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Project CARS 3 to be Announced Soon

Slightly Mad Studios CEO Ian Bell confirmed that they will officially be announcing Project CARS 3 “soon.” In a tweet, Bell said that the next Project CARS game “is going to be a Revolution” and is a “game changer.” He also added that the third game in the series will be “at least 200% better” than Project Cars 2. He also said that they are “keeping the physics real.” The release date announcement, on the other hand won’t be done yet as they are waiting for a “go” from their publishers.

Death Stranding Introduces Character Who Dies Every 21 Minutes

Death Stranding has received a new trailer which highlights one of the game’s characters. The character is called Heartman, and he dies every 21 minutes. Each time he dies, he spends 3 minutes in the afterlife looking for his family and then he comes back to life. Players will get to know more about Heartman when Death Stranding launches on November 8th exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

Notmycar Season Two Kicks Off

Notmaycar is currently on Early Access on Steam, and its second Season is now ready to play for free. With Season 2 comes a new car called “The Clementine” which inspired by Telltale’s The Walking Dead. It is free until August 2nd. Season 2 also comes with other content such as new car classes, the new LIGAR vehicle, over 300 skins and other customization options, faster matchmaking, bigger matches, and more.

Fallout 76 Gets New Battle Royale Map

Fallout 76 is getting a new battle royale map. The new map is set in Morgantown and is a Winter map set to arrive in September. The new map will have players deal with threats such as the Grafton Monster. Morgantown also offers more vertical spaces for players as it is full of bombed out buildings. It also features a water environment through the nearby Monongahela. In addition to the new Nuclear Winter Map, a new raid in Vault 94 has also been announced and will be starting on August 20th.

Doom Re-Release Won’t Require Bethesda Login

Bethesda has announced that Doom, Doom 2, and Doom 3 have been made available for Switch, PS4, and Xbox One, but celebrations quickly died down after players realized that they need a account to play these games. Bethesda said that they are working to make logging in optional. In a tweet, Bethesda said, “The BethesdaNet login requirement was included for the Slayers Club, to reward members for playing the classic DOOM games.” Login will be optional soon, and Bethesda will issue an update when the fix is ready.

Arma 3’s Contact Expansion Out Now

Arma 3’s Contact expansion is available now. This expansion is a spin-off for the military simulation game and brings a military sci-fi single-player campaign for fans of the game. Contact will have players take on the role of a NATO drone operator who was deployed to a fictional Eastern European country called Livonia. Players will have to investigate presence of an ET and learn why they are here on earth and who they are. Contact also adds a huge 163 square-kilometer terrain among other features.

Kill la Kill – IF Launches on PC and Consoles

KILL la KILL – IF is finally out on PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. Kill la Kill – IF is the first new content since the anime concluded, and players can access this in Story Mode. The game also comes with a Versus Mode where players can battle offline or online in iconic locations. It also comes with a Challenge Mode to put players to the test. Kill la Kill- IF is brought to you by PQube, Arc System Works and Studio TRIGGER.

Horror Game Darq Release Date Announced

One of the most wishlisted games on Steam has finally received its release date! The game is Darq, a horror puzzle-platformer created by one-man developer Unfold Games. the game will be launching on Steam on August 15th. Darq features the protagonist Lloyd, who is a boy trapped in his own nightmares. He uses lucid dreams to force his way out. The game will come with controller support, cloud saves, trading card achievements, and more when it launches. It is also planned to be released for consoles.

NHL 20 Open Beta Runs Until July 31st

EA Sports’ NHL 20 Open Beta is now underway and is available until July 31st on PlayStation4 and Xbox One. The open beta will give players a chance to try new features coming to the game, including the brand-new Eliminator mode. the Eliminator Mode pits 81 players against each other in a survival tournament. It can be played in NHL ONES or NHL THREES. The world of CHEL as well as NHL 20 Online Versus play will also be featured in the beta.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Gets New Buildings and More with Its Season Pass

Dragon Quest Builders 2’s Season Pass is set to bring a host of new content to the game. The Season Pass will give players access to new content, recipes, hairstyles, clothing, and new areas to explore. It comes with three packs: Hotto Stuff Pack, Aquarium Pack, and Modernist Pack. The Hotto Stuff pack is available now, while the Aquarium Pack will be available starting August 2nd, followed by the Modernist Pack on August 9th.

Dicey Dungeon Release Date Confirmed

Indie game designer Terry Cavanagh, who is known for games like VVVVVV and Super Hexagon, has a new game and its release date has been announced. The new game is Dicey Dungeons, and it will be available starting August 13th on Steam and Dicey Dungeons features heroes that have been transformed into dices by Lady Luck and were trapped in a dungeon that’s constantly mutating and is full of monsters. The dices have powers which can be activated by dice rolls.

16-year-old Wins 3 Million Dollar Fortnite World Cup Solos Prize

16-year-old Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf is the first-ever Fortnite World Cup solos winner, and he took home the 3 million dollar prize pot all for himself. Bugha won by a landslide, raking in 59 points after six rounds of intense competition. Bugha has consistently made it to the top 10 and made a lead early on even though he did not have any more Victory Royales. He also made it to the top 10 in the final match, which cemented his road to victory. Nyhrox and Aqua, on the other hand, are champions of the Duos.

Janemba Joins Dragon Ball FighterZ as Final DLC Character

Janemba is joining Dragon Ball FighterZ as its final DLC character, according to sources who found a listing of the expansion on Nintendo UK. According to the listing, the Janemba DLC will include Janemba as a playable character, plus five alternate colors. It also comes with a lobby avatar, and a stamp. The listed price is at 3.99 Pounds. More details about the Janemba DLC are expected to be revealed at EVO 2019 which is set to take place on the weekend.

Doom Eternal Features Hub Area

Doom Eternal could feature a hub area where Doom Guy can just chill and take a break from all the demon killing. During the Doom Eternal panel at QuakeCon, creative director Hugo Martin answered a question about where Doom Guy is getting his strength. Aside from killing demons all the time, Martin said that Doom Guy spends time hanging out in some sort of a hub “during his free time.” We can expect know more details about Doom Guy’s personal space as Doom Eternal’s release draws near.

Battlefield 5 Adds New Free Map

Battlefield 5 gets a new map! The new map is called Marita, and players can get it for free as part of the Chapter 4: Defying the Odds expansion. The map rolls out July 30th for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 alongside the game’s 4.2.1 update. Marita is a map set in Greece, and features a sloping mountain range as well as a rural town. Once the map is live, a Marita-only playlist will also be added and will have 32-player modes in Domination, Frontlines, and Team Deathmatch.

FPS Fire Warrior Launches on GOG

First-person shooter Warhammer 40,000: Fire Warrior, which released back in 2003, is available again and it’s on GOG. The game on GOG can run on modern versions of Windows and features modern resolutions. The game did not receive a strong following when it released back in 2003, and its release on GOG could be its redemption. Aside from updated graphics, the game features a single and multi-player mode as well as access to GOG community features.

Doom and Doom 2 Accidentally Removed on Xbox 360

Xbox 360 users experienced a glitch where the console won’t allow them to download Doom and Doom 2 as the games have been delisted. Thankfully, Bethesda was informed of the issue and was able to fix it. In a tweet, Bethesda said, “We have resolved an issue where the Xbox 360 releases for DOOM & DOOM II were inaccessible from the ‘Ready to Install’ dashboard on Xbox One. If you have previously purchased these Xbox 360 titles, you can now re-download them on Xbox One. Thank you for your patience.”

European Teens Win Fortnite World Cup Duos

Bugha is not the only teenager who went home a millionaire in the recently concluded Fortnite World Cup Championship. Aqua and Nyhrox, who are 17 years old and 16 years old respectively, are from Europe and they took home 1.5 million Dollars each as victors of the tournament’s Duos. Despite being regarded as underdogs because they did not receive funding from huge organizations, the duo beat 49 other teams who were funded by larger organizations.

Destiny 2 Update 2.5.2 to Launch Next Week

Bungie is launching a new update for Destiny 2 next week. Update 2.5.2 will serve as a support for the new Solstice of Heroes event. The update includes fixes on an issue where completion notifications did not appear after completing bounties. It also fixes the issue of players not spawning during a Crucible match. Also included in this update are adjustment to Iron Banner quest objective values, and more. Full patch notes are available in Destiny 2’s website.

Microsoft Opens Insider Program for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft will be launching the Microsoft Flight Simulator Insider Program this coming August. Microsoft said that Insider Program Members will get an advanced preview of the Development Roadmap, “In-Sim” content, and detailed information on first build deliverable and Insider participation sign-up in early August. By mid to late August, members will get Build Program Recruitment and Release timeline, an SDK Update, 3rd Party Content Update and UGC Content Update, among other things.

Aion Version 7.0 Available Now

Gameforge has launched Aion’s version 7.0 in Europe and it comes with new content for players to enjoy. The new version brings the new region of Dumaha. Players can also find the new PvE instance in the Stella Development Laboratory. Other features include additional transformations, daily and weekly Lugbug missions, as well as ancient, legendary, and ultimate equipment. Full details of this update can be found in the game’s official website.

Tetsumo Party Available Now on PC and Consoles

Tetsumo Party, a couch co-op party game inspired by Japanese TV shows is out now! The game is available on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The game will have one player control one of the limbs of the sumo wrestler in the game. The character has to pass through the hole in the moving wall by having each player control their respective limbs and imitate what the hole looks like. The game can also be played in single-player mode.

Farming Simulator 19 Platinum Edition Includes CLAAS in its Roster

Farming Simulator has partnered with farming brand CLAAS in order to bring it to Farming Simulator 19 through the Platinum Edition. Farming Simulator 19 Platinum Edition can be purchased as a standalone game, or as an expansion to Farming Simulator 19. At this time, we only know that CLAAS vehicles are coming to the game, but more content are expected to be added in the Platinum Edition — we’ll get to know more about this in the coming days.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Rises at the Top of Sales Charts

Fire Emblem: Three Houses has dethroned Wolfenstein: Youngblood in the UK Sales Charts! The game is now sitting in the top spot as the best selling game in the region. Still included in the top 5 is Crash Team Racing on the third spot, followed by Super Mario Maker 2 on fourth, and FIFA 19 on fifth places. GTA 5 is still a best-seller, as it’s still part of the top 10, and is sitting comfortably on 7th place.

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