Allkeyshop TV News 19 September (Recap)

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League of Legends patch 9.19 Revealed

League of Legends patch 9.19 is now available in the PBE. It comes with some balance changes. Just like the 9.18 patch, there will only be little changes available here. Some skins will be coming with the patch though like that of Hextech Amumu getting a new crafting exclusive skin. There will also be three new entries to the Immortal Journey skins which are the Majestic Empress Morgana, Splendid Staff Nami, and Valiant Sword Riven. This year’s Championship skin is for Ryze.

Dead Spawn to Launch on September 20

YZee Games’ fast-paced arena shoot ’em up game that includes some building mechanics called Dead Spawn is coming to PC via Steam this September 20th. Play with up to four players in local co-op where you are able to build walls and turrets for defense. You can also have a choice of four weapons and four projectiles for your offense. There will be endless waves with enemies being able to drop power-ups when they die. Zones are procedurally generated and there are a total of four biomes.

Assetto Corsa Competizione First Add On Pack is the Intercontinental GT Pack

An add-on pack has been confirmed for Assetto Corsa Competizione and this is actually the very first for the game. The add-on pack is called the Intercontinental GT pack that is dedicated to the Intercontinental GT Challenge. This will come with new tracks like the Suzuka, Mount Panorama, Laguna Seca and the Kyalami plus the South African circuit that has been reproduced faithfully using laserscan technology. Assetto Corsa Competizione is already available for PC via Steam.

Rockstar Games Rolls Out PC Launcher with Free Game

Rockstar Games’ Social Hub on PC has been rebranded and reworked, and is now called Rockstar Games Launcher. It was originally solely dedicated for GTA 5, and now the Launcher has been expanded for other Rockstar games coming to PC. The Rockstar Games Launcher includes features such as cloud saves, two-step verification, a shop, and automatic updates. Players who download the launcher will get a free copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

MediEvil’s Remake Has Gone Gold

Developer Other Ocean Interactive is happy to announce that the remake for MediEvil has now gone gold! The developer shared the good news on its Twitter account, along with a photo of the master disc of the game. The developer’s next step is to send it to pressing factories for the production of the game’s physical copies. The much-awaited remake of the classic PS1 game will be available starting October 25th on the PlayStation 4.

BioWare to Focus on Anthem’s Core Issues, Scraps Original Post-Launch Plans

BioWare is ditching its post-launch content plans for Anthem. The game will now get “seasonal updates” instead of the regular “Acts” the developer planned to release. The first Act was scheduled for release in March, but there have been numerous delays as BioWare struggled to keep up in addressing the game’s issues when it launched. The seasonal updates, according to BioWare, are built around some fun themes they’re bringing to the game, and will “deliver challenges and chases similar to what you’ve seen.”

Overwatch Kicks Off Lego-Themed Event

Overwatch players can unlock a Lego-themed skin for Bastion from now until September 30th, thanks to the Bastion Brick Challenge. The challenge requires players to get nine wins in any mode in order to unlock the skin. Players will also get rewards for every three wins such as Bastion player icons for the first three wins, and new Bastion sprays for the next three. The legendary Bastion Brick Skin will be unlocked after the ninth win.

Gearbox Issues Hotfix for Borderlands 3 Save Data Issues

Borderlands 3 players have reported they have been experiencing cloud save issues, and Gearbox has luckily issued a hotfix for it. Players have reportedly lost progress due to their lost save data, and Epic Games said in a blog post that players should avoid logging in to the same account on different PCs to avoid data being lost. Gearbox also said more fixes are coming soon in order to address all the other issues of the game since it launched.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Cross-Platform Details Revealed

Infinity Ward has published a blog post which provides details on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s cross-platform play. First up, players will need a COD account in order to access cross-play. They also need to opt-in. The game’s cross-play features will allow players to filter matchmaking so they can join controller-only lobbies, or keyboard and mouse-only lobbies. Crossplay will also support all multiplayer modes in Modern Warfare, plus new multiplayer maps, special ops missions, and more will be launched in the future.

Blood and Truth Gets Hard Mode and Skeet Challenges

PS4-exclusive game Blood & Truth has received a new update which adds the new Hard Mode as well as Skeet Challenges among other inclusions. The update adds five Skeet Challenges for players, each one set in different locations and has its own level of difficulty. Hard Mode will allow players to play individual missions with a more challenging level of difficulty, and completing it will reward them with a trophy. They can also opt to complete the game’s story again in New Game+ mode.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta Players Get Free Shotgun

Infinity Ward has announced that players who take part in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta and reach level 10 before the beta ends on September 23rd will receive the Hammer shotgun in Modern Warfare at release. The shotgun will come fully customized with a special grip and a double-silenced short barrel. It is also equipped with holographic sight. The game’s open beta kicks off on September 19th.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Detailed in ViDoc

Bungie as revealed some details for Destiny 2: Shadowkeep ahead of its October 1st release. The said details were revealed during the last ViDoc where a team of developers also disclosed the five-year vision for the action role-playing game. In addition, some very unique features like time travel was were hinted. They also spoke about Nightfall: The Ordeal and some of the Exotic weapon quests that will be soon available. Destiny 2: Shadowkeep will release for the PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia and PC.

Apex Legends New Character Teased

Respawn Entertainment has reportedly dropped a huge teaser signaling the emergence of a new character in Apex Legends. According to the said reports, players who have successfully breached a door to labs have spotted the character-to-be. It is worth noting that Crypto Might not even be the actual name of the potential character but that is what he is being called in Apex Legends’ files. Players reckon the character will be released in Season 3 which is yet to be tagged with an official release date.

Dead by Daylight Gets Stranger Things Crossover

Behaviour Interactive is pleased to announce that the Dead by Daylight Stranger Things crossover update is currently live. Fans of the popular hit Netflix original will tell you of the horrors present in the show and how appropriately they can be represented in this survival horror game. The game now features a few characters from the cast, namely Nancy, Steve, and the dreaded Demogorgon; each with their own set of unique perks. The DLC is available on the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store and Steam.

Risk of Rain 2 Reaches New Roadmap Milestone

Risk of Rain 2 just reached another milestone on its Steam Early Access roadmap. At this juncture, the game is has received a returning survivor from the game’s predecessor, a new stage called Siren’s Call, character skins, Loaders and unlockable skill variants. The update is only out for PC at the moment but it will be available for consoles at a later date. The developers also promise that more skills and skins are will to be added in a future update.

New Red Dead Online Update Includes 10 New Legendary Bounties

Red Dead Online has received a new update that adds some new legendary bounties. These legendary bounties are expected to be released on a weekly basis. In all, there will be 10 more bounties, starting this week with Barbarella Alcazar, the leader of the Del Lobos gang. The said bounties will span five states however, Alcazar is said to be hiding in New Austin. Bring her in alive or dead, but bear in mind that the bounty is reduced should she be deceased upon delivery.

Subnautica: Below Zero Receives New Update

A brand new update has arrived for Subnautica: Below Zero and a new trailer tells of its content. A Humongous ice worm can be spotted in the trailer, borrowing through the sub-zero terrain only to explosively emerge once more. The trailer also brandishes interesting new areas like Frozen Creature Site, Arctic Spires and Lilypad Islands. In addition, the game’s main story has been expanded with new, text-only dialogue. Subnautica: Below Zero is currently available on Steam for PC.

Mondo Museum a Management Game to Launch by 2020

From the developer Viewport Games and publisher Kitfox Games comes a management simulator game called Mondo Museum. Players will be curating their very own museum looking over the exhibits, theatres as well as gift shops. You can choose to have a history museum or a science museum having more than one hundred items that are available for display. The visitors as well as the staff like the researchers and conservators should be managed too. Mondo Museum is set to launch by 2020.

League of Legends is Turning 10 on October

League of Legends is celebrating its 10th year anniversary next month and it is still one of the biggest PC games in the world. The game still reaches eight million concurrent players in a day around the globe. To celebrate their 10 years in the industry, Riot will hold some livestreams as well as other events on October 15. One of which is the Riot Pls which will be at 6 PM PST on that day. The stream will share some amazing League moments, plans for the future as well as the next big content update.

The Division 2 Update 6 Now Live on PTS

Update 6 is inbound for The Division 2 and Ubisoft has routinely released the full patch notes. You can visit the games official website to view the full patch notes and or experience the changes on the game’s PTS where phase one of the update is currently live. This first of 2 phases targets Loot and Dark Zone while the second phase will be focusing on new exotics, balancing and bug fixing. Phase 2 commences on the 24th of this month and the PTS phase concludes on October 1st.

Encased Steam Early Access Date Announced

Dark Crystal Games is elated to announce that their Sci-Fi post-apocalyptic RPG Encased, will be available on Steam Early Access in the coming week. More specifically, September 26 is the date at which you can become immersed in the story of a disastrous research project inside an anomalous zone. The developer has not divulged how long the Early Access period will last but they will greatly appreciate and welcome all constructive participation and support.

Skateboarding Sim Session Available on Early Access

A new skateboarding sim called Session is now available on Steam Early Access. The game offers a skateable environment that is in a 1:1 scale of New York and mainly concentrating on lower Manhattan. Players are able to skate on iconic spots like the Brooklyn Banks that surround the Financial District. Session will have true stance-stick controls which means that each stick will control one foot. There will also be an extended video editor and more. Session will launch by 2020.

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