Allkeyshop TV News 20 November (Recap)

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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Announced for Steam

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is finally getting a PC port, a year after its release in Japan. It first became available in the West on the PlayStation 4 and Switch back in July 2019. The game will finally be available for PC players via Steam starting December 10th. The Steam version will come with all content that have been released for consoles so far, including the JRPG single-layer campaign and 4-player online-co-op.

VR Game Half-Life: Alyx Officially Announced

Valve has officially announced its “flagship VR game,” Half-Life: Alyx. The game has been rumored to be in development for some time now, and we’ll finally get to know more concrete details about this game soon. The game will be having an official unveiling on November 20th, at 10AM, Pacific Time, or 7PM Central European Time. Details about the game are scarce at the moment, but some reports say the game will be exclusive to the Valve Index VR headset.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Getting New Patch

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will be receiving a new patch. In a post on the game’s official subreddit, a Star Wars Community Manager said that the patch will be rolling out for PC first, then PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will follow sometime this week. This patch will address these issues: texture flickering that would display on the screen while driving the AT-AT on Kashyyyk, arrow keys input sometimes failing to respond within menus, Dynamic resolution settings not saving properly, and the game becoming slow and loading times becoming longer than expected.

Datamine Suggests New SMG in Apex Legends

A datamine suggests that a new SMG could possibly be dropping soon in Apex Legends. Data miner That1MiningGuy posted his discovery on Twitter which shows the current SMG list, and possibly new kick patterns for a New SMG Respawn is currently testing. Apex Legends shares the same universe as Titanfall, so weapons in both games are the same. If this datamine is true, the new SMG could possibly be either the fully automatic SMG, CAR, or the energy SMG that emits blue light, VOLT.

CS:GO’s Shattered Web Operation Adds New Agents

A new operation has been released for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Operation Shattered Web is CS:GO’s ninth operation, and it brings new agents, as well as new maps, skins, stickers, and modes. Valve said these new agents are equippable on any map. “All-new CT Operators and T Agents are available as mission progress rewards. Complete missions and earn Stars to unlock them and equip them for deployment. Or equip the default Local Agent or Operator to use the pre-existing map-based characters.” There are a total of 22 unlockable agents.

PUBG’s Loot Box System Gets Overhauled

PUBG Corp is overhauling its loot box system. With the new system, players won’t need keys to unlock crates, instead, players will be able to unlock them using the game’s BP currency. BP is rewarded through gameplay, while crates can also be purchased directly from the Steam Marketplace. PUBG Corp has discussed this new system in detail in a dev letter on its official website.

Original Spintires Game Gets Chernobyl DLC

The original Spintires which released in 2014 is getting its third DLC, Chernobyl. This DLC will have players control a Chernobyl logger who has access to two new vehicles: the B-157 and B-505. The vehicles are equipped with a Geiger-counter which helps them avoid highly-radiated areas. Some landmarks included in the game are Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, Pripyat, Red Forest, Kupsta Lake and the Duga Radar.

Hooreg Parts Ways with Vancouver Titans

The Vancouver Titans announced that they have parted ways with Lee “Hooreg” Dong-eun who was known as a “good luck charm” for teams where he acted as a substitute DPS. “Thank you for bringing us the #ForceOfHooreg this season. Your aim is always true, so we know you’ll shoot for the stars as a coach. We wish you the best in your future career!” Vancouver Titans’ Twitter post reads. Hooreg also announced this news himself on Twitter, and said he is looking for a coaching position within the Overwatch competitive community.

ECS Season 8 Dallas Finals Groups and Schedule Revealed

The list of teams for the upcoming ECS Season 8 Dallas Finals have been named. Group A is made up of AVANGAR, Evil Geniuses, Liquid, and NiP; Group B has Astralis, fnatic, MiBR, and Sharks. These eight teams will battle it out for a chance to win a part of the 500,000 Dollar prize money and the ECS trophy. The ECS Season 8 Dallas takes place November 30th until December 1st at Esports Stadium Arlington in Texas.

Blizzard Hints at Overwatch 2’s Story Length

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan hinted at how long Overwatch 2’s story will be. Speaking to Washington Post, Kaplan explained that he can’t think of an expansion or DLC that is of the same magnitude as Overwatch 2’s story. He didn’t share any concrete details on how big or long the story will be, but he said it will be “a complete story experience like you would expect from any AAA blockbuster game,” and players will get their money’s worth.

Halo: Combat Evolved Beta to Start After the Holidays

Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be releasing Halo: Reach on December 3rd, and 343 Industries said the next one in the collection, Halo: Combat Evolved, will be flighting after the holiday. Community director Brian Jarrard tells PCGamesN, “Once Reach comes out next month, after the holiday, we will start to reset, and we’ll start to flight Halo CE.” Jarrard added that they will just “keep going down the road” until they fill out the rest of the collection.

Railroad Corporation Steps Out From Early Access

After five months in Steam Early Access, Railroad Corporation from developer Corbie Games and publisher Iceberg Interactive has launched as a full game. The game brings players to the Golden Age of Steam. Create your empire by constructing a widely spread transportation network where towns can trade their goods with each other. Expand your operations by acquiring real-estate and so much more.

Sigma Theory Launches on November 21

The turn-based strategy game Sigma Theory from Mi-Close Studio will be launching as a full game on November 21. The game will let players build their own intelligence agency, employ agents, and use them to assassinate, seduce, or even bribe for you to gain world domination. There will be 60 available agents, all of which have their unique skills and traits. Players will have to asses which type of agent is needed for a mission. Sigma Theory is available for PC via Steam for $17.99.

League of Legends Patch 2.23 Announced

New support items are coming to League of Legends. In preparation for season 10, patch 9.23 or also known as preseason 10 will bring a lot of changes to the meta by removing and changing some items, creating new build paths, and having new items as well. The items that are going are Raptor Cloak as well as the items that it builds into, the Ohmwrercker and Zz’Rot Portal are all leaving. Disabling turrets are now only up to the Bard. The complete list of patch notes can be seen on their site.

SuperEpic Launches Next Month

The fast-paced, non-linear, action-adventure game SuperEpic is set to launch on December 12th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The game is developed by Undercoders and published by Numskull Games. Get to save video games as you force your way through the headquarters of the RegnantCorp, a video game development company that is creating free games that are addicting to the citizens. You will play as a raccoon and a llama. There are two game modes to enjoy, cross-media experience, and so much more.

Football Manager 2020 is Now Available

Football Manager 2020 from Sports Interactive and SEGA Europe Ltd has launched on PC and Mac as well as for Stadia. For those who would rather play the game on mobile, the Football Manager 2020 Touch and Football Manager 2020 Mobile has also launched today for the iOS and Android. We will also get to play Football Manager Touch on the Nintendo Switch soon.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Events and Updates Revealed

During the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius’ livestream event, Square Enix announced some in-game promotions, events, as well as updates. There are Black Friday promotions! This will have units like Agent Olive, Doctor Aiden, Mastermind Xon and Operative Zyrus available from November 28th up until December 11th. During this time the Quest for the Chest Event will also be running. By December 5th, you can take on the Trial Boss, The Black Treasure. The full list of activities can be seen on their site.

Possible CS:GO Major 2020 to Happen in Brazil

A CS:GO Major 2020 might happen in Brazil as reported by Jarek “DeKay” Lewis. According to the report, the event will be happening in May 2020. Also, according to DeKay, ESL would want to organize this in Rio de Janeiro and would want to call it ESL One Rio Major. If this pushes through, this will be the seventh Major that ESL will be hosting. As of right now, nothing has been confirmed.

Now Available: Shenmue 3

Deep Silver and YS Net Inc.’s Shenmue 3 has finally launched. To celebrate an Out Now special video trailer has been provided. Get to continue on the story of Ryo Hazuki who journeys deep into rural China. Hazuki is a Japanese teenager who is determined to find out who his father’s killer is. The game offers a story of adventure, friendship, mystery, and martial arts!

Babylon’s Fall is still in Development

Babylon’s Fall which had previously been announced during the E3 2018 conference was said to be coming to PC via Steam and PlayStation 4. The game was said to be developed by PlatinumGames with the publisher as Square Enix. Aside from that information, we don’t know anything else. However, just recently, Yosuke Saito one of Square Enix’ Executive Officers said that Babylon’s Fall is one of the games that he is working on. He added that more news about the game will be available by the end of the year.

Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen is Switching to Cloud9

Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen from TSM is reportedly switching to Cloud9 and the North American organization is said to be finalizing the terms. The report came from ESPN who also said that a $1.5 million buyout of Dignitas’ Philippe “Vulcan” Laflamme for Cloud9’s bottom lane had been done as well. Zven had been with TSM during the 2018 and 2019 seasons, however, during that time the team did not perform well. Zven hopes to have much better success with Cloud9.

The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind Rebirth 5.0 Update Out Now

The complete overhaul of The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind called The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind Rebirth now has it’s 5.0 or Part 2 Final available for download. This new update comes with a lot of changes which include overhauling the Labour Town District in Balmora, the overhaul of Molag Mar as well as the overhaul of Ald Velothi. This also comes with some bug fixes as well as some quality of life improvements. There will also be new items, new weapons, and armor available.

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