Allkeyshop TV News 29 September (Recap)

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Bungie Makes Changes to Iron Banner

Bungie is rolling out a couple of changes to Destiny 2’s Iron Banner. The company hopes these changes will level the playing field between Low-Power players and High-Power players. The first change makes completing a bounty in Iron Banner easier – this is because Bungie reduced how much players have to do in order to complete a bounty. The second change is an increase in drop rate during bounties which makes acquiring high-Power gear easier. The full list of changes is available in Bungie’s website.

New Class and Combat Roles in Battlefield 5 Detailed

A recent Reddit AMA was held for DICE developers to share information about classes and combat roles in Battlefield 5. There are four classes which are Assault, Medic, Recon, and Support. Each one will have their two respective combat roles which will come with unique loadouts that will suit the different play styles available. Assault will have Light Infantry and Tank Buster; Medics are Field and Combat; Recon can be Sniper or Pathfinder and Support can be Engineer or Machine Gunner.

Steam PC Games Sale Happening This Weekend!

Steam is having a huge sale this weekend until October 1st! Warner Bros. games like Harry Potter, Batman, and the like are offered for up to 75% off. Middle-earth: Shadow of War is just for $17 / £12 and Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor GOTY Edition is just $10 / £8. You can also complete the Batman: Arkham series as each installment is just around $5 / £4. Steam has many more games on sale right now, you can go to their page to check it out. And of course, you can also go to to compare prices.

Private Beta for Tropico 6 Announced

If you’re one of those who pre-ordered Tropico 6, you’re in luck as Kalypso Media announced a private beta for the game. The private beta is available now and is exclusive for players on PC. if you want to join the beta, you’ll simply need to pre-order any of the two editions of Tropico 6 – Standard Edition and El Prez Edition – from Kalypso Media’s website. You instantly get beta access after pre-ordering. The game will launch January 2019 on PC, while its PS4 and Xbox One versions will arrive Summer 2019.

Fighting EX Layer Heads to PC

Fighting EX Layer, the previously PlayStation 4 exclusive game, will be arriving to PC as announced by Akira. The details as of right now are sparse as the only information given for the announcement is a 16-second video. The game could be available for PC this year or next year but one thing is for sure, the PC version will support 4K. The PlayStation 4 version is available for Lite and Premium versions only that has a different character number for each. We’ll have to see if it will be the same for the PC version.

Lu Bu to Release in Total War Three Kingdoms March 2019

The Lu Bu expansion is coming to Total War: Three Kingdoms on March 6, 2019. This can be pre-ordered right now and those who do so will get a “Yellow Turban Rebellion” scenario pack. Wanting physical copies instead? There are two different collector’s editions available. The limited edition will have a special case made out of calligraphy paper and will contain a double-sided map plus a Warlord poster. The collector’s edition will have the limited edition inclusions plus an artbook and statue.

Discord Announces Seven Timed Exclusive PC Games

Popular communication app Discord has announced seven games which are exclusive to the Discord Store. Dubbed as “First on Discord,” the games have a period of exclusivity of up to 90 days then the games’ developers can sell them anywhere else they want. The games are: Last Year: The Nightmare, Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption, Bad North, King of the Hat, At Sundown, Mad Machines, and Minion Masters. It is also worth noting that some of these are also available on Steam Early Access.

Sea of Thieves’ Forsaken Shores Update Live Now

Get your rowboats ready as the Sea of Thieves: Forsaken Shores update is now live. It may have been delayed for about a month but it is now here! Players will be brought to “a place of fire and ash” as there are volcanic rocks, geysers, and boiling hot waters around the island that can damage you. In order for you to travel across this, a rowboat has been provided. And with the addition of the rowboat comes a new quest type which is a Cargo Run. Get to deliver items that have specific vulnerabilities.

The Crew 2 Free Weekend on PC Now Available

The Crew 2 free weekend play is now available for PC! The Crew 2 is an open world driving game that gives players a chance to drive and race different kinds of vehicles for land, air, and water all across America. The free weekend play will include the complete game as well as the new update called Gator Rush which includes a new Ace mode, a new difficulty level as well as some swamp-based vehicles that preferably runs best on muck and speaking of muck new tracks that are made out of them are available too.

Musical Adventure Game Wandersong Out Now on PC and Switch

If you want to take a break from all the shooting games, you may want to get your hands on Wandersong, a musical adventure game from developer Greg Lobanov. Players take on the role of a lowly bard who can use the power of the Earthsong melody in order to save the planet. The game not only has fun characters which players can interact with, it also features a variety of puzzles players can solve. Wandersong is out now on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Far Cry Arcade Gets Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Look

A recent update has Far Cry Arcade looking more like Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. There are two new maps that have the unmistakable look that Blood Dragon has and are added to the Far Cry Arcade. The first one is the Passage map which is able to combine all the elements from the previously released DLCs like Hours of Darkness, Lost on Mars, Dead Living Zombies, and now Blood Dragon. The second map is Blood Dragon Arena and it is a deathmatch map which of course includes the Blood Dragon assets.


Amnesia: The Dark Descent’s Hard Mode Live Now

Amnesia: The Dark Descent’s Hard Mode is available right now. This new mode disables the autosaves and saving manually will cost players 4 tinderboxes. When your sanity drops to zero it will mean instant death. Levels would have less oil for the lamp as well as fewer tinderboxes. Monsters stay around longer and are faster and can easily spot the player. Another thing is that the danger music when a monster is near has been removed. If the game’s spooks are not enough for you, go ahead and try this mode.

Fortnite Hunting Party Challenge Revealed for Season 6

With Fortnite’s Season 6 comes the new Hunting Party challenge which is the season-long challenge for Season 6. The Hunting party challenge would require the players to complete every single challenge that comes up each week of the new season. This means that there will be seven challenges in total, one per week, and once you’ve finished all of those, you will get to unlock the hidden legendary skin. Since it would take that long, the mystery skin will be revealed at the end of the season.

Fortnite’s Cube is Still Relevant Even in the New Season

Do you remember that purple floating cube in Fortnite, the one that appeared as Season 5 was ending? As you know, it has already transformed Loot Lake which now has its own floating island. Other new areas that were affected by it are the Haunted Castles, Corn Fields, and Corrupted areas. But it doesn’t stop there as dataminer FNBRLeaks was able to dig up some information stating that the Cube will be making its presence known in Season 6 as well by growing bigger and becoming much nosier.

Overwatch Patch 1.29 Now Live in the PTR

Overwatch patch version 1.29 is now in progress in the PTR and one of its highlights is the rework that Torbjörn is getting. He now has a new area-denial ult, a self-armoring buff, and his turret will be deploying differently. His scrap mechanic was removed as well. Other notable changes is that for Pharah’s primary fire which had been balanced. McCree, Soldier, and Orisa had changes too. To check out their tweaks as well as the complete patch notes, you can head on over the game’s official website.

Total War Warhammer 2 Mod Adds Naval Battles to the Game

Some Total War modders were able to add a kind of naval battle to Total War: Warhammer 2. The mod is called GCCCM: Naval Battles and it is available on Steam Workshop. These types of battles are absent in Warhammer 2 when two enemies meet on open water, a resolve would automatically be done by the computer. With the new mod, however, players will be able to play out the naval battles. The battle though will not occur on water, but on land, but that is the next best thing than it being autoresolved.

Fate/Extella Link Release Date Delayed

Fate/Extella Link, the action game from the Fate universe, will be released at a later date than its original release date. The game will now be available on PlayStation 4 on Q1 2019. It will also be available for players on the PS Vita. Fate/Extella Link picks up where Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star that was released in 2017 left off. Players engage in massive 4-versus-4 battles with up to 7 other players online. The game also adds 10 Servants to the original 16 in the roster.

Blood Bowl: Death Zone is Free to Play This Weekend on Steam

Blood Bowl: Death Zone is right now free to play on Steam up until September 30th which is a Sunday 10 PM CEST. The game will also be 50% off during this time and is priced at $4.99. The game recently received two new races which are the Dwarfs and High Elves as well as a brand new team management feature. Blood Bowl: Death Zone is still in Early Access and will stay there for several months according to the devs Cyanide. The final version is expected to have more teams, additional features and so much more.

WWE 2K19 Gameplay Features Revealed

2K Games has revealed WWE 2K129’s core gameplay features. First of all, the game will come with improved framerate for matches that has six or more characters on-screen. It also features overhauled strikes that has over 250 new attack and reaction animations. There will also be new 5-Man, 6-Man, 8-Man and Royal Rumble match types, a more realistically-proportioned structure for Hell in the Cell, and a new Payback System among others. WWE 2K19 will launch October 9th.

Capture the Flag Limited-Time Mode Coming to Fortnite

According to dataminers a possible Capture the Flag limited time mode will be coming to Fortnite. It seems that this new LTM is categorized under 50v50 and it is called “Seize”. The thing that will represent the ‘flag’ in capture the flag is called a ‘Seize Pack’. This information was shared by FNLeak on Twitter who noted that the files seem to be incomplete so it could still be a long wait before we could set our eyes on this new LTM. However, we are happy to know that one is in the works.

Far Cry 5 Gets New Patch

Ubisoft has released a new patch for Far Cry 5. Patch 1.11 adds an official Textures Pack to the game on PC plus improvements and fixes for the Map Editor. The update also adds new masks, weapons, and vehicles. One of the important fixes is for its Voice Chat function which loses functionality when switching game modes. It also fixes some bugs for general Lobby Stability as well as for a trophy unlock issue for “Hope County Master Angler” in New Game+.

Football Manager 2019 Features Revealed

The new features of Football Manager 2019 have been revealed and it comes with a new look and feel. The biggest change in the game can be seen in the training module which now comes with a lot of new options, programmes, and sessions for the managers. The tactics module enjoyed a revamp as well which gives the managers more control over how the team plays. Also, a new look can be immediately seen in the game but has a sense of familiarity. Other changes have been added which we can all see on November 2nd.

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