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New Battle Royale-Wizards Game Spellbreak Announced

A new battle royale game is coming, and it features magic spells, wizards, and much more! The game has the title Spellbreak, and it is currently in pre-alpha. The game’s developers have added some RPG elements in the game’s early days in development. It then led the developers to include a system of classes which is expected to add a degree of depth as to how players will build their characters. The game is yet to receive a release date, but you can sign up for the pre-alpha through its website.

The Enclave Returns Through Fallout 76

One of the oldest factions in Fallout, The Enclave, will be making its comeback through Fallout 76. This faction is a group of descendants of high-ranking US government officials. They have played an important role in the series in past games. They have access to highly advanced weapons and technology, and they also have this belief that they have a constitutional right to reform the American government. In Fallout 76, since there are no NPCs, it looks like players can play as a member of this faction.

Forza Horizon 4’s First Update Rolls Out This Week

Forza Horizon 4 has received its first update which brings the Route Creator to the game. As the name suggests, the Route Creator feature will let players “paint” their own race courses. The update will roll out on Thursday, October 25th. Reports also say that this content update will include a fifth Horizon Story which adds ten more episodes. The update will also add two cars which are available for Car Pass holders along with some Halloween themed items for players’ avatar.

Crackdown 3 Will Be Playable at the Xbox FanFest

Great news for fans anticipating the release of Crackdown 3. Xbox Mexico has posted that the game will be playable at XO18 which will be held in Mexico City. The tweet was posted in Spanish but translates to “Crackdown 3 joins the list of games that have not yet come out and will be available in #XboxFanFest.” Microsoft has not had much to share about the upcoming game lately, so news that a playable build will be available at the event will really hype up fans.

PUBG Goes West with Its Latest Twitch Prime Loot

PUBG is heading West! If you’re a Twitch Prime subscriber, you’re in luck as you get exclusive access to a western themed DLC called The Gunslinger Crate. This crate includes five clothing items as well as two weapon skins. The clothing items include boots and a cowboy hat, and the weapons skins include an engraving for the R45 and S686. This will be available for a limited time, so better get ’em fast!

Arcade Racer Horizon Chase Turbo Out Now

Arcade racer Horizon Chase Turbo, currently has a demo which is available on Steam and on PlayStation 4. Roughly over 30 minutes of free content is available for players to try on. The demo includes 8 circuits, 3 cars to choose from, a multiplayer mode with split-screen for up to 4 players, and 2 different game modes: World Tour and Tournament. Aquiros Game Studio also announced that the game is at 30% off on Steam until October 23rd.

Railway Empire’s Latest Expansion is Out Now

A new expansion has just landed for Railway Empire. Dubbed as Crossing the Andes, the expansion will be taking players to South America in the early 20th century. There’s three scenarios based on the early history of railway pioneers going through the Andes Mountains. There’s also a South American map for both the Free Game and Sandbox modes, plus 10 new goods, 34 new cities, and two new engines. You can get the expansion now for Railway Empire on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Local Multiplayer Game Varion Launches November 8th

Light Maze has recently announced the release date for their upcoming couch multiplayer shooter, Varion. Varion is a unique shooter in that it focuses on local multiplayer and requires players to bounce their shots off walls to score a lethal hit. It’s also presented from an isometric view so players always see where they and their opponents are. Having to bounce shots off walls actually makes for some pretty interesting tactical possibilities. Varion launches on November 8th for PC and Switch.

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Gets Update

Capcom has announced that an update will be coming out today for Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection. The update will roll out fixes and improvements to all platforms but will also include additional improvements to the game’s online functionality on the Switch. Aside from general fixes, the update also includes improved dummy behavior in training mode, stereo playback improvements for Street Fighter 3 titles, and text and asset corrections for the Museum.

Dead By Daylight Announces Halloween Event

Dead By Daylight will be staging a Halloween event this year in The Hallowed Blight. This event, which started October 19th, will run until November 2nd, and both survivors and killers will be facing a tough challenge. Survivors will be tasked to collect toxin from plants to fill Vials, making sure to keep themselves alive so the process will be a success. Killers will have to fill their own vials as well. Filling a vial will reward them with Putrid Serum, a special event currency that can be traded for wicked Hallowed Blight items.

Osiris: New Dawn Roadmap Revealed

Fenix Fire Entertainment and Reverb Triple XP has announced that they’ll be revealing the upcoming major features for the version 1.0 launch of Osiris New Dawn at this years TwitchCon. Those who will be attending the event can drop by booth 1532 at the San Jose Convention Center from October 26th to 28th to experience a playable demo. In case you can’t make it to the event, you can wait a few more days as the playable demo releases for everybody on October 29th.


Bethesda Leaves Message About the Fallout 76 Beta

Bethesda addressed its community through a statement just a few days prior to the game’s first BETA launch. In its statement, Bethesda said that Fallout 76 will be different from previous games in the franchise. The company said they wanted to try something new this time after feeling that previous games have the same DNA. It also added that Fallout 76 will have “spectacular issues” that they haven’t encountered before, giving players a heads up of what they may encounter in the BETA.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Gets Co-op Patch

You can now play with your friends in Dynasty Warriors 9! The new cooperative multiplayer patch is live and you can now play with your friends or even with total strangers online. There will, of course, be a specific distance that you and the other player should maintain since the game is open world. And within that specific distance with each other, you can do whatever you would want to do in-game. In other news, cross-platform will not be happening and a demo will be launching on November 1st.

Halloween Items in Black Ops 4’s Black Market Have Been Revealed

The Black Market in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has recently opened, and it includes some cool Halloween-themed items. These items are already available in the PlayStation 4, while players on PC and Xbox One will be able to get these starting October 27th. The Halloween-themed items include ghastly war paints, a jack-o-lantern spray, as well as some playful gestures.

Fortnite’s Save the World Free-to-Play Launch Delayed

Are you aware that Fortnite was originally launched as a ‘wave-based zombie survival game’? It eventually ended up with the game that you are now familiar with and most likely playing now. The game still has this mode though and it is called Save the World. Epic Games’ plan was to have the game be on free-to-play after its run as a beta. Save The World was first scheduled for release by the end of 2018 but it has been delayed and it now has a release date of 2019 but no specific date as of yet.

Devil May Cry 5 Has a Ridiculously Expensive Edition

Capcom has announced three ridiculously expensive editions of Devil May Cry 5 which is available for now in Japan. The most expensive one is the Ultra Limited Edition which costs 972,000 yen, or around 8,600 US Dollars. This includes the game, an interchangeable box, and Dante’s leather jacket. A cheaper version comes with Nero’s jacket instead and costs 810,000 yen, or around 7,100 US Dollars. The third one is also cheaper and come’s with V’s jacket and costs 648,000 yen, or around 5,700 USD.

Endeavor Announced as DLC for My Hero One

Bandai Namco was able to announce the plans for their up and coming game My Hero One’s Justice. Those who are able to pre-order the game will get Endeavor, a fire-based superhero. This character will become a paid DLC after the game has launched. Also, a day one update will become available and it adds the Shoot Style Deku for the protagonist Deku allowing him to use projectile based attacks. An arcade mode will also be available with the update. My Hero One’s Justice will launch on October 26th.

First Fallout 76 BETA Schedule Announced

The first “Break-it Early Test Application” for Fallout 76 is set! And if you’re one of those who pre-ordered the game, here’s when you will be able to get in the beta. The first beta phase will be available for Xbox One only, and will begin October 24th, from 12:00 midnight until 4:00 AM UK Time. Players on the PlayStation 4 won’t be able to access the beta until October 30th. Players will be able to access the full game in the beta.

SoulCalibur 6 Physical Sales Drop

There was a drop in sales for the physical copies of SoulCalibur 6. As of late, the physical sales of games had been declining most probably because it is easier to download a game from the comforts of your own home. The sales that was reported came from the UK physical charts and as compared to the previous SoulCalibur game, the 6th game has a 55% drop. The producer mentioned that with the poor sales, it could be the ‘final nail in the series’ coffin’ since it was facing a ‘crisis of maybe disappearing.

Details on New PUBG Snow Map Revealed

A recent datamine has revealed some new details on PUBG’s upcoming snow map. The map, according to the datamine, is called DIHOR OTOK, and it is 8×8 kilometers in size. Some structures such as a dino theme park, castles, rockets, and Brick Gothic townhouses were also discovered. A C$ as well as two new vehicles – a Beetle and a Z130 flatbed truck – were also discovered to be coming along with the map. the map is expected to be released Winter of 2018.

Thronebreaker Won’t Be Coming to Switch

CD Projekt Red has announced that they won’t be releasing Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales on the Nintendo Switch. What this means is that the game will only be available for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. iOS and Android will not be getting the game as well. Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales will be released today for PC and Xbox One and it will be available on a later date for the PlayStation 4 which in on December 4th. With this release will also come the 1.0 release of Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.

BioWare Plans to Livestream Anthem Next Week

If you’ve been wanting to get a glimpse of EA and BioWare’s upcoming shooter Anthem, you’re in luck as the game’s Lead Producer Michael Gamble announced in a tweet that he will be livestreaming the game on November 1st along with fellow BioWare developer Ben Irving. He said that the plan for the stream is to create a random character build and show the game’s world. Gamble is yet to announce when and where the livestream will take place.

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