Allkeyshop TV News 4 October (Recap)

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New “How to Hitman” Video Showcases Agent 47’s Tools to Get His Job Done

A new “How to Hitman” video has been shared by IO Interactive and it features the different tools you can use as Agent 47 in Hitman 2. The various tools included are unconventional items to use for killing but it does get the job done. You will get to see proximity tasers, audio distractions, remote exploding cellphones, disposable scramblers, and even mirrors. Hitman 2 launches on November 13th available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The six locations from Hitman Season 1 will be playable here too.

Anthem Will Feature Raid Matchmaking

Anthem will feature a raid matchmaking where players are able to find other players with the same rank as they are to play with. This has been confirmed by BioWare’s Mark Darrah who answered a fan’s question on Twitter asking if “Anthem’s version of raids have matchmaking” to which Darrah said “yes”. This is great news as raids and strongholds can only be played with somebody else, although story missions can be played solo. Anthem is set to launch on February 22, 2019.

Stardew Valley Multiplayer Update for Switch is Making Progress

The creator of Stardew Valley, “ConcernedApe” Barone has announced that they are making progress with the multiplayer patch for Nintendo Switch. The said patch is now available for Quality Assurance which means that it is already in its final stages of the process to test for significant errors. However, we would still have to wait a while since Nintendo is known for taking too long on the patch approval process. But none the less as long as it is making progress this is good news!

First DiRT Rally 2 Gameplay Revealed

Codemasters hosted a livestream showcasing DiRT Rally 2.0’s gameplay. The video showcased gameplay which were played on three different tracks. Codemasters also gave viewers a look at the game’s different camera settings, giving players a good feel of how DiRT Rally 2.0 is like no matter how you play. DiRT Rally 2.0 will be available starting February 26, 209 on PC, Ps4 and Xbox One and it comes with a host of changes including six brand new locations, eight WorldRX circuits, and cars from the 2018 season.

The Surge’s The Good, the Bad, and the Augmented DLC Out Now

The Surge’s The Good, the Bad, and the Augmented expansion is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. This DLC was originally announced last month and takes place in a western setting which was put together inside a CREO facility by a crazy scientist named Dr. Rischbotor. The trailer showcases what players can expect when cybernetics is mixed with classic cowboy overtone with the game’s protagonist Warren engaging in combat with multiple enemies, armed with wrist-mount blades and large sweeping weapons.

Arc of Alchemist Release Delayed

Compile Heart announced that their PlayStation 4 exclusive JRPG, Arc of Alchemist will be delayed for a few months. The original launch date was set on November 29th and it was moved two months later which is now on February 7th. Arc of Alchemist features art from Yoshitaka Amano, the person responsible for Final Fantasy’s art. The game also doesn’t have a western release as of yet. But it could happen in the near future as Idea Factory International usually translates the games of Compile Heart.

Space Hulk: Tactics’ Mission Editor Details Revealed

A new trailer that showcases the included map editor in the upcoming Space Hulk Tactics has been released. Dubbed as the Mission Creator, players can use it to create their very own missions quickly and easily. It’s easy to use but very powerful, allowing players to change map layouts and looks, add logic, link elements together, and test on the fly right in the editor itself. Custom missions can also be shared with other players online, giving the game limitless replayability.

X4: Foundations Release Date Revealed

The newest entry of Ergosoft which is X4: Foundations will be launching this November 30th. The announcement came with a gameplay video that is about 7 minutes long which was able to show a bunch of features that the game has. The video emphasizes that any ship in the game is flyable by the player. Also, players could seamlessly step off their ship and explore the different space stations on foot as well as board other ships. The game, however, has no central plot as you will create your own story.

Everquest’s The Burning Lands Expansion Announced

Daybreak Games has announced a new expansion for long-running MMO Everquest. the expansion is titled “Burning Lands” and it is centered around Planes of Power which was introduced back in 2002 through the game’s fourth expansion. Although the developers are yet to reveal specifics, players can expect the expansion to bring new zones, items, raids, and more. The developers mentioned though that the DLC will be geared for high-level payers mainly. The Burning Lands is expected to come this December.

Amazon MMO New World is Looking for Alpha Testers

Amazon has announced that it’s looking for alpha testers for its MMO New World. Those who are interested to be an alpha tester may simply visit the game’s website and click the Alpha Sign-up button. You will then be prompted to sign in using your Amazon account and will be prompted to click the “email me’ button. Successful applicants will be notified at some point.

First FIFA 19 PC Patch Improves Gameplay

FIFA 19 just got its first patch on PC. The patch fixes the bug where the power bar for Set Piece Kicks in an Online Match would go to 100% even when the player wanted less power. It also fixes a bug where players would sometimes get an inside of the foot shot animation even when they meant to do a regular shot. Various fixes have also been rolled out for FIFA Ultimate Team, The Journey, Career and Online Modes. It also adds the UEFA Super Cup overlay package to the game.


Big Bash Boom Coming to PC and Consoles

Developer Big Ant’s own take on the KFC Big Bash League and Rebel Women’s Big Bash League, called Big Bash Boom, is coming to PC and consoles! This licensed, arcade-inspired Cricket game is being produced in collaboration with Cricket Australia and will include all teams and players for this year’s BBL|08 and WBBL|04. The game features characters with big heads, which is similar to NBA Jam, as well as flaming trails when hitting sixes, among other features. Big Bash Boom is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on November 29.

Square Enix Announces The Quiet Man’s Release Date

Square Enix has remained mum on the development of The Quiet Man, but finally the company has revealed when it will be released. A new trailer for the game showcased its animated gameplay that is meshed together with live action scenes, and later on in the video, the release date was also revealed. The Quiet Man will be available starting November 1 for PS4 and PC and will be a digital-only release. It features a deaf protagonist named Dane and promises a story-driven cinematic experience.

Viking RTS Northgard Gets Free Expansion

Viking-themed RTS Northgard got a major update which adds a new apocalyptic map and a new neutral faction among other additions. The new update, which is free for players who own the game by the way, is called Ragnarok. The new map is themed around the end of the world as described in Norse mythology. The Ragnarok update also features a new event called Fallen Sailors where Spectral Warriors can invade the land at any given moment and mercilessly attack all Vikings they come across with.

Fury’s Power Showcased in New Darksiders 3 Trailer

A new trailer for THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games’ Darksiders 3 has been released, and showcases the third horseman Fury. The trailer gives us a first look on Fury’s Force Hollow which is one of the forms she can switch between in the game. Her appearance, weapons, and power set change each time her Hollow changes. In her Force Hollow form, Fury sports purple glowing hair and she has the ability to walk on crystalized walls. She also has a hammer which can also act as a battle axe. All these and more will be available on Darksiders 3 launches November 27th.

Fortnite’s Shadow Stones are Back

The Shadow Stones which were removed shortly after Fortnite’s Season 6 began is now back in the game! This consumable allows players to transform into their Shadow Form which then lets them go invisible when they stand still. They won’t be able to use weapons though while in Shadow Form. Another thing is that the stone gives players the ability to pass through walls or rocks using the supernatural ability Phase.

Cyberpunk 2077 Will Be Distributed By Warner Bros.

CD Projekt Red’s upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077 will be distributed in the United States by Warner Brothers. What this means is that the game will be using the retail distribution network of Warner Brothers in order to release the game and get it in the stores. It’s almost the same deal when CD Projekt Red worked with Warner Brothers for The Witcher 2 and The Witcher 3. Cyberpunk 2077 will be releasing for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, however, a concrete release date has not been announced yet.

First Overwatch Halloween Terror Skin Revealed

The first Overwatch Legendary skin for 2018’s Halloween Terror event has been announced by Blizzard and it is for Doomfist which would transform him into a swamp monster. This Legendary skin will give Doomfist a blue complexion that is scaly. It will also come with horned fins as well as gills which makes him look more of an amphibian than a swamp monster. This skin will be available when Halloween Terror begins which is on October 9th and will no longer be available after October 31st.

Orwell Free on Steam for a Limited Time

Osmotic Studios and Fellow Traveller’s adventure simulation game called Orwell: Keeping An Eye On You is available on Steam for a limited time. Those interested, starting now until October 5th at 10 AM PT, will be able to download the game for free via Steam. Once the free period is up, you can still keep the game in your library. Play as the very first human researcher for Orwell which is a new governmental security /program that can survey the online presence of everybody in the nation.

Big Diablo Announcements Might Be Incoming at Blizzcon 2018

Blizzard has just revealed the schedule of events for this year’s Blizzcon and it looks like there may be some big Diablo during the conference. The first panel taking place on November 2nd is entitled Diablo: What’s Next. Blizzard has historically used the What’s Next panel to elaborate on upcoming releases. Battle for Azeroth and Mean Streets of Gadgetzan were given the same treatment in the past. We know that Blizzard has several Diablo projects in the works, but it’ll be great to finally find out more.

Sacrifice for Redemption to Launch This Month

Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption from Dark Star had been previously delayed for about half a year and thankfully the game now has a new release date which is on October 18th for PS4, Switch and Xbox One. You will take the role of the protagonist who is atoning for his sins by fighting off the bosses that are based on the seven deadly sins. And what’s interesting with the game and it seems like it is unique to this game only, is that you will be starting out strong and you will become weaker over time.

FIFA 19 PS4 eSports Tournament Announced By EA

EA has just announced that it will be holding a new tournament for FIFA 19 exclusive to players on the Playstation 4. The event will be called the Continental Cup 2018 Presented by Playstation. The first qualifier will be held this weekend, with up to 30 different PS4 lice and online FIFA 19 events planned around the world. All of these will lead up to the main event which will happen at this year’s Paris Games Week from October 26th to 28th. You can head over to the official Playstation site to sign up now. AllKeyShop Rewards Program