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Sony No Longer Supports Facebook Share on PS4

Sony has announced that PlayStation 4 will no longer support Facebook integration starting October 7th. This means players will no longer be able to share their screenshots, gameplay captures, and more to their Facebook feed. In addition to these, players will also no longer be able to import their Facebook Friends list to PS4. This is due to concerns over Facebook’s use of personal information and API changes.

Children of Morta’s Switch Release Has Been Delayed

Developer Dead Mage and publisher 11 Bit Studios have announced that the Nintendo Switch version of Children of Morta will be launching at a later date. Its PS4 and Xbox One versions will launch as scheduled on October 15th, while the Switch version will launch on November 20th. The delay is because Dead Mage has to work out “a couple of kinks” and “are pushing for quality over anything else.”

Surviving Mars and Space Race DLC Free on Epic Games Store

From October 10th until October 17th, you can get Surviving Mars and its Space Race DLC for free on the Epic Games Store. This is in line with the game’s upcoming release on the Epic Games Store, plus Paradox wants to introduce the series to more players. Surviving Mars, and all of its DLC, will be available on Epic Games starting October 10th.

Monster Hunter: World Ships 14 Million Units

Monster Hunter: World is on a roll as it shipped 14 million units since it launched, Capcom has reported. The figure includes both digital and physical sales. The release of Iceborne could also be one of the contributing factors to this figure. It is also worth noting that Iceborne is not available on PC yet, as it will be released in Winter 2020. Monster Hunter: World Iceborne is available as of September 6th for PS4 and Xbox One.

Surviving Mars Gets a Sequel

Paradox Interactive has announced a follow-up to its planetary-colonization simulator Surviving Mars. The follow-up has the title Surviving the Aftermath, and it is set to launch for PC and consoles in late 2020. Paradox said Surviving the Aftermath will “find new ways to utilize [the] survival management gameplay” as seen in its predecessor. The game will also feature new and interesting ways for players to experiment with these mechanics. More information about the game is expected to be revealed at PDXCON on October 19th.

Borderlands 3 Rare Spawn Hunt Kicks Off

Borderlands’ anniversary celebration continues this week on Borderlands 3 with the Rare Spawn Hunt which runs from October 8th until the 15th. With Rare Spawn Hunt, players will be able to find rare spawns a lot easier, plus there’s a better chance of getting unique Legendary weapons and loot. The Borderlands anniversary celebration will continue for three more weeks after this.

World of Warcraft Adds Two New Races

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth will be getting two new playable Allied races in its upcoming 8.3 update. The two new playable races are The Vulpera for the Horde, and Mechagnomes for the Alliance — both were previously introduced as non-playable races in Battle for Azeroth. The update will also bring players to the next chapter of Battle for Azeroth where they will venture into the Eldritch dimension and battle monsters in a new realm.

Apex Legends is Halloween-Ready

Apex Legends’ Halloween event, Fight or Fright, has been leaked, and now EA has finally lifted the veil and provided details on the event. Fight or Fright will be taking place starting October 15th through November 5th. The event will introduce Halloween-themed skins, cosmetics, as well as a game mode with zombies. A dark version of King’s Canyon will also be making a comeback, and will be part of a temporary game mode called Shadowfall. For full details on the event, you may visit EA’s website.

World of Warcraft Classic Getting New Dungeon Next Week

World of Warcraft Classic’s Dire Maul dungeon will be opening its doors starting October 15th worldwide. It is part of Classic’s phase two where Blizzard has planned to roll out raids, dungeons, PvP features. Following the Dire Maul rollout, the game will still feature the honor system and world bosses, and Blizzard said they will be announcing a “solid release date” soon.

Machinarium Creators Release New Game Pilgrims

Amanita Design, the creators of Machinarium and Samorost, have announced its new game, Pilgrims, and it’s out now on Steam. Pilgrims is an adventure game where players will “roam the land as you please and make new friends, share a laugh with your fellow travelers and help them complete their little stories, your way.” The game boasts of features such as playfulness, replayability, hand-crafted animations and custom-made sound effects, and original music from Floex.

Everspace 2 Coming to Steam First

Rockfish Games is promising players that Everspace 2 won’t be an Epic Games Store exclusive and will be launching on Steam first. In an update on its Kickstarter page, Rockfish said that players’ trust on developers are at “an all-time low” due to broken promises especially when devs launch a Kickstarter campaign and promise a Steam key for supporters, but later on announcing an EGS-exclusivity and no Steam keys at launch. Rockfish Games wishes to assure backers that “EVERSPACE 2 will launch on Steam first, no matter what.”

Gears 5 Nerfs Flashbangs in Latest Update

Gears 5 has gotten a major update and it addresses the concern of players regarding the game’s flashbangs. Players claim that these are too powerful and are in need of changes. Flashbangs had been a part of the Gears game since the second iteration and they are used to flush out opponents that are hiding in strong defensive positions and are forced to fight. Previously, the flashbang’s blinding time is 1 second but had been dropped to .3 seconds. The stun length will, however, remain the same.

Monster Hunter World Sells 14 Million Worldwide

Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter World has reached a new milestone in sales following the launch of the game’s Iceborn expansion. The game has reportedly sold 14 million units around the world. The figure announced was the sold-in amount which includes shipments to retailers as well as digital sales. This, however, does not show the total purchase of consumers directly. The Iceborn expansion is currently available on consoles and the PC release will be on January 2020.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Introduces the Inquisitors

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is set to launch next month on November 15th but before that, some of the game’s bad guys had been introduced. They are the Inquisitors where one of which actually looks like Thanos. One Inquisitor is the Second Sister who is ambitious and cruel and is actually the deadliest amongst the Imperial Inquisition. The other baddie introduced is the Ninth Sister who is imposing and dangerous because of her size. She is less agile but she has the ability to read minds.

Dune Sea Takes Flight on the 10th

A side-scrolling platform adventure game is coming tomorrow the 10th and it is called Dune Sea. What’s unique about the game is that you will be playing as a migrating bird that is separated from your flock. You will learn how to fly. Once you got the flying thing down, you must then build your flock with the help of the game’s sophisticated and intuitive flocking game mechanism. The game also offers a huge varied and diverse world as well as challenging platforms and puzzles. Dune Sea launches on PC.

World of Tanks Blitz eSports Event to Launch Next Month

World of Tanks Blitz will be opening their prime eSports event next month. This is the fourth year in a row for the game. The event is called the Blitz Twister Cup 2019 and it is powered by Gorilla Energy. This official global championship is set to the tune of their new official rap theme. There will be six teams from all over the world who will be competing for the prize pool of $100,000 USD as well as the title of the Ultimate Blitz champs. The six teams are 7Star, EG, RGN, Feast, -Wot- and Mercy.

Twin-stick Shooter Profane Launches on PC

Publisher Alternative Software and developer OverPowered Team announced the launch of their twin-stick shooter game Profane. The game challenges its players to kill all the enemies before the clock runs out as time is important. The game offers customizable ability loadouts, competition focused gameplay, multiple game modes, twitch compatibility as well as a full gamepad and controller support. Profane is available for PC and Mac via Steam and is available for £14.99 Pounds.

Call of Cthulhu Out Now on the Nintendo Switch

The adventure, role-playing game from publisher Focus Home Interactive and developer Saber3D Call of Cthulhu is now available for the Nintendo Switch. Get to step into the shoes of private investigator Pierce who is looking into the tragic death of the Hawkins family. The location is in Darkwater Island and the year is 1924. The game is inspired by Chaosium’s classic pen and paper RPG bringing you into the world of Lovecraft’s iconic universe.

BurgerTime Party! Now Available on the Nintendo Switch

BurgerTime Party! is an arcade, multiplayer, puzzle game that has launched for the Nintendo Switch. The game is published by Marvelous and it welcomes players to Peter Pepper’s grill. Get to make huge burgers as well as avoid edible enemies. There will be more than 100 stages to clear and all are filled with puzzles and arcade action. The game offers single-player stages as well as cooperative challenges that can hold up to three friends. BurgerTime Party! is available in the Nintendo eShop.

Reventure Releases on the Nintendo Switch

2D nonlinear pixel -art platform puzzler Reventure has launched for the Nintendo Switch. The game is developed by Pixelatto offering classic quests with lots of humor and are 100 different endings for you to uncover. Reventure was first seen back in June on Steam and it quickly became one of the best-selling games in the second quarter of 2019. Reventure also got over 1000+ overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam and had been viewed for more than 25 million times on YouTube.

Rocket League October Update Announced

Rocket League’s October update had been revealed and it comes with the Hunted Hallows in-game event. This will be the third time for the event and Psyonix promises that it will be the spookiest one ever. Along with the Hunted Hallows comes some quality of life changes like the post-game party-up, team-colored boost meter, quickplay button, news panel refresh, as well as the announcement of the new eSports teams. The update will go live on October 14 at 10 AM PDT for all the game’s platforms.

Death Stranding Gets ESRB Rating

The ESRB rating for Death Stranding is out and it gets an M for Mature. The ESRB site enumerates the scenarios that led them to the decision on the M rating. It said in the post that the game contains “blood, intense violence, partial nudity, and strong language”. They further list that “players use machine guns, grenades, and shotguns to kill enemies; firefights are highlighted by realistic gunfire, large splashes of blood and cries of pain”. Death Stranding is set to launch on November 8, 2019.

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