Allkeyshop TV News 28 March (Recap)

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We Happy Few Gets New Arcade Modes with v1,7 Update

We Happy Few’s version 1.7 update is now live on all platforms. The update brings the new Arcade Mode which contains three different ways for players to experience We Happy Few in a brand new way. The first is Survival, which brings players back to the Early Access survival experience, while Night’s Watch puts you in the boots of a Booby Constable on the hunt for Downers, and finally, Sandbox just puts you into your own generated world with different options to play with.

Battlefield 1 Incursions Mode Shutting Down Next Month

EA and DICE have announced that they’ll be closing down the Incursions multiplayer mode for Battlefield 1 next month. Come April 25th, players will no longer be able to download Incursions, nor will they be able to start or join matches in the mode. Development will also be completely halted once the servers go down. The devs thanked players for their feedback on the mode, some of which actually made their way into Battlefield 5. Battlefield 1 was released in 2016.

Concrete Genie Trailer Teases Story and Reveals New Release Window

PlayStation 4 exclusive Concrete Genie has been delayed. The delay was announced in a recent PlayStation State of Play video where a new trailer was played. The trailer focused on the game’s story and showed off the colorful creatures players will get to bring to life. The game was supposed to arrive this spring but has now been pushed back to the fall. Sony also announced that the game has added support for the PlayStation VR, so that may have something to do with the delay.

Iron Man VR Announced for Playstation VR

Camouflaj, Sony and Marvel Games have all teamed up to make every fanboy’s dream come true. The trio have just announced Iron Man VR for Playstation VR during Sony’s State of Play live stream. The game will have players using two PlayStation Move controllers to control the iconic hero’s Repulsor Jets an entire arsenal of weapons. Players will also get to face off with the hero’s greatest foes. The game will release later this year and might be a PS4 exclusive given Sony’s involvement.

Metro Exodus Ranger Update Adds New Game +

4A Games has just released the first major update for Metro Exodus. The Ranger Update includes new features, improvements and fixes. Those who have already finished Artyom’s latest adventure will be most happy about the addition of a New Game Plus mode. New Game Plus will allow players to bring all the weapons and equipment into a new playthrough, along with the ability to tweak the experience with several different options. The update is live now on all platforms.

Anderson Group Equipment Pack DLC Out Now for Farming Simulator 19

Giants Software and Focus Home Interactive have released the Anderson Group Equipment Pack DLC for Farming Simulator 19. The new content is the first major paid DLC for the game as earlier updates have been mostly free. The Anderson Group Equipment Pack adds several new options for improving processes on your farm with a strong focus on baling. New vehicles include the Hybrid X Tractor, the SmartMix A950, the Bio Baler WB-55, the PRO-CHOP 150, and more.

Rocket League’s MLB Fan Pack DLC Now Available

Psyonix is pleased to announce that The MLB Fan Pack DLC for Rocket League is currently available on all platforms. Players can now dress their vehicles according to the MLB team they support. The players will also enjoy the fact that they have been blessed with a variety of Major League Baseball-themed items. The MLB Fan Pack consists of player banners, flags, and baseball cap toppers for all 30 teams. Get ready to blast off in style using the new baseball-themed Rocket Boost.

Streets of Rage 4 Shows Off Gameplay in Latest Trailer

Guard Crush Games’ side-scrolling beat ’em up game, Streets of Rage 4 received a new trailer brandishing the gameplay. Nostalgia is inevitable if any familiar eyes are to witness the content of this trailer as the gameplay is very reminiscent of preceding titles. The game has grown immensely, particularly the hand-drawn animations that have transcended that of the series’ early ’90s origins. There is still yet to be any confirmations regarding release date or the platform the game will be on.

Anthem’s New Update Adds Changes to Loot and Legendary Missions

EA has officially revealed the full patch notes for Anthem’s newest update. The patch is Update 1.0.4 which comes with loot changes and legendary missions. Based on the notes, players will be able to play one critical path mission per day. Said missions can be replayed on Legendary for an added challenge. However, it is important to note that the patch notes did not say whether or not higher difficulty means better rewards. You can visit Anthem’s website to view the full patch notes.

Final Fantasy 15’s Episode Ardyn Out Now

Square Enix has concluded Final Fantasy 15 with a final DLC, Ardyn Lucis Caelum. He is a flamboyant villain that exists in events set before the main game. It was meant to be one of a series of one-shot, character-focused DLC episodes, but unfortunately, the rest were canceled. In introducing Adryn, the developer presented a trailer containing an epilogue and visuals for the character. In the trailer, players get to see his personality, ambition and a little of his backstory.

New Steampunk-Magic Adventure Game Firmament Revealed

Myst studio has unveiled a brand new ‘steampunk-magic’ adventure gamed called Firmament. The announcement was accompanied by a video in which CEO and co-Founder of Cyan Inc. Rand Miller expressed gratitude for the support that the preceding titles had received, particularly through crowdfunding. He then spoke about the vision the team has for Firmament and what it will become should this campaign mirror the success of the other titles. Firmament’s Kickstarter campaign will run until April 26.

Dead Cells: Rise of the Giant DLC Launches This Week

Motion Twin is getting ready to drop the Rise Of The Giant expansion for their roguelike metroidvania game, Dead Cells. Said expansion is a story-focused update that sees the addition of more enemies, weapons, zones, boss fights and multiple new endings to the story. The Rise of the giant expansion appears to be tailored to suit the more veteran players because quite a bit of the content is only revealed at the more unforgiving difficulties. This update is due out on March 28, 2019.

Metro Exodus’ New Game+ Mode Launches

4A Games has released a big Ranger update for Metro Exodus. The update is 6GB in size so as you may have guessed, this is a content-heavy patch. The Ranger Update sees the addition of a New Game+ mode which gives players additional content to sift through once they have completed the main game. According to 4A Games, the development team will persist to work on future updates and they will be able to share their DLC plans for Expansion Pass holders in the near future.

New Racing Mode Comes to Red Dead Online

Rockstar Games has added a new racing game mode to Red Dead Online Beta. These “target races” combine Read Dead Online’s intensive horse-riding mechanics with pinpoint weapon accuracy. You will begin with a bow and arrow with which you are required to hit targets to increase the horse’s base stamina meter. You can choose to either use your limited and dwindling ammunition to hit multiple targets or eliminate your enemy. In this race, the steady-handed is favored as missing is detrimental.

Observation Becomes an Epic Store Exclusive

No Code has apparently abruptly made Observation an Epic Games Store exclusive after previously agreeing to place the game in the Steam Store. What makes this move even more so controversial is the fact that the game even had a Steam store page, implying that is was destined for that platform. Now Observation is the latest known title to switch allegiance from Vale’s storefront. Observation is scheduled for release on PC and PS4 on May 21, 2019.

Killing Floor 2 and Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Free to Play on Steam

Tripwire Interactive is celebrating content drops for Killing Floor 2 and Rising Storm 2: Vietnam by making both titles free to play on Steam this week. Killing Floor 2: Cyber Revolt is the latest update which features the new map Spillway, new weapons, and new cosmetics. The Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Spring Map update is also available and comes bearing three new maps. This promotion will conclude on the 1st of April. In addition, both games are currently on sale in the Steam Store.

Fallout 76 Adds a Survival Mode

Bethesda has released an update for Fallout 76 geared towards intensifying the PvP in the Survival Mode. The change comes as part of Wild Appalachia expansion which is currently live on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Now players will be able to attack other players freely and earn twice as many Caps as they would in Adventure mode. When you happen to be on the receiving end of the fatality you will drop all of your loot. The developer has also removed the “Seek Revenge” respawn option.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Release Date Announced

Wolfenstein: Youngblood finally has a release date and it is set for July 26, 2019. The game will be available to be played on the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. If you purchase the game’s Deluxe Edition, it will come with a Buddy Pass which will allow owners of the Deluxe Edition to give access to the game to one friend for free. This will only be possible if that friend is playing with the owner at the same time. The Deluxe Edition will also come with the Cyborg Skin Pack.

New Update Coming to The Division 2 Next Week

A Division 2 update is coming on April 5 and it is the World Tier 5. This will be focusing on the game’s end game activities which include the Black Tusk’s Stronghold, Tidal Basin, some weekly invasions, heroic difficulty as well as unlocking the World Tier 5. Completing the Stronghold will allow you to open World Tier 5. Here, your Game Score will jump to 450 and 500. Gear sets will also be added to the Loot Pool and there will be three gear sets added to the True Patriot, Ongoing Directive and Hardwire.

New Borderlands Teaser Released

Gearbox has released yet another teaser, and it’s for the much-anticipated Borderlands 3! While the teaser did not say much – like a release date, official title, and all – we know that this is a Borderlands game as old and new characters have made an appearance in the teaser trailer. March 28th is when PAX East is set to happen, so we’ll have to hang in there till we get more concrete details through the event.

Cyberpunk 2077 to be Featured at This Year’s E3

We know very little about CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077, but it looks like the studio is ready to share more details about the game. Last month, the company confirmed that they will be joining this year’s E3, and CD Projekt president and CEO Adam Kiciński said that this time the stakes will be even higher. He also added that this year’s E3 “is going to be the most important one” for them as they have prepared “a strong show.” E3 2019 takes place from June 12th until the 15th.

New Gender-Locked Races in Final Fantasy 14 Online Met with Criticism

New races are coming to Final Fantasy 14 Online, but Square Enix has been met with criticism when these races were announced. The reason is that these races are gender locked: Hrothgar for male characters, and Viera for female characters. Game director Naoki Yoshida said in an interview that while they are aware of these criticisms, they can’t consider all the feedback yet as they “have to identify what they’re coming from” so they can respond accordingly.

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