsgate and Hasbro to open up the game’s very own esports league. The league will go through six major fighting game events in the US, holding its Grand Finals at Evo 2020 in Las Vegas.

Modern Warfare’s Season 1 Content Extended

Infinity Ward is extending Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s first content season into February. The season was originally planned to end in January. With the extension, however, the season will now go all the way to February 11th. This gives players almost two additional weeks to work through the season’s challenges and rank up their battle passes to earn rewards. Infinity Ward also said they’ll be holding several XP boost events.

Nioh 2 to Launch on March 13, 2020

The savage action RPG game Nioh 2 is almost here as it is set to launch on March 13, 2020. You will play as a half-human, half-supernatural Yokai warrior in the Sengoku-era of Japan and the Dark Realm. Offering the fight of your life with revamped game mechanics. Choose from the traditional weapons like swords and hatchets or use your Yokai abilities once you’ve filled up your Amrita gauge. You are also able to help other players or ask for help if you need to. Nioh 2 will be available for the PS4.

Job Listing for The Last of Us Part 2 Points to a PC Release

A job listing posted by Naughty Dog for a graphics programmer has caught the attention of people. The role is actually attached to the game The Last of Us Part 2. The had been announced for the PlayStation 4 only, but the ‘Requirements and Skills’ needed has some things that are specific to PC. The graphics programmer will be a part of Naughty Dog’s rendering team and would need a “thorough understanding of current GPU architectures”. Right now the game has not been announced for the PC yet.

Dying Light 2 Delayed to an Indefinite Date

Techland and Square Enix has announced the delay of their zombie game, Dying Light 2. The announcement states that the developers need more development time in order to fulfill their visions. They will be missing the original launch date of Spring 2020 and the delay is indefinite. They are also promising more information in the “coming months”.

Godfall Gameplay Shared by Redditor

The very first confirmed PlayStation 5 game is the looter-slasher Godfall. The game is also said to be coming to the Epic Games Store late in the year. The game has been described as “a fantasy action RPG that utilizes high-impact third-person melee combat to engage players as they hunt for loot, don legendary armor sets, and defeat vicious enemies. One Redditor even shares six seconds of the gameplay.

Elder Scrolls 6 Could Possibly be Heading to Full Production

It could be possible that Bethesda Game Studios would be heading to full production for the Elder Scrolls 6 as they are already finishing up the work on the upcoming sci-fi RPG Starfield. Bethesda recently posted job vacancies which signal to fans that the game is nearing its completion and that the developers are able to concentrate fully on the Elder Scrolls 6.

More Sonic The Hedgehog News Coming this Year Promised Sega

We can expect more Sonic the Hedgehog news this year as promised by Sega. The announcement was made via a press release saying that new Sonic news will be shared every 20th day of the month for the year 2020. Nothing specific was shared about it though, but we are hoping that one of those announcements will be a new Sonic the Hedgehog video game.

Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair Demo Dates Revealed

A demo for Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair has been announced by Playtonic. The demo will be available on all platforms with varied releases. The launch of the demo on Steam is on January 23, on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on January 30 and on Xbox One a later date, but the specific date has not been announced yet. The demo won’t have a time limit and everything can be explored. Progress in the demo can also be carried over to the full game.

Panzer Corps 2 Finalizes Launch Date as March 19th

After being delayed multiple times, Panzer Corps 2 will finally be launching. The classic wargaming mixed with modern visuals game by Flashback Games will be launching on March 19th 2020 for the PC. The game will come with 61 campaign scenarios, some randomly generated skirmishes for both single-player and multiplayer, mod support and 1,000 unit types. The game now runs on the Unreal Engine 4 which improves the graphics very much even reaching 4K.

MonteCristo Signs Partnership With Cloud9

Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles the eSports Overwatch League commentator announced that he is partnering with Cloud9. MonteCristo just recently left being a caster for Overwatch League because of “irreconcilable creative and philosophical differences”. With Cloud9, he will be designing competitive products that will be announced in the future. MonteCristo also adds that he appreciates that C9 embraces his “creative vision and goals”.

Cyberpunk 2077 Gets Funko Pops

Cyberpunk 2077 will have its own official Funko Pops. Game Informer reported that there will be two Keanu Reeves-inspired Johnny Silverhand Pops. Right now the designs are still subject to approval but there are four of the vinyl figurines already slated to arrive on April 16 which was supposed to be the launch date of the game before it was announced to be delayed. Cyberpunk 2077 is set to launch on September 17th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Megaton Mushashi Still in the Works

Level-5’s IP Megaton Mushahi is still in the works. The game was supposed to arrive for the 3DS but with the handheld slowly becoming outdated because of the launch of the Nintendo Switch, the game moved on to the Switch as well as mobile. The thing is, the game has not launched yet, but it gets a trailer every now and then, usually two times a year. The game is still said to be “coming soon”.

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