Allkeyshop TV News 21 September (Recap)

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WWE 2K19 DLC Packs and Season Pass Detailed

2K Games shared the details of their upcoming DLC packs for their upcoming wrestling game – WWE 2K19. There will be five packs available which can all be bought as a bundle with the Season Pass. The first one is the Accelerator Pack which gives players unlockable content. The next is the MyPlayer KickStart pack that would unlock and boost MyPlayer ratings. The third is the New Moves Pack, getting 50 additional in-game moves. The Rising Stars Pack and Titans Pack will give additional Superstars.

Horror Exploration Game “The One We Found” Launches This Year

Loveridge Designs has a ‘new breed of horror’ coming out later this year and it is called The One We Found. The game takes players to a mental institution called Whisperwood. In this institution is where a mysterious psychotherapist named James Ledgewick resides. Whisperwood hides a labyrinth of caves underneath it and it also keeps an unknown pathogen that you must stop from spreading hell on earth. The One We Found will arrive this year for the PC and the Xbox One, but no specific date was given.

Halo Infinite Won’t Contain Real-Money Loot Boxes

Studio head Chris Lee from 343 Studios has revealed that Halo Infinite will not have real-money loot boxes. Lee revealed this bit of good news in a reply to a question posted by a fan on Twitter. Lee did also say that they are still working on finalizing their plans and will be sharing more when they are ready. It’s most likely that the game will still feature microtransactions, but it’s great to know that it won’t come in the form of controversial loot boxes.

Shortest Trip to Earth Heads to Steam Early Access

Interactive Fate and Iceberg Interactive announced that their newest game called Shortest Trip to Earth will launch on Steam Early Access on October 9th. The developers had been working on the game for more than four years now, and with the game’s release on early access, they will be able to polish it even further with the player feedback it will get. The early access version will have five of the ten levels available to play and is expected to be in early access until January of 2019.

Mutant Football League Dynasty Edition Delayed

Mutant Football League Dynasty Edition has been delayed. It was previously set to launch on September 18th but has been pushed back by over a month to October 30th. Dynasty Edition adds a new Dynasty Mode, a singleplayer experience where players take on the role of coach and GM of their favorite MFL team. This mode will come as a free update to those who already own the digital verion of Mutant Football League. Dynasty Edition also adds 2 new species, 6 new teams, more arenas and several new Dirty Tricks.

Grip: Combat Racing’s Multiplayer Details Revealed

GRIP: Combat Racing is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch this coming November 6th and it promises a unique competitive experience. Get to enjoy split-screen competitive play in Race and Arena modes. Play in the 10-player online multiplayer complete with lobby and matchmaking support. A full tournament building support is also available for players to combine race modes and arenas across the GRIP galaxy. Online leaderboards can be seen for both Carkour and Race modes.

Psychological Film Noir Game Dollhouse Announces Open Beta

Psychological thriller game Dollhouse will be going into closed beta this week. SOEDESCO and Creazn Studio announced the closed beta via Twitter, inviting those interested to apply for an invite over at their site. The game was first scheduled to be released in early 2016, but was then set back to launch in 2017. Obviously, that never happened, but now the devs are finally ready with a beta which should mean we’re all the more closer to a full release.

Black Ops 4 Kicks Off Competitive Season with 6 Million Prize Pool

The upcoming season of the Call of Duty World League Pro League format is set to kick off on October 12th, and it comes with the largest prize pool in its history! The prize pool for the upcoming season is a whopping 6 million Dollars! It kicks off following the release of Call of Duty World War 4. The first high-profile LAN competition will take place on December 7th in Las Vegas. Competitions will take place in a single season across twelve weeks beginning in February 2019.

TheSurge’s ‘The Good, the Bad, and the Augmented’ DLC Launches October 2nd

The Good, The Bad, and The Augmented, the western-themed DLC for The Surge will be launching on October 2nd. The add-on takes Warren to an old and abandoned Quality Assurance lab located deep within the CREO facility. For some odd reason, the lab looks and feels like a twisted version of the old wild west. Players will get to fight their way through Dr. Rischboter’s deadly training rooms that players can tweak with 4 out of 16 modifiers to adjust both difficulty and rewards.

Override: Mech City Brawl’s Multiplayer PvP Modes Detailed

Override Mech City Brawl has 12 different match types to choose from, depending on the team set up that you create as well as the number of players there is. The brawls are available both offline and online and it will have: 1 versus 1, 2 versus 1, 2 versus 1 versus 2, 2 versus 2, 3 versus 1 and a free-for-all. Players will also get the chance to pilot a mech with up to 4 players. There will be 12 mechs to choose from each with its very own specialty moves as well as play style and are customizable as well.

Pilot Sports Heads to Switch and PS4 Next Month

The colorful and charming flying game from Z-Software and Wild river called Pilot Sports will be arriving to the Nintendo Switch and PS4 come October 4th. The game has players manuever through over 50 courses while high up in the air using jetpacks, hang gliders, parachutes, airplanes and more. There’s also an unlockable explorer mode that let’s up to 4 players explore the sunny island in local split-screen multiplayer. There’s also 8 characters and 7 types of challenges to choose from.


Spider-Man PS4 is Now Sony’s Fastest-Selling PS Title Ever

2018 is shaping up to be one of the best years for Sony especially with the recent release of Spider-Man on the PS4. The company has announced that Insomniac’s open-world web-slinging game is now the company’s fastest-selling first-party PlayStation title. Spider-Man PS4 has reportedly sold 3.3 million copies in just three days since its release! Spider-Man has dethroned God of War which sold 3.1 million copies in its first three days when it released last Spring.

Blizzard Bans Third-Party Stats Apps for Overwatch

Blizzard has declared that Overwatch players are not allowed to use third-party stat tracking apps. The company has named software such as Pursuit and Visor as examples. Blizzard said using these apps is a violation of the End User License Agreement, and players who continue to use them could face permanent bans. Community manager Tom Powers wrote in a forum post and clarified that “any third-party application that impedes on the competitive integrity in Overwatch is not allowed.”

Ubisoft Lays Out Plans for Steep This Year

Steep is not quite dead yet, as Ubisoft has laid out its plans for the game for the next three months. A new X-Games themed add-on will be coming to the game on October 30th. This will revolve around real-world games such as Big Air, SuperPipe, and Slopestyle. On December 4th, the game will be getting a 90’s-inspired aesthetic filter. And finally, on January 10th the Rocket Wings DLC, which appears like a jetpack, will be heading to the game.

Fortnite’s Monthly Player Count Now Almost 80 Million

Fortnite is named as one of the world’s most popular video games, and finally Epic Games has the numbers to prove that. The developer revealed that Fortnite had 78.3 million players in August. In comparison, Minecraft – which is still the biggest game on YouTube – had 74 million players in a month. League of Legends has 100 million active players in a month. This goes to show that Fortnite is still on the top ranks, and Epic has streamers like Ninja to thank for that.

Ace of Spades Now Easier to Get With New Destiny 2 Update

Bungie has rolled out hotfix for Destiny 2 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This update fixes some issues that still linger in the game after the Forsaken expansion was released. Alongside the hotfix is some changes to how players can get Cayde-6’s Ace of Spades. The Ace of Spades gun is a reward for players who complete the Cayde’s Will quest. With the hotfix, Bungie has simplified the requirements for getting the weapon by simply making players kill invaders or general enemies.

Devil May Cry 5 May Include Online Multiplayer

Various store listings for Devil May Cry 5 indicate that the game will have a multiplayer component. Steam shows it will feature online multiplayer and co-op, while both the Xbox and Playstation stores show that it supports 2-3 players online. It’s highly likely that up to 3 players will be able to go through the adventure together, each one controlling one of the three playable characters in the game. We’ll have to wait for further details from Capcom to be sure though.

Hearthstone is Giving Away a Freebie Just By Simply Logging In

Blizzard has just launched its Day’s of the Frozen Throne event in Hearthstone, bringing with it new quests, new loot and a new Tavern Brawl. Players who log into the game while the event is live will also receive a free golden Happy Ghoul card without having to do anything else. You also get a couple of Legendary quests that will net you 300 gold each once completed. Make sure to log in by September 23rd to get the free stuff.

Fortnite’s Fall Skirmish Detailed

Epic Games has released details for Fortnite’s second competitive tournament season this year dubbed the Fall Skirmish. Five clubs have been created this time around, although we’re not sure yet how their rosters will be determined. Players will need to team up with other club mmbers during duos and squad matches. Each player’s performance will make up their club’s standings called Club Points. At the end of the season, the club with the most points will win four million dollars.

Monster Hunter World Bags Top Prize at Japan Game Awards 2018

The Consumer Entertainment Supplier’s Association of Japan has given Monster Hunter World the top prize for this year’s Japan Game Awards. The event was held at the 2018 Tokyo Games Show, honoring a total of 16 outstanding games released between April first of last year to March thirty-first of this year. Other games recogzined included Breath of the Wild, Call of Duty Worlr War 2, and Dragon Quest 11, while the dev team behind the Nintendo Switch took home the Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry Award.

New PUBG Patch Adds New Ranked System

After several months on full release, it looks like PUBG will finally be getting a Ranking System. Update 22 for the test servers shows 8 ranks that go from Bronze to Grandmaster. Players will earn or lose Rank Points based on their performance in matches, making it possible to go up or down ranks within each season. There’s no word yet on rank-based rewards when a season ends. The patch also adds a radial menu for grenades and brings back map selection in the matchmaking menu.

V is the Third Playable Devil May Cry 5 Character

The Tokyo Game Show 2018 trailer released for Devil May Cry 5 not only showed off some wicked Dante gameplay, but it also revealed a third playable character. Going by the name ‘V’, the boyband-wanna-be-looking teen seems to be a big fan of poetry. Not much else is known about him at this point except that Capcom describes him as mysterious and peculiar. No gameplay was also shown for the new character which should mean that we’ll see a more specialized trailer for him in the future.

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