Allkeyshop TV News 21 September (Recap)

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Ion Fury Update Now Available

The old-school, first-person shooter game from 3D Realms called Ion Fury has gotten a new update. The Update is 1.02 and it comes with a variety of changes and fixes. Steam Achievements had been added as well as a borderless windowed mode option. Also, players are now able to see enemies in dark environments much easier and the pacing of the final boss battle has been improved. Improvements on the performance, timing and frame pacing had been done. Check out the complete list on their official site.

Open World MMO Stalker Online Beta Client Now Live

A new open-world MMO from Mobile Technologies called Stalker Online has been announced. The game features a large open world having a desolate landscape with post soviet 90s architecture. There are a lot of mysteries and secrets to uncover as well as valuable supplies to collect. The gameplay also has a mix of RPG elements where players gain experience and develop skills depending on their playstyle. The game is set to launch by Fall of this year but a beta access is now available via Steam.

No Man’s Sky Update Released

A new update was released by Hello Games for No Man’s Sky. The patch will be adding new customization items in the Quicksilver shop as well as new events to the Nexus. Some mission flow issues are also getting fixed and the rewards from standard Nexus missions has been increased. The update is available for all of the game’s platforms but it also has some PC specific changes. One of which is the introduction of the PC VR rendering optimizations. The full patch notes can be seen in the game’s official page.

Ritual: Crown of Horns to be Published by Feardemic

Fast-paced, violent, top-down action game, Ritual: Crown of Horns is being published by Feardemic. The director of publishing at Feardemic said that the game fits perfectly with their portfolio since it has horror themes in it with a lot of dark atmospheres. The game is inspired by the TV series, “The Wild Wild West”. You will be playing as Daniel Goodchild which is a half-demon, half-cowboy that had been resurrected by a Witch. Ritual: Crown of Horns is set to launch for PC and Switch on November 7th.

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse Steps into Early Access

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse is coming to Early Access as announced by Intrepid Studios. This will happen on September 24 at 12 PM PDT through Steam or at the Ashes of Creation site. This will allow players to join in on the Battle Royal testing anytime since the servers will now be online. This will allow the developers to gather feedback and help in building a more polished game. In order to join, players must have an Intrepid account which they can create via the game’s official website.

Epic Games Celebrates Batman Day with Six Free Games

Batman Day is being celebrated this year on September 21st, and Epic Games is giving away six free Batman games as a way to take part in the celebrations. The games can be downloaded through the Epic Games Launcher, and you have until September 26th to do so. The free games are Batman: Arkham Collection which contains Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City, and Batman: Arkham Knight. The next one is the Lego Batman Trilogy which contains LEGO Batman The Videogame, LEGO Batman 2 DC Superheroes, and LEGO Batman 3 Beyond Gotham.

Rhythm Game Spin Rhythm XD Launches on Early Access Next Month

Intergalactic rhythm game Spin Rhythm XD is launching on Steam in Early Access starting October 22nd. It will also be launching on the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2020. The Early Access version will include 15 tracks, which include never-before-heard songs from “from artists like Panda Eyes, Nitro Fun, Droptek and many more.” The game also features up to 5 unique difficulties, global leaderboards, as well as customizable levels and backgrounds.

Dragon Star Varnir to Launch on Steam One Day Early

Dragon Star Varnir’s Steam version was originally scheduled for launch on October 9th, but Idea Factory has announced that the game will be launching a day early on October 8th. The game will also be available at a discount for an entire week after launch. It will also come in Deluxe Bundle and Deluxe Packs. Dragon Star Varnir features turn-based, mid-air combat using tiers and transformations to weaken dragon enemies.

Season of the Hunt Kicks Off in Black Desert Online Next Week

Black Desert Online is set to kick off a series of events starting September 25th. The events will be part of Season of the Hunt, and will last for two weeks or more. The event kicks off with a Trina Knights First Captains Support Kit giveaway for players with high levels. throughout the first two weeks of the event, players will be taking part in special challenges, and get World Boss Drop Rate Boost, and a lot more.

World War Z Reveals Second Season of Free Content

Saber Interactive has announced a new season of free content for World War Z. Season Two will run starting Q4 of this year, and Saber said it will be “bursting with new features and community-requested content.” The new season will include two “challenging” new PvE missions which are set in Moscow and New York. There will also be a new weapon, as well as new prestige ranks and rewards. Also coming in the future are cross-play support, Horde Mode Z, and more.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 Reveals the Baron

The third faction for Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines 2 has been revealed. The Baron is said to rule the “criminal underbelly” of Seattle, and works closely with people in position. The faction usually employs gang members, hitmen, thugs, ghouls, and vampires. Very few have actually seen The Baron face to face, as he only acts through his lieutenants. Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines 2 has a total of five factions, and the two previous ones revealed are The Pioneers and The Camarilla.

Terminator Launch Date Announced

A brand new Terminator game has been announced to the delight of gamers who are also fans of the hit movie franchise. This new game is dubbed Terminator Resistance and it is slated to be released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The game was developed by the makers of Heavy Fire: Afghanistan and Rambo: The Video Game so there is definitely experience in the area. Terminator Resistance is set almost 30 years after Judgement Day and expands upon the Future War Cameron hinted at in the films.

Void Bastards DLC Now Available

Blue Manchu has released a new update for its rough-like first-person shooter, Void Bastards. The update contains a brand new DLC called the Bang Tydy pack which introduces the Tydy Cleaning Corporation into the game. You will have new ships to explore and a new foe to contend with in the form of the Tydy Bot. There are also free challenge modes, a new enemy type, and a bunch of additional challenges that enable you to modify difficulty parameters now available.

Neo Cab Demo Live

Chance Agency has released a demo for their story-rich, adventure RPG, Neo Cab. The game has been highly anticipated since it was announced last year and finally, you can hop into the driver’s seat and pilot your eccentric passengers to their destination. As stated, only the demo version is currently available however, you haven’t much longer to wait for the official release as Neo Cab is due out on Oct 3, 2019. You can find the demo the Steam Store.

Devil May Cry 2 Launches on Nintendo Switch

Capcom is pleased to announce that Devil May Cry 2 is now available for the Nintendo Switch. Of all the titles in the series, this installment was the least applauded but it did scream potential, innovation and ambition. In any case, any switch user who also happens to be a fan of the series will happily welcome the came to their library. Venture to the Nintendo store and grab your copy of the game should you reside among the interested demographic.

Code Vein New Content Adds New Area and Co-op

The demo for Code Vein is ongoing right now and a new content update will be coming to the game. The demo will come with a new playable zone as well as the capability to play with others online. The new playable zone is called Depths: Town of Sacrifice and players will be fighting against the bosses that they previously defeated. In return, you will be getting haze, new weapons as well as materials for upgrades. Code Vein is set to launch on September 27 available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

PlanetSide Arena Now Available in Early Access

Daybreak Game Company’s massive-scale, match-based, sci-fi arena shooter called PlanetSide Arena has launched into early access. The game will instantly drop you off on the huge firefight. There will be 12 person squads or trios. There are also three classes to choose from. If everything works well with the game, it will be launching as a full game by mid-2020. Daybreak was able to share a roadmap of planned fixtures to come in the next few months. Listed also, are solo events, new weapons and more.

GTA Online Has New Car and Double Bonuses Offered for the Week

For GTA Online players, a new car is coming your way and double bonuses are available for Casino Work. The new car is the Übermacht Zion Classic. This will also come with the Übermacht Tee, available for free. For the bonuses, it will be available for the Casino Work and VIP/CEO Missions for the week. This will come with double GTA$ dollars, RP, and Casino Chips for Casino Work and double GTA$ on VIP/CEO Work Missions and Challenges. The associates will also get Double Salaries.

Minecraft Character Customization Update Available on Beta Build

A new update for Minecraft is adding a character creator to the game. Before, the only way to make your character different in the game is through the use of custom skins but now character customization can be taken a step further. The new update is only available on the beta build for now and it has the ability to personalize an avatar’s body shape, hairstyles, colours, and skin tones. There are about 100 customization items for free. The beta is currently available for Xbox One, Windows 10 and Android.

Hot Lava Out Now Available on PC and Apple Arcade

From the makers of Don’t Starve, Invisible Inc., and Oxygen Not Included, Klei Entertainment has announced their newest game called Hot Lava. This is a first-person obstacle racing game with a twist. Remember the game that we used to play when we were young, called ‘the floor is lava’ where we should not touch the floor. Well, that is this game, with an obstacle course. The game looks really fun to play. There can be up to eight players running on the course at once and there are leaderboards as well.

Remnant: From the Ashes Launches Free Dungeon Called Leto’s Lab

A free dungeon is coming to Remnant: From the Ashes and it is called Leto’s Lab. This will be seen in the Adventure Mode of the game. The quest will bring players to the Research Station Alpha, where the lab is doing some research on mysterious red crystals. Initially, the goal for the crystals are to be a source of infinite energy, but the experiments of Leto deviated from the goal and used the crystals for dubious experiments. The Leto’s Lab update is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Narcos: Rise of the Cartels Video Game Announced

Developer Kuju, publisher Curve Digital, and film company Gaumont officially announced the game Narcos: Rise of the Cartels which is based on Netflix’s crime drama show Narcos based on the life events of drug lord Pablo Escobar. In the game players will choose which side to play, it could either be on the Drug Enforcement Administration side or the side of the Medellin Cartel. The game is said to launch digitally by late 2019 with the physical copies arriving by the fourth quarter of the year.

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