Allkeyshop Video Gaming News 10 January (Recap)

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Exit the Gungeon is Coming to Other Platforms Soon

Exit the Gungeon will be coming to other platforms soon. The Enter the Gungeon spin-off released exclusively for Apple Arcade back in September but developer Dodge Roll Games has announced that they’ll be releasing it “on PC and consoles early this year”. Assuming that the Apple exclusivity deal lasts about six months, this puts the release on other platforms in the middle of March. We’ll have to wait for an official release date to be sure.

Fallout 76 Player Creates Brutal Math Problem as Camp Trap

A Reddit user with the handle of Vault101manguy has created a pretty brutal camp trap in Fallout 76. As soon as players enter his camp, the door shuts behind them, trapping them inside. The only way for players to get out is to answer a math problem written on the wall. The catch is, players have a limited amount of time to key in the correct answer. Once the timer expires, they’ll experience a fiery death. As if we needed another reason to hate math, right?!

Valve Rolls Out Improvements to How Steam Handles Soundtracks

Valve has finally changed the way Steam handles game soundtracks. Instead of being sold as DLC, Valve has changed it so that they are now sold as a new type of app rightly called as “soundtracks”. This removes limitations where players had to purchase the base game just to purchase the soundtrack. Users can now also download soundtracks without having to download the base game. Valve has also made it easier for users to manage their game music collection on the platform.

Hearthstone 16.0.8 Balance Update Patch Note Released

Blizzard has announced a few nerfs and buffs coming to Hearthstone this week. These include an additional 1 mana cost for the Fiendish Rites, Scion of Ruin, Ancharr, Invocation of Frost, and Necrium Apothecary cards. Both Patches the Pirate and Pyramad are returning to the Battlegrounds Hero Pool and both of their hero powers have received a slight buff. You can view the full 16.0.8 Balance Update patch notes at the official Blizzard forums.

Look for Player Dedicated Easter Eggs in Next Week’s Sea of Thieves Update

Rare will be putting the very best of the Sea of Thieves community in the spotlight in next week’s update. In a recent developer update, they revealed that the game will get a new NPC named Umbra who will task players with hunting down hidden landmarks bearing player skeletons, plaques, engravings and wanted posters, all of which pay tribute to a specific player with an outstanding contribution to the game or has earned a funny or bizarre milestone. The update will also come with quality of life tweaks.

NieR Automata Producer Hinting New Game Announcement for NieR’s 10th Anniversary

NieR Automata producer Yosuke Saito is hinting that they have something in the works for NieR’s 10th anniversary. In an interview published in the latest issue of Japan’s Weekly Famitsu magazine, he said something that roughly translates into “this and that and an unannounced title” when asked about the upcoming milestone. NieR was released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 back in April 2010, so Square Enix may reveal the “unannounced title” come April.

Nominees for the 2020 GDC Awards Revealed

The nominees for The Game Developers Choice Awards have been announced. Death Stranding leads this year’s nominees with nominations in seven categories. It is also vying for the Game of the Year award alongside Control, Outer Wilds, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, and Untitled Goose Game. The event will be held during the 2020 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, California. You can check out the full list of nominees for each category at the official GDC website.

PS5 Logo Becomes Most-Liked Image from a Gaming Company on Instagram

Fans were disappointed in Sony’s recent PlayStation 5 reveal at CES, which turned out to be nothing more than the upcoming console’s official logo, and the logo itself didn’t really like like something new. However, the PS5 logo reveal still ended up becoming the most-liked Instagram image from any gaming company. It got five million likes and over one hundred thirty-six thousand comments within 48 hours. The PS5 is expected to launch during this year’s holiday season.

Nintendo Reveals Why They Don’t Provide Prize Money for Super Smash Bros. Tournaments

Nintendo has never supported its Super Smash Bros. esports scene with prize money and president Shuntaro Furukawa revealed why during a recent interview with Japanese business journal, Nikkei. He said that he wants their games to be “widely enjoyed by anyone regardless of experience, gender, or age”. It seems that Nintendo wants to avoid creating a distinction between pros and casuals, probably to avoid scaring away the latter from enjoying Super Smash Bros. titles.

Hitman 2 is Bringing Back Sean Bean’s The Undying Elusive Contract

IO Interactive is bringing back one of its first Elusive Contracts for Hitman 2 next week. The Undying, which stars infamous actor Sean Bean, will be available once again starting January 17th. Players will have 10 days to take out Mark Faba, a rogue MI5 agent, in a sandbox mission set in Miami. It seems that IO will likely continue to recycle old content to keep Hitman 2 alive throughout 2020 while it shifts its focus on future projects, none of which have been revealed yet.

Modder Releases Fix for Long-Running Street Fighter 5 Netcode Bug

A long-running bug that has tormented Street Fighter 5’s online mode since its launch almost four years ago has been fixed by a modder named Altimor. The bug causes artificial lag because of how the game’s netcode handles received input in certain situations. Altimor released a DLL replacement mod to fix the issue and has made it available online for free. Early adopters of the mod have reported excellent results so far, making a huge difference in the game’s online experience.

New League of Legends Champion has 223% Ban Rate

The newest champion to come to League of Legends is Aphelios. Players were able to try him out and everybody has decided that he is overpowered having a ban rate of 223% in one competition. The percentage mentioned was from the Korean Challengers competition. The ban was from both the red and blue teams making it 200% and the additional 23% is from the remakes. The developers will be rolling out patch 10.1 soon, and it will be having a nerf for the overpowered Aphelios.

Legend of Keepers to Launch This Year

A new game which is a mix between dungeon management and roguelite will be coming your way this year. The game is called Legend of Keepers. Get to play as a dungeon master and choose between the three original classes available. Get to join the Dungeons Company and get to climb the corporate ladder. Protect the dungeon’s treasures and crush the so-called “heroes”. You will be hiring monsters, manage your people and check your stock of traps. Create fun events for your employees.

Flow-style Adventure Game Lumini Launch Dates Revealed

The game Lumini lives on! Although the original developers’ Speelbaars closed in 2017, 2Awesome Studio thinks the game is worth saving so it is set to launch on January 21st for the PC and PlayStation 4, January 22nd for the Xbox One, and January 24th for the Nintendo Switch. The game is about the Lumini race who have returned to their homeworld. Sadly their home had become a hostile place and it is up to them to restore the balance and preserve it for the future generations.

KartRider: Drift Gets Vivox Voice Chat

The cross-platform, free-to-play kart racing game, KartRider: Drift will be integrating Vivox Voice Chat. Vivox’s technology will be providing improved social and community experience to the game. KartRider: Drift is still in development right now. The game will have three distinct modes which are Time Attack, Item Mode, and the competitive Speed Mode. The game will also be using the Unreal Engine 4 graphics which promises to be stunning. KartRider: Drift will be available for PC and Xbox One.

Book Brigade to Launch by the End of the Month

The ‘Book of Books’ has been stolen. Assemble your team and avenge the world that has fallen into chaos because of the book’s theft. Choose from Dracula, King Arthur, Queen Victoria, Nikola Tesla, Cassandra, Dorothy Gale, Sun Wukong the Monkey King and Robin Hood. The game is Book Brigade and it offers a new spin on the Metroidvania genre. This upcoming game from Intragames and Digital Tales will be launching on January 30th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Rock of Ages 3: Make and Break will have a Level Editor

From publisher Modus Games and developer’s ACE Team and Giant Monkey Robot comes a new dev diary for their upcoming game Rock of Ages 3: Make and Break. They talk about the game’s design and how it evolved from the original idea. Also, they talk about a new feature that they would want to add to the game which is the level editor. Also, the game’s closed alpha starts today.

Pokemon Sword and Shield’s New DLC will Add 200 Pokemon

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be getting a new DLC that will be adding 200 more Pokemon to the game. This will be a part of the Expansion Pass that is split into The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra. The Pokemon that will be added include the Galarian Slowpoke, new Gigantamax forms and new Regi Pokemon. Players won’t need the DLC to get some of the Pokemon as trainers will be allowed to trade Pokemon from those who have the DLC.

Miro, the Overwatch Legend is Coming Back From Retirement

Gong “Miro” Jin-hyuk, the Overwatch legend is stepping out of retirement as he announced on his Facebook post. He was the former main tank for Lunatic Hai and Seoul Dynasty but had some personal problems to attend to which led to his retirement. Miro was a two-time APEX championship winner and an Overwatch World Cup MVP. He was also dubbed as the “Godfather” of main tanks by ESPN.

Hardcore Mecha Launches on the PS4 this Month

The 2D platformer Mech action game Hardcore Mecha is getting a PlayStation 4 launch as announced by producer Louiky. The game first launched for the PC via Steam at the end of June 2019 and it was a huge success. RocketPunch Games will be launching Hardcore Mecha for the PlayStation 4 for North America and Europe on January 14th.

DJMAX RESPECT V Adds Two New Songs For Free

The revered rhythm game DJMAX RESPECT V that is developed by Rocky Studio and published by Neowiz is getting two new fan-favorite songs! The two songs are available for free for everyone who owns the game. What’s great is that it comes with League of Legends visuals and movies for the tracks. This is all done in partnership with Riot Games, of course.

AO Tennis 2 Out Now

Bigben and Big Ant Studios’ AO Tennis 2 is now available! This is the official Australian Open series game that is available in the market. Get to create your own character, stadiums and even legendary matches. Play the Career Mode and compete in matches to be the top world tennis player! AO Tennis 2 is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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