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New Overwatch Map Now Available in the PTR

Overwatch is getting a new map and it is D.Va’s turf! The new arena will be available in the Public Test Realm for now and it features the home city of D.Va which is Busan. The location has a mix of traditional Asian architecture as well as modern life. It will also feature three distinct sections, a serene Sanctuary area that includes some temples and gardens, a downtown, as well as the MEKA squad base. As the trend goes, it usually doesn’t take long for something from the PTR to go to public play.

For Honor Starter Edition Free on Steam for a Limited Time

If you haven’t played For Honor yet and you’re very curious about it, a Starter Edition of the game is available right now. This is available on Steam for free up until Monday 10 AM Pacific Time only. Also, if you would want to purchase the game, you can save up to 75% on all its editions – Standard, Deluxe and Gold Editions as a part of Steam’s Weekend Deal. As always you can also check the best prices for For Honor with our trusted stores only here at offering the best games for the best prices.

PUBG Training Mode Coming to PC Next Month

PC players of PUBG rejoice as a new mode is coming to you as part of the “Fix PUBG” initiative. This was requested for quite some time now and next month will see its fruition. This is the training mode! Here, players are able to test anything and everything there is about the game like vehicles, weapons, skills, vaulting, parachuting you name it, they’ve got it. The mode can support from 5 to 20 players and is set in a desert map which is 2×2 km. It will have a shooting range, a parkour course and so much more.

Rocket League’s Progression Update to Launch Next Week

Rocket League is getting a new update which will be arriving on August 29th. This will overhaul the game’s XP and progression systems. The changes to come are that of the XP being earned via online matches instead of offline matches. It will also remove the level cap of 75 and will flatten the amount of XP needed in order to advance a level. Players who level up with the new system can earn random items replacing the random item drops. Level titles will also be unlocked by reaching certain XPs.

Street Fighter 5 Adds Maid-Style Outfits

Capcom was able to reveal some pictures of the new DLC costumes for some of the female characters of Street Fighter V. The costumes are themed to be “maid”-style. R.Mika is one of the characters that would be receiving this and she is outfitted with a cocktail waitress slash playboy bunny like costume. Falke looks like a Goth-Lolita. Kolin looks like a nurse from World War One. The last one, Menat has a little black and white maid’s dress and a teapot. These are available for purchase on August 28th.

Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter Three Release Date Revealed

Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter Three’s release date has been announced and it will be available on August 28th. This is a smaller update but it will include new weapons, new mission types as well as a new ship called the Crusader. The new ship has more firepower and has the combat ability like that of the Chieftain and the Challenger. New space bases are available to explore and new tech to uncover. The new weapons include a shock cannon turret, plasma launcher, shard cannon and so much more.

Left Alive Announced to Have Three Playable Characters

Left Alive is able to introduce the three principal characters that you will be playing in the game. Each of them are trapped in a city where an invading army lays seige. You must help them escape and the most notable thing is that they won’t have any special powers. They are just ordinary people who are struggling to survive. Each character would have a different path to take and depending on how you do in the game, there will be different ways to take down the enemy. No level ups will be available.

Blizzard Says BizzCon is Now a Season

Blizzard announced that their annual convention, Blizzcon will now be a “season”. They will be giving out rewards as well as content all throughout Autumn. This will be a four-part series called the “Best of BlizzCon” sharing the highlights of the previous shows from cosplay to esports. Also, the virtual ticket will be available as a five-part series and one of the episodes will be free. Part of the ticket includes the first in-game item which is a legendary Overwatch skin.

Edge of Eternity PC Early Access Date Revealed

Midgar Studio’s upcoming role-playing game Edge of Eternity will be entering Early Access on Steam on November 29, 2018. the game promises players they they will experience a unique and unusual universe that combines JRPG and Medieval age influences. The game features tactical combats, letting players use the environment to their advantage by setting traps. There’s also crafting for gear. The hero Daryon is also joined by companions that will help him with his journey.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps Spirit Trials Mode Unveiled

Ori and the Will of the Wisps won’t just be bringing new combat and customization options. Microsoft has revealed that the sequel to their 2015 hit platformer will be launching with a brand new Spirit Trials Mode. The extra mode will allow players to race asynchronously with other members of the community and unlock in-game rewards. A Spirit Trials leaderboards will also be set up so you can compare best times with your friends. Ori and the Will of the Wisps launches on PC and Xbox One in 2019.

Ubisoft Revives The Settlers with a History Collection and Reboot

Ubisoft Blue Byte has just made 2 big announcements for the 25th anniversary of The Settlers series. First, a collection of all seven main entries of the series will be re-released as The Settlers History Collection. The collection will launch on November 15th and will include all expansions and updates released for all included titles. Second, the series will be rebooted with a brand new entry called “The Settlers”. The new game will be made using the Snowdrop Engine and will launch in 2019.


Destiny 2 Forsaken Raid Will Come After the Expansion’s Launch

The next major expansion for Destiny 2 called Forsaken is launching very soon, which will be on September 4th. For players excited for the raid though, you would have to wait for about a week and a half for it. The very first Destiny 2: Forsaken raid called Last Wish / will be arriving on September 14 at 7 PM CEST. The reason for the wait, as explained by senior designer Joe Blackburn, is that players would have to prepare for it with much power to gain and other things to do before taking the plunge.

Black Ops 4 Shadow War DLC Announced

Call of Duty: World War II’s fourth DLC pack called the Shadow War has been announced by Activision via a trailer. This will conclude World War II’s Nazi zombie storyline and will come with three multiplayer maps which are Airship, Chancellery, and Excavation. The new Operation Arcane will also be the final piece of content for the DLC. Shadow of War will first come to PlayStation 4 players on August 28th and would later be released for PC and Xbox One but a specific date has not been revealed yet.

For Honor Steam Player Count Peaks After Free Offer Announcement

With For Honor’s free weekend offer, the game’s player count on Steam has peaked at 216,499. This had been the all-time peak for the game since it launched in February 2017. The For Honor Starter Edition is available for free until August 27th only. This comes with the three original heroes which are customizable. One of the three original factions can also be chosen. The other heroes are also playable but only in the practice mode and can only be unlocked with the in-game currency.

Rainbow Six Siege’s Maverick Gets Nerfed Before Launch

A few weeks just before Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Grim Sky launches, Ubisoft has announced that they will be implementing balancing patches to some of the Operators. The one getting most changes is one of the two new Operators, Maverick. Players’ feedback from the Operation Grim Sky Test Server say that Maverick is “too effective,” so he will get nerfed. His smoke grenade will be replaced with a stun grenade, while his blowtorch’s volume will be made louder so he can easily be spotted when he’s cutting.

Epic Offers Exclusive Emote for Two-Factor Authentication

Epic Games wants you to feel secure with your account, so they’re encouraging players to activate two-factor authorization as another security measure. Players who opt-in to the feature will get an exclusive Fortnite emote – the Boogie Down. In case you didn’t know, two-factor authorization is an added security feature where a personal account or device gets verified either by sending a text to a number associated with the account, or an authentication link via email.

Clone Troopers Added to Star Wars Battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is getting a new update which will be launching on August 29th. The update is called the Elite Corps Update which will be adding new clone trooper appearances to the game plus a new map as well as some multiplayer improvements. Players would be able to customize their Republic Army with the skins of the 41st Elite Corps as well as the 327th Star Corps. The skins will be available for Assault, Heavy and Specialist classes of the Galactic Republic for 20,000 credits or 500 Crystals.

Hollow Knight’s Final Expansion Launches

Team Cherry Games has released Hollow Knight’s free Godmaster expansion. Dubbed as the biggest expansion for the game so far, Godmaster brings more characters, secrets, quests, and an “incredible battle to take your place once and for all amongst the gods of Hallownest.” It is currently available for PC and the Switch, and is the fourth and final expansion for the game. Hollow Knight will be coming to Playstation 4 and Xbox One sometime in 2019.

Battle for Azeroth Beats Past World of Warcraft Expansions in Sales

The newest expansion pack for World of Warcraft was recently released and was able to set a series-wide record for day-one sales. The expansion is Battle for Azeroth which was able to reach 3.4 million in sales on August 14th. This so far is the highest day-one sale for any expansion for the game according to Activision and Blizzard. Battle for Azeroth is the seventh expansion available for World of Warcraft. The second expansion for the most day-one sales is Legion which released on 2016.

Overwatch League Preview Show Coming to Twitter

Twitter has partnered with the Overwatch League and will be bringing near real-time highlights from the league starting with the upcoming All-Star Weekend. Twitter will be bringing these highlights from the new season’s matches, including the regular matches, playoffs, and the finals. Twitter will also be streaming a weekly live preview called Watchpoint starting 2019. Overwatch League partnered with Disney early this year which brought the season’s matches plus all of the 2019 season to ESPN, ESPN2, Disney XD and ABC.

PUBG’s Desert Knights is Returning This Weekend

PUBG fans rejoice as one of the most popular event modes for the game is making a come back this weekend. Desert Knights will be available to play starting today at 3 AM BST and will end on Monday, August 27 at the same time. This is the 50-player war mode variant that takes place in Miramar. Here, the drop will be ten, five-player squads with level three gear. Random crate weapons will also be available. The first quad to reach 200 points or the highest points in the 15-minute round is the winner.

Team Sonic Racing to Get New Tracks, Story Mode, and Character

More details on Team Sonic Racing have emerged during this year’s Gamescom. First of all, the game gets a new track called Market Street, and it’s based on Rooftop Run from Sonic Unleashed. A new character was also revealed, and it is the mysterious Tanuki named Dodonpa. Sonic and his team will face Dodonpa in a map-based race campaign similar to the original Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing. Team Sonic Racing launches this December on PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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