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Soulcalibur 6’s Next DLC Fighter Hilde Revealed

Soulcalibur 6’s next DLC fighter has been revealed. At the culmination of this year’s Soulcalibur VI World Invitational in Las Vegas over the weekend, producer Motohiro Okubo went on stage to reveal the next DLC fighter, Hildegard von Krone from SoulCalibur 4. She is best known as Hilde, and she’s of noble blood. She is armed with a spear as well as a short sword which allows her to deal damage at range or up-close. Hilde will be part of the game’s second Season Pass and is the first fighter to have been revealed as part of it.

Halo: Reach Minimum PC System Requirements Revealed

343 Industries has revealed the minimum system requirements for Halo: Reach. You won’t need a high-end PC to run the game, as it will only require 8GB of RAM, an Intel i3550 or AMD Phenom II X4 960T CPU, and an AMD HD6850 or NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 GPU. According to 343, they will be releasing more detailed specs that include integrated graphics “at a later time.”

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Receives New Patch

Infinity Ward has rolled out a new patch for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This latest title update brings fixes to prevent crashes and improve stability across all platforms, and a fix for charms affecting weapon performance when firing from the hip. The update also removes battlechatter from tactical, one-life modes. APCs and Tanks in Ground War will also no longer award points towards a nuke. Adjustments have also been made to tame the 3rd person footsteps. You may view the full patch notes over at the game’s Reddit.

The Sims Series Surpasses 5 Billion Dollars in Lifetime Sales

EA has revealed that its long-running Sims video game series has surpassed 5 million Dollars in lifetime sales since its first game launched back in 2000. “The Sims continues to be one of the great franchise in gaming, and we have plans to bring new experiences to its amazing players for a long time to come,” EA CEO Andrew Wilson said during their recent earnings call. The next DLC for The Sims 4, Discover University, is set to launch November 14th on PC.

First Female Winner of Hearthstone Grand Finals at BlizzCon 2019 Makes History

The Hearthstone Global Finals at BlizzCon 2019 crowns its first female winner through 23-year-old Xiaomeng “VKLiooon” Li from China. She is also the first Chinese player to secure a title. Li defeated Brian “bloodyface” Eason in the finals with a 3-0 score, and went home with 200,000 Dollars prize money as well as a trophy. “I want to say for all the girls out there who have a dream for Esports competition, for glory, if you want to do it and you believe in yourself, you should just forget your gender and go for it,” Li said in a message after her match.

News About Dragon Age 4 Might Be Coming Soon

It looks like we’ll be getting some sort of news for Dragon Age 4. In celebration of the Dragon Age franchise’s 10th anniversary, BioWare posted a tweet which teases what looks like a reveal coming December 4th. It is also worth noting that BioWare will be celebrating the anniversary with an event on December 4th as well, and it looks like the developer will be including news on Dragon Age 4.

Diablo 4 is Online Only, Solo Play Available

Blizzard has confirmed at BlizzCon 2019 that Diablo 4 will be online-only, however, solo play will be available. Diablo 4’s lead designer Angela Del Priore said in an interview with Gamespot that they are not going to support offline mode, as “nothing in Diablo 4 is going to require partying up.” “You can play solo and dungeons are private. Campaign quest areas will remain private,” Del Piore added.

Overwatch 2 Won’t Be Releasing Anytime Soon

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan is not sure when Overwatch 2 will be released. As we all know, Overwatch 2 has been confirmed at BlizzCon 2019, however, a release date or window was never mentioned. Speaking to VG247, Kaplan said that they honestly don’t know when the game will launch, and said it might even be presented again at BlizzCon 2020. He also added that the game won’t have an abundance of new heroes at launch.

World of Warcraft’s Next Expansion Unveiled

Blizzard has revealed the next expansion for World of Warcraft. The expansion is called Shadowlands, and it will bring players into the realm of death. Shadowlands wraps up the battle of Azeroth, where both factions will unite in an attempt to defeat the Old Gods and the Void Lords. Players will be venturing off to the afterlife in the Warcraft universe where they will encounter characters from past series in new dungeons and raids, including the Tower of the damned.

Hearthstone Gets Battlegrounds Mode

Hearthstone is getting a new autobattler called Battlegrounds. Available in beta starting November 5th for BlizzCon 2019 Virtual Ticket holders, Hearthstone Battlegrounds works just like any other autobattler. It will have you and seven other players buy units from a random selection, and build a suitable army, then upgrade them by matching three unit types together. The Battlegrounds version will include Heroes, where players will select one at the beginning of the game. 24 different Heroes that each have unique powers will be launched.

Warcraft 3: Reforged Beta to Include BlizzCon Virtual Ticket Holders as Testers

Players who attended Blizzcon 2019, or those who purchased a Virtual Ticket, will be able to jump in on Warcraft 3: Reforged’s November 5th beta. The beta first opened its doors for players who pre-ordered the ‘Spoils of War’ version of the game. The beta is limited to only Orcs and Humans, with only 1v1 and 2v2 matches. Warcraft 3: Reforged is a rebuilt version of the original, featuring pre-rendered cinematic cutscenes, unit models, and more. A release date is yet to be announced.

Soul Calibur 6 New DLC Fighter is Princess Hildegard

The newest DLC fighter for Soul Calibur 6 is Princess Hildegard von Krone from the Holy Roman Empire. She will be a part of the Season 2 DLC pass as announced by Bandai Namco. A video trailer has been launched for Princess Hilde and it features her fighting style using her short sword and her spear, Glänzende Nova and Frischer Himmel. She will be fighting to restore the fictional kingdom of Wolfkrone. Her battle style is the “Große Erbschaft,” allowing her to alternate her spear and sword.

World War Z Season 2 Revealed

The second season of World War Z is starting with two new chapters as well as a prestige system and a flamethrower. The two new chapters will be adding the New York and Moscow survivor stories. The prestige system will allow players to roll their class rank back to the start but are still able to keep certain bonuses with access to special cosmetics. Lastly, the flamethrower, a thing that had been highly requested will shoot a steady jet of fire that will push away hordes of zombies.

Possible Dragon Age 4 Being Teased by Bioware

A possible tease for the next Dragon Age game had been tweeted by Bioware. There are no specific details available and the tweet read as “Today marks 10 years of Dragon Age! This year we’re excited to join the community’s party on December 4th and celebrate a decade together in the world we all love. See you on 12/4 for Dragon 4ge Day!” The last news that we got for a new Dragon Age game came in 2018 during the VGA show. Since then there are no more information about it.

The Otterman Empire Announced for Early 2020

The multiplayer party game The Otterman Empire is coming to PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch by early 2020. The game offers eight dynamic local multiplayer modes that include Target Practice, Detonator, and Squiditch. It also comes with a compelling campaign mode, ten customizable characters where you can unlock different helmets, jetpacks, antenna and more. There are eight detailed planets including the Fishmonger Base, the Ottopolis and the Lontra. The game also offers a unique gameplay.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon Demo Announced

Yakuza: Like a Dragon will be getting a demo as announced by Sega via the Japanese magazine Famitsu. In the magazine, producer Masayoshi Yokohama was able to confirm that the Yakuza: Like a Dragon will indeed get a demo before it launches. Not enough details were reveled but Yokoyama did say that the demo will be different from the one shown in the TGS. Yakuza: Like a Dragon or also known as Yakuza 7 in Japan is set to launch by January 2020 in Japan and on a later date for the Western release.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Debuts in the Second Spot of the UK Charts

Luigi’s Mansion 3 was able to debut at the number two spot at the UK charts for the week ending on November 2nd. The game’s launch surpassed both The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening and Super Mario Maker 2 and was able to become the fastest-selling physical Switch game of 2019. The game’s opening sales are 140% higher as compared to Luigi’s Mansion: Darl Moon. The game that took the first spot on the UK charts is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and the third is FIFA 20.

Dog Duty is Free-to-Play on Steam Right Now

Dog Duty by Soedesco has a free demo to try out on Steam available right now up until the 11th of November at 10 AM Pacific Time. Dog Duty is a fast-paced, real-time tactics game that will allow players to take down evil octo-bosses during the game’s trial period. Also, feedback is encouraged by the game’s publisher so that the developers would know what path to take in order to make improvements. A survey is also available asking players what language they would want to see supported in the game.

Guilty Gear Two New Characters are Chipp Zanuff and Potemkin

Two new characters had been revealed for Guilty Gear and they are Chipp Zanuff and Potemkin. Arc System Works revealed these characters via a lengthy gameplay footage. The first new fighter is Chipp Zanuff who is an American street gang member but has adopted a Japanese profile. He is a fast-moving fighter that is capable of aerial attacks and teleportation arts. The other one is Potemkin who is an elite member of the Zepp guard. He is capable of incredible damage because of his enormous frame.

The Game Launcher Available in Beta

During the Blizzcon festivities, Blizzard was able to reveal the revamped version of their game launcher, This is still in its beta phase and it comes with a handful of significant UI improvements. One of the most obvious change is the game selection which is now represented as icons across a horizontal bar. This leaves more vertical space for game detail menus and a friends list. The added easier access to the friend chat has been a user request.

Fortnite Pro Player Banned for Using Aimbot

FaZe Jarvis “Jarvis” Kaye, a Fortnite pro player had been caught using an aimbot and was permanently banned from Fortnite. Jarvis shared an apology video explaining that the aimbot was only used during casual solos and playground modes in order to create content for his 2 million followers on YouTube and about half a million on Twitch. Jarvis even added that he never used the aimbot during any competitive modes. Epic has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to cheating hence the ban.

Diablo 4 Gets Talent Trees and Rune Words

During the BlizzCon panel, game director Luis Barriaga announced that Diablo 4 is getting back some old customization systems. Some of the systems were the ones that went missing during Diablo 3. Barriaga announced that they have a “trifecta of customization options: talent trees, skill ranks, and rune words,” coming to the game. Barriaga even added that “customization is a back with a vengeance”.

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