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Rainbow Six Siege: Doktor’s Curse Event Kicks Off

Rainbow Six Siege’s special Halloween event, Doktor’s Curse has launched, and players will be able to bring the fight into the spoopy-fied Theme Park map. Ten players will be separated into two teams, with one team playing as Exterminators, and the other team as Monsters. Exterminators must take out Monsters, while the Monsters must fend off the Exterminators by setting up traps and using a limited-time invisibility ability. The event also brings themed skins, login bonuses, and a lot more. The event runs until November 6th.

Battlefield 5 Chapter 5 Arrives October 31st

Battlefield 5’s Chapter 5: War in the Pacific content is set to arrive on October 31st, and DICE has released its official trailer to give players a peek at what’s in store. War in the Pacific will bring the Iwo Jima and Pacific Storm maps where players will be able to play as part of the Imperial Japanese Army or the U.S. Armored Forces. It will also add new weapons such as katanas and the M1 Garand. Calling in reinforcements will also be introduced. Battlefield 5, including the War in the Pacific content, will be playable for free on November 1st.

Elite Dangerous’ Fleet Carrier Delayed for Another 6 Months

Elite Dangerous’ long-overdue Fleet Carriers update won’t be arriving this year. Instead, it will be delayed for another six months, according to developer Frontier. The much-awaited content now has a release window of Q2 2020. Community manager Will Flanagan explained in the game’s forums that they need to “refocus efforts on addressing key issues and bugs” so they decided to delay its release.

Left 4 Dead 2 Crosses Over to Dying Light

The official Dying Light Twitter account is teasing what might be a cross-over with Left 4 Dead 2. The tweet reads, “Survivors! Are you ready for some serious zombie slaying? #left4dead2 style is coming!” The post is a little vague, but the accompanying image shows both of the games’ logos, so this is definitely a go. We can expect Techland to release more details soon as Halloween also draws near.

Fallout 76 Private Servers Launched for Premium Members

Bethesda has launched Fallout 76’s premium membership service. The service will introduce the ability to host private servers and give subscribers access to in-game benefits. The premium service is called Fallout 1st, and it costs 100 Dollars for a yearly subscription. Premium members can host eight-player private worlds where they can do whatever they please. Other perks include a suit of Fallout 76’s Ranger armour, exclusive emotes and icons, and 1650 Atoms monthly.

Call of Duty Challengers Amateur Competition Announced

Activision Blizzard has announced Call of Duty Challengers, the official amateur competition for the upcoming season of Call of Duty League. Call of Duty Challengers features a prize pool of 1 million dollars, which is split across online and offline tournaments throughout the 2020 season. The offline tournaments will be hosted at various Call of Duty League home series. Registration opens on October 30th. More details are available at

Five Nights at Freddy’s VR Adds DLC for Halloween

Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted has received a new DLC just in time for the Halloween. Curse of Dreadbear is available now on PC and PlayStation 4, with more levels to be added on October 29th. The DLC adds a number of mini-games including Corn Maze, Cap’n Foxy’s Pirate Adventure, and Mangle Repair. The Curse of Dreadbear DLC is a permanent and paid add-on which can be purchased for 10 Dollars.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 Release Date Revealed

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is now available for pre-order, and developer Blueside has announced its official release date. The game will be launching on November 14, 2019 for PC through multiple digital platforms. The game will be available in three different packages: Hero, Emperor, and War God. Each package contains exclusive content such as costumes mounts, troop benefits, and more. Pre-order bonuses also include an Exclusive Title and Unique Troop which are both unique for each package.

Two Point Hospital’s Console Ports Delayed

Two Point Studios has announced that the console ports for Two Point Hospital will be delayed to the first half of 2020. In a blog post, the developer explained that making a port for three different consoles “is a tricky programming puzzle.” “We need to take a little more to iron out the remaining creases. So, we’re going to take a bit longer to get that right,” the post says. The console ports will arrive with all the updates on PC including the Bigfoot and Pebberley Island DLCs.

PUBG’s Huge 5.1 Update Now on PC Live Servers

PUBG Corp has brought PUBG’s huge 5.1 update to the live server on PC. The new update introduces Season 5 and brings a new batch of tweaks and adjustments. These adjustments include tweaks to the Miramar map where PUBG Corp. “reduced clutter” to make navigation easier. They also added new La Muerte Vamos racetrack, as well as ramps, loops, springboards, and jumps. Season 5 brings a new Survivor Pass and new rewards, missions, and improved systems in Badlands. For the full patch notes, visit PUBG’s website.

Over 7 Million People Viewed Fortnite’s Black Hole Event

Fortnite’s Black Hole event has proven to be a successful one, as Epic reports that over 7 million people viewed the event across three platforms: Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter. On Twitch, the event had a “peak concurrent record on a single game category with 1.7 million concurrent views.” Twitter reports the event was the “most viewed gaming event on Twitter,” with 42.8 million views with 1.4 million concurrent viewers. YouTube has reported over 4 million viewers with 4.3 million concurrent viewers at one point.

The Long Dark’s Third Season Out Now

The Long Dark’s third episode is finally out now after being delayed! The episode was supposed to launch in December of 2018. The delay was due to the developer Hinterland taking on the staff of the shuttered Capcom Vancouver and overhauled the first two episodes of the game. The third episode is called Crossroads Elegy and players get to play as a new protagonist named Dr. Astrid Greenwod. Players get to explore Pleasant Valley to discover mysteries and rescue survivors.

Helldivers Updated to Helldivers: Dive Harder

It has been four years since the twin-stick co-op chaos game Helldivers launched and it is still being updated today. The latest update comes with a new subtitle and the game is now called Helldivers: Dive Harder. The change with the update is a mode called Proving Grounds which is a replayable urban mission that comes with big alien bugs in a training facility. There will be three different Proving Grounds which you are able to unlock as you progress. A change in the loadout system is also added.

Abandon Ship Launches as a Full Game

Abandon Ship, the game that is like a cross between FTL and Sunless Sea has finally stepped out of early access and launched as version 1.0. The game offers rough seas, krakens, lightning storms and more. The full mode comes with a full story mode and a free to play mode, there are 15 complete regions to explore, more than 100 maps and a unique island, more ship options to choose from, a revamped Lifeboat and Stranded mode, achievements, plus the option to play as a lady captain.

Death Stranding’s New Character is Conan O’Brien

Death Stranding will be getting a Conan O’Brien appearance as announced by Hideo Kojima on a Tweet. O’Brien’s character is The Wondering MC, players who get to connect with this character will get a Sea Otter suit that offers better swimming capabilities so that they won’t easily drift away when they swim in the river. O’Brien was one of the celebrities that visited Kojima Productions during the game’s development. Death Stranding is set to launch on November 8th on the PlayStation 4.

Teamfight Tactics Second Season Rise of the Elements Announced

The second season of Teamfight Tactics has been announced by Riot. This new season is called Rise of the Elements and it brings tons of new champions to the standalone autobattler set in the League of Legends universe. Each of the new champions will fall under 13 different elements giving them various boosts when using multiple champions that are from the same element. These champions are also differentiated by their class. This new season will come to PC soon and to mobile by 2020.

Some Rocket League DLCs to be Added to the Base Game

Rocket League developed by Psyonix which was recently acquired by Epic Games will have some of its earlier DLC packs added to the base game. This has been seen in the Winter 2019 Roadmap of the game which confirms that the Supersonic Fury, Revenge of the Battle-Cars, and Chaos Runs will be a part of the base game of Rocket League. These DLCs and the Game of the Year Edition that included these had already been delisted from stores. A specific launch date for the change has not been given yet.

Space Company Simulator Now Available in Steam Early Access

Space Company Simulator by publisher All in! Games announced that their game is now available on Steam Early Access. To celebrate the announcement they shared a new trailer for it. The game is a realistic space tycoon management sim that will let players build and launch rockets as well as pioneer new technology for it. There will also be challenges to overcome regarding the space transport industry. The game is planned to stay in early access for about 10 to 12 months only.

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey PC Update Now Available

The PC update of Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey launched a 1.2 version PC update that comes with improvements and bug fixes. Highlights of the patch include remaining genetic mutations being automatically activated during final evolution, meteorite smoke now lasts longer, drinking water now has a new shield and fleeing animals won’t come back to the same spot immediately. You can go to the game’s official site for the complete patch notes.

NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 New Season Update Live

The arcade-sports game NBA 2K Playgrounds 2’s new season update is here and it comes with a new Playground Championship mode that introduces a new worldwide ranked league system with multiple competitive solo and co-op division ladders. It will also come with 22 new playable characters, 6 returning courts from the NBA Playgrounds, 30 new vanity items, 40 new court editor items as well as the Playable Ronnie2K! NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 is currently available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

Ultra Off-Raod 2019: Alaska Launches for the Nintendo Switch

Ultra Off-Raod 2019: Alaska is now also available for the Nintendo Switch. The game offers a realistic simulator of real-life off-road experience taking players to the extreme Alaskan wilderness. There will be 6 unique 4 by 4 cars to choose from, 2 huge maps that are handcrafted, 8 different tracks, 2 game modes which are “Career” and “Freeride”, dynamic weather, a car damage system with visuals, a day and night cycle, realistic physics, and complete control of your ride’s specs.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Gets Last-Minute Patch

A last-minute patch had been launched for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare which has some major changes for the game. The update will remove all the night maps from rotation. There had been no reason posted for the change but they did say that they will be adding the night maps as part of a separate playlist. This update will also be removing the minimap from the Hardcore modes. You can go to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare official site to check out the complete patch notes of the update.

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