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Stardew Valley Update Now Available for Consoles

The massive update for Stardew Valley that launched for PC last November is now available for consoles’ PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. The update is known as 1.4 and it brings a lot of changes to the game which includes new monsters, fish ponds, and also an end-game mystery that players are able to solve. The update also comes with a lot of bug fixes as well as quality of life improvements.

Pokemon Go Buddy System Update Announced

A new update for Pokemon Go will be improving the buddy system of the game. There will be more benefits for both the players and their Pokemon. Players are able to level up their friendship with their Pokemon by feeding them berries as well as playing with them. Players are able to play with their Pokemon with the AR+ mode. The Pokemon will interact differently depending on the action done. AR photos can also be taken together via the Shared AR Experience mode. No launch date available as of yet.

FF7 Remake New Screenshots Introduces New Character Roche

Square Enix was able to share new screenshots for their upcoming game, Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The images shared are for the first episode of the game, as it will be a multi-part game. We get to see the expanded areas of Midgar as well as a look at a new character that will be debuting in the game. There are a lot of recognizable faces as well as some revamped characters like that of president Shinra and Heidegger his right-hand man. The new character mentioned is a 3-C Soldier named Roche.

Overcooked 2 Winter Wonderland Update Out Now

A new update is now available for Overcooked 2 and it offers a great way to celebrate the holidays. The update is called Winter Wonderland and it gives players a tour of the features of the game’s paid DLCs that were available last year which were Campfire Cook Off, Night of the Hangry Horde, and Carnival of Chaos. There will be five new kitchens, two new chefs, five seasonal recipes and a legion of hungry cookies and candy canes. This festive update is now available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

Call of Duty: Moden Warfare New Update Now Live

The first season of content updates for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is here. This includes the new Cranked game mode, new maps, a new operator as well as a new Special Ops co-op missions. The new maps are Shipment which has 6 versus 6 and Gunfight modes and Vacant which is exclusively 6 versus 6. The new operator is named Nikito and he is joining the Allegiance faction. The new spec ops missions include Operation Strongbox, Classic Special Ops Disinform and Classic Special Ops Bomb Squad.

Warcraft 3: Reforged Launch Date Moved to January 2020

Warcraft 3: Reforged delayed to January 28, 2020. The game was first announced during BlizzCon 2018 with a launch date of 2019, but it will miss that date by only a few weeks. Reforged has been announced to be Warcraft 3 built from the ground up with brand new animations and art. The game will come with the Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos campaign as well as The Frozen Throne expansion having 60 more missions across seven single-player campaigns. Warcraft 3: Reforged is now available for pre-purchase.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Paid DLCs Revealed

The winner of the Best Family Game at The Game Awards – Luigi’s Mansion 3 is getting paid DLCs for its ScareScraper and ScreamPark modes. Part one will arrive on April 30, 2020, and it will come with three costumes for Luigi in the ScareScraper mode plus three new floor themes. Three new games will also come to ScreamPark which will be announced at a later time. Part two of the multiplayer pack is set to launch by July 31, 2020, which will have more costumes, floor themes, and mini-games.

Balsa Model Flight Simulator to Launch Summer of 2020

From the makers of Kerbal Space Program Felipe “HarvesteR” Falanghe comes a new game called the Balsa Model Flight Simulator. Players are able to construct different models that are highly detailed as well as an option to make their own designs. Once the planes are finished, there will be multiple challenge modes that include checkpoint flights as well as dogfighting. A campaign mode and a sandbox mode is also available. Balsa Model Flight Simulator is set to launch in the summer of 2020.

Garry’s Mod is Now 15 Years Old

Garry’s Mod is now 15 years old, and since its release there have been 233 million baddies killed, 124 million goodies killed, 88 million bystanders killed and 34 million balls eaten. The figures given were revealed by Facepunch Studios. Also, since the game’s launch in 2006 it has already sold more than 15 million copies which is an amazing feat. The game is currently at a discount on Steam as well as the other games from Facepunch like Rust and Chippy and Clatter.

Apex Legends Global Series Announced

The new Apex Legends Global Series has been announced by Electronic Arts and it is set to start next year. The tournament will see players from around the world all fighting to win the prize pool of $3 million USD. The competition is available to everybody, granting that they meet the eligibility requirements. There will be regional Challenger Events, global Premier Events and the Global Series Majors. Throughout the year there will be four Majors. Registration is set for early January.

The Forgotten City Delayed

The standalone game based on the award-winning Skyrim called The Forgotten City was expected to launch sometime this year. However, given the date now, and with no new information about the game’s launch, we are sure that the game will be delayed. Developer Modern Storyteller announced that a deal had been signed with Dear Villagers which would give the game “entirely updated visuals, new setting and story, [and] professionally voice-acted characters” which means a lengthy delay is at hand.

Risk of Rain 2 New Update Hidden Realms Out Now

A new Risk of Rain 2 update has been launched and it is called the Hidden Realms update. This new update came with additional level layouts, nine new items, dedicated servers as well as a playable lizard-dog. The two new hidden realms that are added to the game are Void Fields and Secret Hidden Realm, the added survivor is Acrid a melee-range hybrid, there are also three skill variants which are Rex Utility, Loader Utility and Acrid Utility. The complete patch notes are available in their Steam page.

Classic Point-and-Click Adventure Blade Runner Now Available on GOG

The Westwood classic adventure Blade Runner is now available on GOG. There had been a scarcity of the game’s physical copies due to some technical and legal complications which had been now resolved. Get to play as detective Ray McCoy and solve puzzles in a neo-noir LA. The game plays like a traditional point-and-click which also involves chatting with lots of people around the city. Also, offering a non-linear story with a unique experience. Blade Runner is 10% off on GOG right now.

Borderlands 3 Available in Google Stadia

Borderlands 3 is now available in Google Stadia. However, there is a catch, the version of the game that is available in the Google streaming platform is not at par with the current version available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Right now, the Stadia version is a few updates behind, which means that it is missing a few features like the increase in bank size as well as the Mayhem 4 difficulty level. Gearbox is hoping for the game to be the same with the other platforms by early 2020.

Fortnite Update Brings Battle Lab

Fortnite was able to get an update which is patch v11.31 available now on all platforms. One notable thing about this update is the introduction of the Battle Lab. This is a custom mode creator that lets players come up with their own rules. Players are able to modify parameters like gravity, or like the things that we see during Limited Time Modes. The creators will have their own island to experiment on and are able to invite up to 15 friends in a locally-hosted version.

Total War: Three Kingdoms Mandate of Heaven DLC Announced

Creative Assembly’s Total War: Three Kingdoms is getting a new DLC called Mandate of Heaven. This will depict the struggles between the Han Empire led by Liu Hong and the Yellow Turbans led by Zhang Jue. The update also comes with 40 new units. Also, a free update will be arriving with this paid DLC which will have QOL improvements and “free-LC” Tao Qian. Total War: Three Kingdoms – Mandate of Heaven will be launching on January 16th, 2020, and is now available for pre-order on Steam.

Horror Adventure Hellseed Revealed

The very first game from Profenix Studio SRLS called Hellseed is now in development. The game is a first-person horror adventure with puzzles and action elements. It is also being created with the S2 ENGINE HD. Hellseed is set in Italy in the 1980s. Players will take on the role of a detective in search of a missing doctor at a psychiatric hospital. Hellseed will be episodic, with its chapter one set to launch on Steam Early Access by October 2020.

Ironsight Finally Comes to Steam

The free-to-play sci-fi military shooter Ironsight is finally coming to Steam. The game has been in open beta at since February 2018. With the game coming to Steam, it also comes with a major content update. This will add two new maps which are Station and Discovery. A new weapon is also available which is the Type 89 Assault Rifle as well as the Fly Trap drone. A new mode had been added which is the Capture the Flag mode. Ironsight is now listed on Steam.

2020 League of Legends Championship Series will have a Three-Day Week

The 2020 League of Legends Championship Series Spring Split will have a different schedule as announced by Riot Games. Traditionally, the LCS had only been played during Saturdays and Sundays but by 2020, it will now be a three-day week in order to promote the Academy league. The Academy league will be played on Mondays and there will be two games only. As for the Saturday and Sunday games, there will be four for each day. Each of the LCS teams will play two games a week.

The Legend of Heroes: Hajimari no Kiseki Announced for the PS4

Falcom President Toshihiro Kondo has shared some details about The Legend of Heroes: Hajimari no Kiseki for the PlayStation 4. This is a brand new game that will be launching in Japan in the Summer of 2020. The game will have three different protagonists who are nicknamed ‘The Hero’, ‘The Liberator’, and ‘The Hermit’. The game will have a ‘Cross Story’ system between the three characters having different viewpoints for each.

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners Editions Revealed

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners editions has been revealed. If you buy just the base version of the game it will only cost around $39.99 USD, pre-ordering this will come with a special revolver called The Sheriff. The Tourist Edition for $49.99 USD will have the game, multiple crafting recipes for weapons, and bustomization voodoo dolls. The third edition is the Tower Edition for $149.99 USD has everything in the Tourist edition plus a backpack, magnetic camping lantern, concept art and more.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Update Now Available

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has a new update available which improves combat and fixes stability issues. According to the release notes, the patch will come with fixes for multiple collisions across both Zeffo and Bogano. It also has general stability improvements. The update also makes Cal more responsive during combat. The issue with the ledge grabs behaving incorrectly has been fixed as well. To check out the complete patch notes, you can go to the game’s official website.

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