Allkeyshop TV News 22 September (Recap)

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Battle for Azeroth Gets a Massive Patch

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth’s first major update will be massive. Update 8.1 has no release date yet but it’ll bring with it a ton of new content including new story content, Incursions, more raids, the Battle for Darkshore Warfront, new island expeditions, heritage armor for legacy races, a reworked Azerite system, an account-wide achievement system for alts, and a whole lot more. Battle for Azeroth launched with quite a few problems, so hopefully most of those will be addressed as well.

Black Ops 4’s DLC Will Be Coming to PS4 First

Activision has revealed some of the post-launch content fans can expect from Call of Duty Black Ops 4, all of which will come to the Playstation 4 first. A new version of the fan-favorite map, Nuketown, will be released in November, while a new character called the Specialist will be launched in December. The publisher also said that Blackout will continue to evolve after launch, receiving regular map updates, expansions and new modes. Seasonal, weekly and time-limited events are also in the works.

Jump Force Closed Beta Announced

Bandai Namco has announced that Jump Force will be getting a closed beta. The Jump Force closed beta will begin on October 12th, and will end on October 14th. It will be available for players on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The beta will be available exclusively for members of the EP!C Rewards Club. If you’re not a member yet, you can sign up via Bandai Namco’s website until October 7 at 4pm PT, 7pm ET, 11pm UK. The closed beta codes will be sent out through email a few days after registration closes.

Monster Hunter World’s IN-game Camera Gets New Mouse Control Options

Monster Hunter World just got a new update on PC that gives players new mouse control options for the in-game camera. Players will find the new control type by heading over to the game’s Start Menu, selecting Options, and then heading over to the Controls tab. There are several different mouse control schemes to choose from, so players can experiment and pick the one that suits their playstyle best. The “Relish the Moment” Event Quest has also been moved to Elder’s Recess to improve playability.

Life is Strange 2 to Release Next Week

Life is Strange 2 is finally launching next week – specifically on September 27th – and Square Enix has released the game’s launch trailer. The first episode is called “Roads” and we will be introduced to the story of brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz who are residents of Seattle. A tragic event forced them to flee from the police, and their relationship is tested by the dangers they face as they escape – even a supernatural power they don’t understand and can’t fully control. The game will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Devil May Cry 5 System Requirements Announced

The listing for Devil May Cry 5 on Steam has revealed the game’s PC system requirements. Both the minimum and recommended system requirements are almost the same, save for the dedicated graphics card department. Players will need at least a 64-bit version of Windows 7, 8 gigabytes of RAM, an i7-4770 or better, 35 gigabytes of free storage, and a GTX 760. The recommended GPU is a GTX 960 or better. Capcom also recommends using a controller to play the game.

Close Encounters Limited Time Mode Back in Fortnite

The Close Encounters limited-time mode is making another comeback in Fortnite. This time around, a few changes have been made to make the mode a lot more enjoyable. First, fuel consumption has been halved. Structure damage from the storm has also been removed in later stages of a match, giving players vertical options to counter late game sky bases. The grappler is now usable in the mode as well. The shotgun-only jetpack mode is live now so make sure to check it out before it’s gone again.

Earth Defense Force 5 PS4 Release Date Confirmed

Earth Defense Force 5 finally has a solid release date for its launch on PS4. The game will release on December 11th and will come in Standard and Deluxe Editions, the latter of which will get you an EDF5 theme, a Decoy Launcher, the Star Burst, a couple of additional post-launch missions, and 12 variations of additional weapons and support arms. Pre-ordering any of the two editions will get you an exclusive PS4 theme, a Special Weapons Set DLC, and a Powered Exoskeleton Nix Gold Coat.

Bee Simulator Will Now Be Released in 2019 to Incorporate PLayer Feedback

Last month, it was reported that Bee Simulator will be launching for PC this year with console versions – PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One – coming at a later date. However, VARSAV Game Studios has announced that they will be postponing the simulation game’s release and now has a release window of Spring 2019. The developers cited that players wanted more from the game, so they want to live up to players’ expectations and work on the game more. The feedback came from players from Gamescom and PAX West.

Antihero Free Weekend on Steam Announced

Another free weekend is upon us! If you have time, you can play the turn-based strategy game Antihero for free on Steam all weekend long! The game is free-to-play from September 20th until September 23rd. The free weekend will give players access to its casual head-to-head matches, and even in ranked online multiplayer. The game’s story campaign is also available. Players take the role of Master Thief where they need to use stealth, cunning, and assassination to create the best Thieves’ Guild in the city.

The Gardens Between Out Now on PC and Consoles

Developer The Voxel Agents have released a launch trailer to celebrate the release of The Gardens Between. In case you haven’t heard of the game yet, it’s a puzzle and exploration game where friends Arina and Frendt use time-bending powers to manipulate their surroundings and solve puzzles in familiar scenes linked to their lives. The trailer shows the game’s intriguing gameplay and lists praise received from critics. The game is out now on PC, Max, PS4 and Switch.


Soulcalibur 6 Beta Begins September 28th

Bandai Namco has announced that it will be holding a network test for its upcoming 3D weapons-based fighter, SoulCalibur 6. Players on PS4 and Xbox One can participate in the open beta test starting on September 28th, 4PM BST or 5PM CEST. Players can start pre-loading the game on September 27th so they can get into the action as soon as the beta opens. The beta will feature 15 playable characters and 9 stages. The beta ends on October 1st at 4AM BST or 5AM CEST.

DICE Details Changes to Battlefield 5 After Open Beta

EA DICE will be making changes to Battlefield 5 based on players’ feedback during the open beta. To start off, the developers would like to address players’ concerns on attrition and they’re considering adding more ammunition and a medpack when players spawn as well as higher maximum ammo capacity so players will last longer. Another thing cited by players is visibility, and EA DICE said they will be improving lighting issues. More of these changes can be viewed at the Battlefield 5 subreddit.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent Gets a Hard Mode

If you thought that atmospheric horror exploration game Amnesia: The Dark Descent wasn’t stressful enough, well, good news for you. Frictional Games is adding a hard Mode to the already terrifying experience. The new mode disables autosaves and makes manual saving cost four tinderboxes, making you trade your light source to save your progress. Light resources are also more scarce, while the in-game monsters move faster, deal more damage, and you won’t hear any warning music when they get near.

Devil May Cry 5 Tops Steam’s Global Top Sellers Chart Ahead of Release

We’re still roughly a year away from Devil May Cry 5’s release, and the game already sits on the top of the Global Top Sellers on Steam! The Global Top Sellers chart includes sales from every country on Steam. On the regular Top Sellers chart from the US, the game sits at number 6. This is already quite impressive for the game’s PC sales. We are yet to see figures on its console versions. Devil May Cry 5 launches March 9th on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Monster Hunter World’s Halloween Event Live Now

It’s still over a month before Halloween but Monster Hunter World has already launched its seasonal event called Harvest Fest which will let players get their hands on Halloween-themed items and gear. The event also brings with it some new and returning Event Quests. Additionally, the Gathering Hub will be decorated with jack-o-lanterns and autumn themes until October 4th. Daily logins will also reward you with Autumn Harvest Tickets, which you can use to craft the Autumn Harvest Fest gear.

Epic Announces Fortnite’s Season 6 Start Date and Huge Bonus XP Event

Epic has finally confirmed when Fortnite’s Season 6 will begin. Season 5 ends on September 25th, and Season 6 will start Thursday, September 27th. To help players unlock remaining Season 5 rewards, Epic also announced that they’re offering more XP than usual all weekend long, so it’s best to take advantage of it while you can. Players will receive 400% Match XP in Battle Royale until September 24th 5 AM PT / 8 AM ET / 1 PM BST. We are yet to find out what’s in store for us in Season 6, so stay tuned.

Fallout 76’s Map Now Has a Name

Bethesda has revealed just what Fallout 76’s map is called. Fallout’s first multiplayer outing will be set in Appalachia. The name actually makes a lot of sense given that its located in the hills of West Virginia and was most likely inspired by the Appalachian mountain range which runs through the state. The name was revealed subtly through a tweet which actually focuses more on some sort of guitar sword. The image also shows a CDN bar in the weapon’s stats, revealing that weapon durability will be returning in 76.

H1Z1 Will Now Be Called Z1 Battle Royale

H1Z1 will soon be changing its name to Z1 Battle Royale, following changes in the dev team and a renewed focus on bringing the game back to its roots as the world’s most competitive battle royale game. A new patch has just been rolled out which marks the first step in the game’s transition. Matchmaking times have been dramatically improved. This includes dynamic scaling when there’s less than 100 players available. A few balance changes for weapons were also included.

Region Locking Now Live on PUBG Test Servers

It look like the people at PUBG Corp. have changed their minds about region-locking not in practice working because region-locking is now live on the test servers. Once fully implemented, players will no longer be able to choose which region they can play in. This will instead be determined automatically based on their local region. Players who team up with people from a different regions will be placed with their team in the best region determined by the system.

Torbjorn’s Abilities Will Be Changed in Future Overwatch Update

Torbjorn will be getting an overhaul in a future update for Overwatch. A rework will be done for his turret and Molten Core ultimate ability. His scrap collecting and Armor Pack abilities will be entirely replaced with a new ability called “Overload.” This new ability will give Torbjorn temporary armor plus increased speed for movement attacks and reloading. These changes and more are expected to come to the PTR soon.

The Last of Us Part 2 Celebrates Outbreak Day on September 26th

Although The Last of Us Part 2 doesn’t have a clear release date set yet, Naught Dog is hyping up fans by celebrating Outbreak Day on September 26th, the same day when the outbreak that devastated the world took place in the game’s lore. Several new items and promotion will be released, although Naughty Dog seems to be keeping everything top secret at the moment. This might mean that some of these promotional items might include new details about the upcoming game.

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