Allkeyshop TV News 20 October (Recap)

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Fortnite’s Battle Bus Gets Buffed

Epic Games has buffed something unlikely in the latest Fortnite update. The Battle Bus will now move 25% faster, allowing the battle royale action to commence sooner. Epic did not specify why the change was made, but the boost to pace at the start of the game is something most players should enjoy. Meanwhile, the developers have revealed that the demand for the Alpha Tournament is high and that a patch will be rolled out to help tournament crashes and issues for Android users.

Battlefield 5 War Stories Details Revealed

DICE has revealed details about the different War Stories coming to Battlefield 5. After the Prologue, players will first take on Nordlys which is set in Norway centers around a female resistance fighter. Under No Flag will see players put on the boots of convicted felon Billy Bridger in London for his chance at redemption. Tirailleur focuses on Sengalese units trying to liberate their French homeland. Lastly, The Last Tiger switches sides and focuses on a lone Tiger tank crew questioning what they’re fighting for.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Official Gameplay Revealed

CD Projekt Red has released a gameplay trailer for Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales. The nearly 3-minute trailer shows off the expanded card play based on the Gwent mini-game from The Witcher series. It separates itself from other digital card games in the market by being narrative-focused and choice-driven. Players will take on the role of Meve, the queen of Rivia, but a few familiar characters will make appearances as well, including THE Witcher himself, Geralt of Rivia.

Classic Mage Card Gets Nerfed in New Round of Balance Changes

Blizzard will be rolling out a new set of balance changes for Hearthstone and it looks like one of the game’s oldest cards will be hit by the nerf hammer. Mana Wyrm launched together with the card game and features high health for its mana cost. Its strong synergy with spells makes it a must for Mage decks. When the patch drops, it’s mana cost will go up from 1 to 2. Blizzard says this should make it easier for opposing players to deal with the card when played.

Red Dead Redemption 2: All the Details You Need Before Launch

If you’re one of the millions anticipating the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, here’s a few things you’ll want to know. The game is set 12 years before the original and focuses on the Van der Linde gang. Players will take control of Arthur Morgan but the original’s protagonist, John Marston will be appearing as well. The whole game can be played in first-person and the HUD can be disabled. Also, you can gain and lose weight. The game launches on October 26th but you can start pre-loading the game now.

Datamine Suggests Return of Destiny Exotic Weapon Thunderlord

Data miners hard at work on extracting every bit of data in Destiny 2’s 2.0.4 update have uncovered signs that Thunderlord, an Exotic machine gun from the first game, might be making a comeback. Feeding Frenzy, one of Thunderlord’s original perks was found in the game’s database. Previously, the White Nail perk from Destiny’s Black Spindle was found in the database and then Bungie released a renamed version of the weapon. Evidence also points to the possibility of a return to the Cosmodrome.

Fortnite’s In-Game Tourneys Now Available

Fortnite’s update 6.10 has already rolled out and it introduces in-game tournaments. Tournaments are scheduled events which are open to all players. Here, players will try to win as many points as they can over the course of several hours. Meeting the score goal will earn players a pin to celebrate. It is open to players regardless of platform, but one must opt-in to cross-play in order to compete. Players are treated equally regardless of control input they use.

PUBG Update 23 Adds Skorpion Pistol

A new test server patch has been added to PUBG. Called Update 23, this patch introduces the new 9mm, 20 round machine pistol called the Skorpion Pistol. Its ammo can be doubled to 40 using the standard extended magazine. The update also includes a new Conquest Mode Custom Game Setting. The update also gives the new training map a name – Camp Jackal – which can be selected as a War Mode map in custom games. All these and more will be rolled over to the live servers once testing is complete.

Football Manager 2019 Beta Available For Pre-orders

Players who pre-ordered Football Manager 2019 from a SEGA-approved digital retailer can now go ahead and play the game’s pre-release beta on Steam. The beta will give pre-order customers access to the “near complete, but not final” version of the game. Online play is enabled during the beta, however, there won’t be access to Steam Workshop nor the game’s editors. Football Manager 2019 will officially launch on November 2nd.

MapleStory 2 Celebrates 1 Million Milestone

MapleStory 2 has proven to be one of the largest MMORPGs on Steam as it reaches 1 million downloads! To celebrate, there will be various events in the game to commemorate this milestone and also thank its players. Starting October 19th until the 26th, there will be a Double Bonus Item Drop Event where players will earn double bonus items from normal adventure dungeons. Players at level 60 and higher will also receive exclusive gifts by logging in between October 20th until the 22nd, and October 21st until the 22nd.

BattleTech’s Flashpoint Expansion Release Date Announced

BattleTech will be getting its first expansion called Flashpoint, and it will be available starting November 27th. Flashpoint comes with three new Mechs (the Hatchetman, the Crab, and the Cyclops), a new challenging mission type, new tropical biome, and the high-stakes branching short stories Flashpoints. The Flashpoint expansion is available on GOG, Steam, and Paradox Plaza.


Spider-Man PS4 New Game Plus Mode and Ultimate Difficulty Now Available

Insomniac Games has rolled out Spider-Man PS4’s update 1.07 and 1.08. This update brings the New Game Plus Mode and the new Ultimate Difficulty. The company previously announced that these two didn’t have a specific release date yet, but will be launching before The Heist DLC does. The Heist is scheduled for release October 23rd. New Game Plus allows players to give the game another go but with all the unlocks available. Ultimate difficulty is now the hardest way players can play the game.

Elite: Dangerous’ Biggest Update of the Year Will Include Improvements

Elite Dangerous is getting a major update and it will be the last that is planned for the year. All of this will come as the Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter Four which will arrive on October 30th. It will also come with some game enhancements for mapping and exploration. The update comes with upgraded scanning tools that will allow pilots to find everything in the system. “The Codex” will also be introduced. Generally, the game’s visuals will be so much better with brighter starts and more.

Black Ops 4 Halloween Event Announced for PS4

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has received its newest update just in time for Halloween. The update introduces the Contraband stream which is something similar to PUBG’s Event Pass. Each stream lasts approximately for two months before a new stream is rotated. Rewards include new characters for Blackout, special outfits, signature weapons, as well as unique gestures and tags. The first cosmetic content season has begun but is only available for the PlayStation 4. Xbox One and PC will start October 26th.

Days Gone Delayed

Bend Studio’s motorcycle-zombie mashup of a game Days Gone will be released on a later date than originally planned, Sony has announced. The game will now be released April 26, 2019. Sony said they had to delay the release because February 2019 is too “crowded” and that they will use the extra time to polish the game more. February 2019 will include the release of big ticket games like Kingdom Hearts 3, Metro: Exodus, Anthem, and Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Fallout 76 Beta Pre-Load Now Live on Xbox One

If you’re one of those who pre-ordered Fallout 76 on the Xbox One, you’re in luck as pre-loading for its first beta will be available October 23rd. Pre-order customers for the PlayStation 4 and PC will get their turn the following week. Take note, though that not all those who pre-ordered will be given access to the beta right away, as Bethesda will gradually invite players in waves. The full game will launch on November 14th.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Rumored to Be Coming to PC in 2019

According to a retailer in Europe, the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 will be launching in 2019! The popular retailer is MediaMarkt and it has listed the game’s PC launch on December 31, 2019. This may not be accurate as the developers themselves were not able to release an official launch date for the PC version. Two things that should be considered about the listing is that it could be a mistake, or perhaps a placeholder for a future announcement. The game will launch on October 26th for PS4 and Xbox One.

PUBG’s Platoon Event Cancelled

PUBG’s scheduled Event Mode called Platoon has been canceled at the last minute due to a critical error, PUBG Help announced on Twitter. It further said that Event Mode: Platoon won’t be returning next week either, but “at a later date” instead. Platoon is a 50 vs 50 mode where players would join 1 of the five squads consisting of 10 players each. It was originally scheduled to run from October 18th until the 21st.

Black Ops 4 Black Market Introduced

The in-game shop of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is making a comeback! It is called Black Market and this will serve as the central hub for the cosmetics and customization for Black Ops 4 Multiplayer as well as Blackout. Also, the Black Market will have a storefront update by November which will be like the Blackjack’s Shop. This will have the ability to house premium real-money purchases that will come with limited availability and will be rotated on a weekly basis.

Hitman Gets Free Halloween DLC Bundle

2016’s Hitman is giving away a free Halloween DLC for players who own the base game. The Hitman Halloween Pack is out now and it brings players to Colorado where they can take on the Freedom Fighters mission. There are also Featured and Escalated contracts in the area aside from the mission. IO added ten new contracts that have a “creepy or otherwise frightening theme” in line with the Halloween season. Hitman is available on PC. PS4, and Xbox One.

RimWorld Leaves Early Access

The colony simulation game called RimWorld was able to exit Early Access and is now available as a full game which sells for $34.99! You will get to play as an overseer of some colonists who crashlanded on an alien world. As an overseer, you would not have direct control over the colonists but you are able to set tasks for them to accomplish. Direct influence over their in-game actions is not available though, but each one of them would have some desires, needs and wants that will affect them.

NBA Playgrounds Mysteriously Removed From Digital Stores

For some reason, NBA Playgrounds can no longer be seen from all the digital storefronts. A Reddit user was able to notice this for the game’s eShop version. It may be possible that the reason behind the removal is that NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 had poor critical reception. Developer Saber Interactive, on the other hand, did not make any announcements that they will be removing the game which is quite troubling. Another thing that was taken down without prior notice is the first NBA Playgrounds DLC.

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