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DICE Reveals Features Available in Battlefield 5’s Open Beta

The Battlefield 5 open beta is just around the corner and some game features that will be available is the ability to drag the body of your teammates to safety, limb pepnetration, as well as getting the credit if you caused the debris to fall unto another player, killing them. Other changes have been discussed as well, however, those changes were not able to make it to the game’s open beta but will perhaps be available at launch. Battlefield 5 is expected to release on November 20th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Thronebreaker Campaign is a 30-hour Standalone RPG

Gwent’s Thronebreaker will be released as a standalone RPG, mainly because of its huge scope, according to CD Projekt Red. In a report by Eurogamer, Thronebreaker has evolved into a huge 30-hour full-scale RPG where the outcome of each individual matches determine the choices and consequences for the player. In addition, players won’t need to use the Gwent client in order to play Thronebreaker. The game is expected to launch at Q4 of this year.

SCUM Adds Anti-Cheat Tech

SCUM released in Steam’s Early Access just recently and cheaters had been popping up like mushrooms. Some known cheats are an aimbot, a wallhack that includes labels as well as health bars over players, the ability to teleport to the location of another player, and infinite ammo. So, just this weekend an anticheat had been up and running and the devs promise to continue to upgrade it. Along with the release of the anticheat is some bug and exploit fixes and additional server admin controls.

The Last Remnant Gets Delisted for Unknown Reasons

For some unknown reason, Square Enix is delisting their JRPG The Last Remnant from Steam, and stopping physical sales. Console versions may also be included. Square Enix said the delisting happens Tuesday, September 4th at 10:00 PDT / 17:00 GMT, and 02:00 JST, September 5th. It is quite puzzling why Square Enix decided to delist the game, considering how they own all the licenses to the game. The Last Remnant released back in 2009 on PC, and in 2008 on Xbox 360.

Rebel Galaxy: Outlaw Shows Off Gameplay

Double Damage Games showed off a demo of their upcoming space western adventure game Rebel Galaxy: Outlaw during PAX West. The game features a new protagonist, and a bigger universe than its predecessor. Its new gameplay video shows just how different this game is as it comes with a more ambitious story, plus it includes updates to bounty hunting, pirating and trading. The gameplay video also featured dogfights. Rebel Galaxy: Outlaw will launch sometime next year on PC.

Battle Princess Madelyn Arcade Mode Introduced

Battle Princess Madelyn has introduced its Arcade Mode. The Arcade mode showcases the levels of the game’s story modes with a faster-paced gameplay. It also has a completely different level structure and play style. Battle Princess Madelyn is an upcoming game which will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

Sony Japan Says Goodbye to the PS2

Sony’s PlayStation 2 released back in March 4, 2000 in Japan and became the best-selling console ever. But it looks like Sony is pulling the plug on the PlayStation 2’s aftercare service in Japan. Reports say that Sony Japan asked customers who own a PS2 to fill out online forms by August 31 and have their console serviced one final time. PS2 consoles that need servicing after September 7th won’t be serviced anymore. Additionally, customer support for the PlayStation 2 also ended August 31st.

Players May Be Able to Play as Young Lara on Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Leaked screenshots from Shadow of the Tomb Raider shows a young Lara Croft, which suggests that players may be able to play as young Lara at some point in the game. The screenshots show young Lara climbing on rooftops and walls, and exploring what looks like a mansion. This may also be some sort of a flashback to a childhood memory. We’re expecting to know more about this in the coming days as Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s release date draws near.

Football Manager 18 Sells Over 1 Million Copies Worldwide

Football Manager director Miles Jacobson proudly announced that Football Manager 18 has sold more than 1 million copies worldwide, noting that this is the 6th PC/Mac release in a row that reached the milestone. The announcement was done via a tweet. Jacobson added that he wanted to thank players for their continued support, and that they’re looking forward to sharing some of the things coming in Football Manager 19 at the end of this month.

New GTFO Gameplay Video Released

Four-player sci-fi horror shooter GTFO revealed 9 minutes of gameplay which showcases not only some combat, but also a glimpse of the environment and some of the enemies in the game. The gameplay video shows a squad with four members as they assess, threats, set up shots, and take down enemies using stealth. It also shows just how important teamwork is in the game, given that it is a co-op shooter. GTFO is expected to launch later this year.

Fallout 4 Lost Vault Mod Adds Creepy Dungeon Crawl

Fallout 4 is still alive and kicking, thanks to tons of mods coming out from its community. If you’re the type who likes dark and unsettling things, Fallout 4’s Lost Vault mod may be perfect for you. Created by veteran modder Spiffyskytrooper, Lost Vault will put players through an underground Vault-Tek facility where lights no longer work. Players will need to use the light from Pip Boy in order to navigate the vault and uncover clues as to what happened to its citizens.


Platformer Planet Alpha Out Now

After five years in development, Team 17 and Planet Alpha ApS’ visually stunning platformer Planet Alpha is finally out! It is available on PC via Steam. Planet Alpha not only boasts of beautiful graphics, it also includes mind-boggling puzzles, fast platforming, and stealth. In Planet Alpha, the player wakes up and finds himself injured, and he has to find his way home. The world is affected by a solar cycle, and the player has a unique gift which allows him to manipulate the time of day and then use it to his advantage.

PUBG Officially Launches on Xbox One

PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds has finally left the Xbox Game Preview program and has officially launched as a full game for the Microsoft console. The huge PUBG 1.0 update is ushering the game out of early access and onto the full game with a lot of new content available like the third map – Sanhok – as well as new weapons like the QBZ and QBU. The exclusive Sanhok vehicle – the Rony – is also included in the update. Two new playlists are also available which are the Battle Royale and Mini Royale.

World of Warcraft Gear Accidentally Released Ahead of Schedule

World of Warcraft’s newest Mythic plus dungeons is here and the high-powered gear that should come with it came way too early. The Mythic plus system allows players to finish dungeons as fast as they can with the next dungeon being harder than the last and at the end of the week, great rewards would be given. However, what happened is that the high-level items were accidentally released early. The result was that gear above the level cap had been received by players with lower level caps.

Battlefield 5’s Battle Royale is Squad-Based with 64 Players

DICE revealed more information on Battlefield 5’s battle royale mode. It is called Firestorm, and it puts 64 players in a map in a battle for being the last man standing. Battlefield 5’s Firestorm will be squad-based, which means 16 teams with four players each will battle it out with other squads. Firestorm also features vehicle-based combat as well as highly-destructible structures and buildings that Battlefield is known for. Battlefield 5 launches November 20th. Its open beta is currently under way.

Black Ops 4’s Blackout Player Count Revealed

The battle royale mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 called Blackout will accommodate 80 players when the beta launches by next week. This number may change though when the game officially launches. At first, they were able to test with 100 players however they would want to put the quality of the gameplay first rather than going with a specific number of players. Treyarch co-studio head Dan Bunting said that they are taking in the community feedback to make changes as well as evolve the game.

Dragon Quest 11: Tales of an Elusive Age Out Now

Square Enix’s Dragon Quest 11: Tales of an Elusive Age has officially launched! The game is now available on PC via Steam. The latest in this long-running series promises a new story that is still quite familiar to fans of the franchise. Players will still face evil lords, and even dragons that is set in a story of magic swords. Dragon Age 11 also features a turn-based combat paired with a fairy-tale-ish plot. The game won’t have any DLCs, season pass, and special editions.

Black Ops 4 Battle Royale Vehicles Revealed

In Black Ops 4’s Blackout, vehicles will play an important role in the game, and we bring you the vehicles you’ll be able to use in the upcoming beta and on its launch. On land, players can ride in the Cargo Truck which holds one driver and four passengers, and the ATV with one driver and one passenger. On sea, players can get on the Zodiac Inflatable Boat for one pilot and three passengers, and by air on the Little Bird Helicopter for one pilot and four passengers.

Trading Places Mode Returns to GTA Online

A new GTA Online update is bringing back the Trading Places mode. This time it is a reimagined version of the mode. Trading Places is just like Team Deathmatch but with a twist added. Here, the players are divided between pre-determined “Winner” and “Loser” teams. If you play as a “Loser” and kill a “Winner” you will be able to switch places in the roster. When the match ends and you are on the winning team, then you win the game. Other things are included in the update which you can check out on their site.

Prison Architect Suddenly Adds Multiplayer Mode

Developer Introversion has added a cooperative multiplayer to their game Prison Architect. It is still in its developmental stages though and would most possibly require an alpha or a beta. The new cooperative multiplayer is aiming for players to build a prison with up to seven friends. There are still a lot of things to do and to consider with the game having a multiplayer since it was first thought of as a single-player game only. No news as of yet when the game will be launching its new mode.

Tekken 7 Fighters Get Buffed in Season 2

Tekken 7’s season 2 patch has rolled out, and it is quite huge! This update includes a number of changes, especially to its fighters. All Tekken 7 fighters underwent balance changes – yes, all of them. Some received buffs, while others were nerfed. There are even brand new attacks added to some. You can find the long list of patch notes in the game’s website.

Shadows Awakening Out Now

Shadows Awakening is now available! Get to embark on a journey with an epic adventure, a gripping storyline that will keep you wanting more, a challenging gameplay, and graphics that will surely enchant you. This is a unique game offering a real-time tactical combat and is an isometric single-player role-playing game. To check out the best rate for Shadows Awakening you can go straight to our site at as we have for you the best prices for the most awesome games from our trusted stores.

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