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Black Ops 4’s Blackout Will Have Limited Time Events

The Design Director of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 David Vonderhaar said that the game’s battle royale Blackout will have a limited time mode. The mode will reward players with the ability to get exclusive characters. The exclusive characters in the game can be unlocked by completing specific characters missions as well as progressing through the game. The Call of Duty Blackout Beta will launch on September 15th and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will officially launch on October 12th.

Four New Overwatch League Teams Incoming, Reports Say

Four new teams are reportedly getting added for the Overwatch League and the new teams are said to be coming from Chengdu, China; Vancouver Canada, Washington DC; and Hangzhou, China. The Washington team will be owned by a real estate and tech investor named Mark Ein. The Hangzhou team will be owned by the Chinese video sharing service called Bilibili. Huya a streaming platform that is partly owned by Tencent Holdings owns the Chengdu team and the Vancouver team will be owned by Canuck Sports and Entertainment.

Metal Gear Solid Fan Makes a Remake of Its Iconic Intro

This week marks the 20th anniversary of Metal Gear Solid, and to celebrate, one fan recreated the game’s iconic intro. It was created by Erasmus Brosdau, a game artist and art director whose works include Warface, Homefront: The Revolution, and Ryse: Son of Rome. The remake was created in Unreal Engine 4 along with other assets in order to recreate the intro but with a modern day twist. Metal Gear Solid first released on the PlayStation.

Killing Zombies in Blackout Gets Players Ray Guns and Monkey Bombs

An interesting twist is available in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout. Instead of supply drops, players must kill the zombies to get supply stash that includes some rare items. Some of the goodies mentioned were the Ray Gun as well as the Monkey Bombs. This has been confirmed by the game’s design director David Vonderhaar during a rapid-fire Q and A session. The zombies will be easy to spot because of the ray of light that will be shining upon them. They also are the only AI enemies in the game.

Melee-Based Battle Royale Zeus’ Battlegrounds Announced

Here’s another battle royale game for you! Developer Industry Games has introduced their battle royale game, Zeus’ Battlegrounds. It is a melee-focused battle royale game with 100 players and is set in the time of Greek gods. The game is kind of similar to Realm Royale – it is based on fantasy, and players have mythical abilities. Players can play either in solo, or in teams of four players. The game does not have a release date at this time, but players can sign up for its beta through its website.

GTA Online Gives Free In-Game Money This Week

In just this week, players of GTA Online will be able to earn up to $1.15 million in-game money for free! To celebrate the end of the busy summer period, a sign-in bonus of $ 250,000 in-game money is offered to players by crime sim. In addition to that, every single day until September 10th, players will get $ 150,000 in-game money. All that seven-day sign-ins will net your player the $1.15 million in-game money. All of this, you can get by September 17th which will appear in your Maze Bank accounts.

Black Desert Online Drieghan Expansion Coming This Year

MMORPG Black Desert Online gets a free expansion and it’s now available on PC. The expansion is called Drieghan, and it will launch later this year. As mentioned, this expansion is free to all players, and will bring more than 300 quests as well as a new dragon world boss. This also adds a giant land to the already massive open world of the game. Black Desert Online is currently available for PC. Its Xbox One version will release this fall.

Battlerite Royale Release Date Revealed

Stunlock Studios’ Battlerite spin-off called Battlerite Royale is coming to Steam Early Access on September 26th and it will be around 19.99 €. In the early access, players get to choose from the 20 different Champions, each having their unique styles in fighting. For veterans of the game, the signature Battlerite combat input system will surely be familiar to them even though the Champions were revamped for the second outing. The game’s closed beta sign-ups are still open, just go to their site.

INSOMNIA: The Ark Releases This Month

The dieselpunk role-playing game from developer Studio Mono, INSOMNIA: The Ark will be released this month, specifically on September 27th. The game has been in development for over 8 years, and promises to bring over 60 hours of content. INSOMNIA: The Ark will let players explore over 70 unique locations, with 250 key characters. Its story can be completed alongside four non-playable companions. It will also have 12 different endings. The game will be available on Steam.

The Division Free Weekends Announced

The Division can be played at no cost during two weekends in September! The PC version will be available from September 6th to 9th via Uplay, while the console versions which are PlayStation 4 via PlayStation Plus and Xbox One via Xbox Live Gold members will be on September 13th to 16th. Also, The Division is 70% off for the PC version from September 6-10, on Xbox Live from September 11-20 and for PlayStation Network from September 13-25. From September 6-19 the cosmetic items will be 50% off.

Witch Thief PC Release Date Announced

Developer Cardboard Keep has announced the launch date of their upcoming 3D shoot-’em-up Witch Thief. The game will release for PC on September 21st. The game features five different zones players can explore. Players will start off playing with one witch, and later on in the game, they can unlock three more. They have their own unique storylines. A console version of the game will be released next year.


FIFA 19 Demo Release Date Announced

EA Sports has announced the release date for FIFA 19’s demo! You won’t have to wait that long because the FIFA 19 demo is slated to happen on Thursday, September 13th, and will be available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. EA Sports has not announced yet what the demo will include, but we’re pretty sure it will come soon as the demo is only days away.FIFA 19 launches worldwide on September 28 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

MMORPG Wildstar Shuts Down

Western-based sci-fi MMORPG Wildstar will be shutting down, and its developer Carbine will be closing its doors, leaving fifty people unemployed. Players who spent money within the game will get refunds from July 1, 2018 until the payment system is shut off. In a statement, Carbine said, “These decisions are very difficult to make and we are in the midst of shifting as many of our teammates as possible into other roles within the organization.”

Mega Man 11 Switch Demo Released

The release date for Mega Man 11’s demo has been announced. The demo will be available on the Nintendo Switch, as well as on the PlayStation 4 and on the Xbox One. The demo gives players access to the pyramid-themed Block Man stage where Mega Man is put against conveyor-filled hazards, and eventually faces Block Man towards the end. This is also where players will learn how to use both the Power and Time gears.

Black Ops 4’s First Blackout Trailer Revealed

We finally got a glimpse at Call of Duty Black Ops 4′ Blackout mode, thanks to the first gameplay video released by Treyarch. The trailer showcases hardcore combat as well as a look at the Blackout map. There’s also combat involving vehicles, boats, and a helicopter, and some wild explosions. As the gameplay area shrinks in size, zombies make their appearance. A private beta for Blackout is scheduled on September 14th where players can experience the 80-player battle royale mode.

Pillars of Eternity 2 DLC to Release This Month

The second major DLC for Pillars of Eternity 2 will be launching this month! Seeker, Slayer, Survivor will be launching on September 25th. This follows on from Beast of Winter story DLC which was released back in August. The title of the DLC stands for three distinct types of combat challenge available in the expansion: Seeker – tasks players with looking for a solution to take down their foe; Slayer – puts players truly fearsome creatures in a battle to the death; and Survivor – challenging waves of incoming enemies.

Cyberpunk 2077 Quests Aiming to Have As Many As The Witcher 3’s

CD Projekt Red has revealed how many quests will possibly be in Cyberpunk 2077. The game’s quest designer Patrick Mills said in an interview that they’re looking at having quests somewhere around the level of The Witcher 3. The Witcher 3 has more than 400 quests in total, and players have found completing all these 100 percent hard because it’s quite a lot. Looking at this number, it is possible that Cyberpunk 2077 will get as many quests as The Witcher 3, or maybe lesser.

Blackout Consumables Grant Timed Perks

Call of Duty Black Ops 4’s Blackout battle royale mode will have consumables on its map, which will enable Black Ops’ signature perks for a limited time. Treyarch studio design director David Vonderhaar explained in an interview that these perks are consumables which player collect, and will have a timer when used. These take up inventory /lots, so deciding between perks and other options will be a tough one. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Blackout mode will be released on October 12th.

Skyrim Enderal Mod Re-launches on Steam

Skyrim’s Enderal: The Shards of Order mod will be re-launching on Steam! This award-winning mod is a totally new game using Skyrim’s assets. It gives players an expanded world which they can explore, as this has plenty of biomes from forests to coasts. It also boasts of its own “unique, dark and psychological” narrative with over 30 hours of professionally-voiced dialogue. It has new gameplay mechanics, a completely overhauled leveling and skill-system, and more. Its exact date of release is yet to be announced.

Sea of Thieves’ Forsaken Shores Update Releases New Trailer

The second major content update for Sea of Thieves, Forsaken Shores, will be launching September 19th, and Rare has released a brand new trailer which highlights some of the things the update adds to the game. The trailer shows rowboats, plus a look at Devil’s Roar. There were also new cosmetics that include clothing and weapons shown in the trailer, and it looks like they were themed around red-hot metal. Face paint , and glowing treasure chests also made an appearance.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Now Under THQ Nordic

THQ Nordic has purchased the rights for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. It was released back in 2012 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and was generally well received when it launched. The game eventually faced some struggles financially, and its developer 38 Studios also faced some legal troubles which eventually led them to shut the game down. We can’t wait to hear what THQ Nordic’s plans for this game are.

Armored Warfare Black Sea Incursion Live Now

Armored Warfare, the team-based MMO tank game from and has rolled out the second part of its Black Sea Incursion story. It’s live now on PC. Black Sea Incursion chapter 2 brings a fresh set of PvE missions, new Israeli tanks, commanders, an additional PvP map, an armor viewer, as well as other changes to the game. Chapter 1 of the Black Sea incursion went live this year. Armored Warfare is free-to-play, and you can get it on Steam.

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