Allkeyshop TV News 24 September (Recap)

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Dead Cells Post-Launch Plans Outlined

Dead Cells developer Motion Twin has outlined their plans for post-launch content for the hit roguelike metroidvania. The game’s first major update is now in development and will add a new Custom Mode. This new mode will allow players more control over the game by giving them the ability to customize some of the game’s mechanics. There will also be balance adjustments, bug fixes, and polish added, plus better mod support. Motion Twin hopes to have the update in beta by late October or early November.

New Control Dev Diary Introduces Protagonist Jesse Faden

Remedy Entertainment has just released a new dev diary for their upcoming game, Control. The video introduces us to protagonist Jesse Faden. Unlike Remedy’s other games, this one isn’t named after the main character, but the devs say that she is still just as critical to the story and world of Control. The devs explained the work they put into creating the character, her clothes, and why they chose Courtney Hope to play her. Control is set to launch next year on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

New Crucible Mode Breakthrough Coming to Destiny 2

Destiny 2 fans, mark your calendars. Bungie has just revealed that a new Crucible game mode will be going live this Tuesday, September 25th. The new mode is called Breakthrough and will be the Weekly Featured Playlist when it launches, then move on to become part of the Competitive playlist on October 2nd. The mode will have 2 teams fighting over a control point and then hacking the enemy team’s Vault to win the round. This mode is played as a best-of-three contest.

Mobile Game Crashbots Redesigned for PC and Consoles

Crashbots, the arcade shoot-em-up game that first released on Android and iOS, has been completely redesigned for its debut on PC and consoles. The updated version of the game will include 2 new worlds, redesigned classic worlds, improved gameplay, a new mission-goal system, support for both controllers and keyboards, and new heavy attacks for each robot. Players will get to play through 125 level across 5 different worlds. Crashbots is set to launch on Steam on October 9th.

World War 3 Steam Early Access Release Date and Price Revealed

Multiplayer first-person shooter World War 3 finally has a Steam Early Access release date. The game will become available starting October 19th with a 28-dollar price tag, which will most likely mean a 28-Euro price tag for us. The game promises to deliver intense PvP gameplay through 64-player infantry battles. The game will also feature a Warzone game mode which will add in armored vehicles and drones to the battlefield. The game was developed in Unreal Engine 4.

Ace Attorney Trilogy Announced for Steam and Consoles

The Ace Attorney Trilogy is heading to Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch as a compilation package which will include the original game, Justice for All, and Trials and Tribulations. This was announced during the Ace Attorney panel at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. During the panel, it was also confirmed that the trilogy will come with updated HD visuals. The game was released back in 2014 for the Nintendo 3DS. No release date was announced.

Stellar Tactics’ Open World Universe Update Rolled Out

Maverick Games has announced the release of the open world universe content for the sci-fi RPG Stellar Tactics. The game is available now on Steam. The Open World Universe update adds over 160,000 system to the universe, which originally only has one. It also includes freeform exploration and endless missions. The level cap has also been raised from 30 to 60, and skill caps for all active skills has been raised to 100. New exploration locations and two armor sets are also included in the update.

Ride 3 Release Delayed

Ride 3, the motorcycle racing game from Milestone, will be released at a slightly delayed release date. It was originally planned for release on November 8th, but now the game will be released on November 30th instead. Milestone said the reason why they decided to delay the game’s release is so that they can polish the game further. Ride 3 will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Telltale Games Shuts Down, The Wolf Among Us Season 2 Cancelled

The Wolf Among Us Season 2 won’t be releasing anymore, as its developer Telltale Games has announced a majority studio closure. In a statement released by the company, they said that they came up with this difficult decision “following a year marked by insurmountable challenges. They also added that while the games they released got positive feedback, it did not translate into sales. Only 25 employees remain as of this report. Telltale Games is known for episodic games like The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and Batman The Telltale Series.

Vampyr Difficulty Modes Update Announced

DONTNOD Entertainment’s Difficulty Modes update will be rolling out to Vampyr on September 26th for PC, Xbox One and PS4. The update will introduce two new difficulty modes, Story Mode and Hard Mode. It will also bring support for NVIDIA Ansel on PC, giving players the ability to capture beautiful-in-game screenshots, and share them on several platforms. There are also several bug fixes incoming, including Mission 21’s missing Morgue key and missing wall collisions in Aloysius’ mansion.

Depth of Extinction Release Date Announced

Depth of Extinction, the pixel art strategy game from HOF Studios and inspired by XCOM 2 and FTL: Faster Than Light, finally has a release date. You can experience the game’s engaging storyline and its intense turn-based tactical battles come September 27th. The game features 8 unique character classes, each one with its own unique skill set, 115 different pieces of weapons, armor and items, 25 enemy types from 5 factions, and the added thrill and challenge of perma-death.


Life is Strange 2 Launch Trailer Released

Life is Strange 2 is launching on September 27th. Dontnod Entertainment was able to release the launch trailer for the first episode of the game which is called ‘Roads’. The first episode trailer looks like it will be introducing the basics that players would need for the game. Life is Strange 2 is an episodic game having five episodes, with the other episodes releasing in different dates. This time around players will be introduced to the story of two brothers, one with mysterious powers.

You Can Pay Real Money for Upgrades in Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 will be having microtransactions in order to upgrades. The game will have players collect red orbs that can be traded for in-game upgrades and an option to pay for them with real money has been seen in the game. This has been clarified by the director of Devil May Cry 5, Hideaki Itsuno saying that the option to purchase the orbs had been added for people who would want to save time and collect all the upgrades at once. Devil May Cry 5 is slated to launch by March 8th of next year.

Sunless Skies Full Launch Scheduled for January

Failbetter Games has finally revealed when the atmospheric sailing adventure, Sunless Skies, will be coming out of Early Access. Over on a post on Twitter, the developer said that the full release is scheduled for January 31st next year. The game was earlier scheduled to release way back in May, but the Failbetter suffered lay-offs and had to push it back to 2019. The Early Access version is still available both on Steam and GOG for those who want to sample it.

Troy Baker didn’t Voice Yuri’s Additional Lines in Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition

Apparently, Troy Baker the voice of Yuri in Tales of Vesperia was not called back to do the new scenes for the Definitive Edition. A fan named FeatherHoof noticed the difference and posted it on Twitter. Baker’s voice will still be heard, but, at some point in the game, for example, the Patty scene in the forest, the voice is noticeably different. Fans are quite sad about it and said that they wouldn’t mind the additional delay just to have Baker voice out all of Yuri’s lines in the Definitive Edition.

GTA Online to Receive Content Updates even after Red Dead Online Launches

It has been a fear of GTA Online players that new free DLC updates for the game will be discontinued once Red Dead Online will be released. The baseless fears of fans had been put to rest when Imran Sarwar of Rockstar said that GTA Online will still continue to get content support and will not be retiring because of the release of Red Dead Online. With the statement of Sarwar himself, hopefully, the worries of the fans of GTA Online will be put to rest and rumors about the closing of the updates will stop.

Rival Schools 3 Might Just Happen if Devil May Cry 5 Director Gets His Way

During an interview with Dual Shockers, Devil May Cry 5 Director Hideaki Itsuno revealed which sleeping Capcom franchise he’d love to give the same revival treatment he gave Devil May Cry. He mentioned titles like Dragon’s Dogma, Capcom vs SNK, and Power Stone. However, he said that the franchise that needs resolution the most is Rival Schools. He says that Rival Schools 3 would complete the 3-year high school story of the characters and that it would be great to end it with their graduation.

Replica of Genji’s sword sold for $200

Fans of Overwatch’s Genji will have the chance to physically wield a replica of his in-game sword. Blizzard is selling this for $200 and it looks just like the one in the game that Genji is using. The feel won’t be the same of course as it is made of plastic but it does come with some cool features. The sword does light up and it comes with motion sensors that would let the sword play some sound effects from the game like Genji’s ultimate “Ryūjin no ken o kurae”. This sword will be available by December.

Lineage 2 Classic is coming to PC this October

It seems that interest for old school massively multiplayer online role-playing games have been on the rise lately, with buzz growing around the likes of World of Warcraft Classic and Old School Runescape. Now, NCSoft has announced that it will be relaunching Lineage 2 as Lineage 2 Classic on October 3rd. The game will still be free-to-play but will feature a cash shop that offers cosmetics, boosts and other in-game items. A few Classic Launch Packs will also be available ahead of release.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season may end with episode 2 only

Due to the closing of Telltale Games, The Walking Dead: The Final Season will only end with episode 2. This has been shared to us by Melissa Hutchinson, the person who does the voice of Clementine, the protagonist of The Walking Dead: The Final Season. The second season is set to release on September 25th and that will be the last of it. Those who purchased the full season of the game on Steam were already able to get a full refund. An official statement will be released by Telltale in the coming weeks.

Sword Art Online: Lost Song will launch for the PC port soon

Another action role-playing game based on the Sword Art Online license is coming to PC. Bandai Namco announced over the weekend that it would be porting over Sword Art Online: Lost Song, which was originally released on the PS Vita in Japan back in 2015, then on the PS3 later that same year. It was the first game in the franchise that allowed players to pick from 19 characters instead giving series protagonist Kirito as the only option. The game will also allow players to create a custom character if they wish to do so. No release date has been announced.

Steam will be moderating reported comments next week

By September 25th Valve will start moderating the comments that had been reported on Steam by other users. This will be done by a team put up by Valve. Initially, Valve didn’t want to get involved with the comments in the developer’s community pages as they would have individual preferences to communicate with their users. But over time the developers had been asking for them to take an active role. Reported comments will be queued and reviewed by the team and are able to do the necessary actions.

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