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Black Ops 4 Gets Its First Patch

The very first patch for Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has been released and it uncaps the framerate of the Blackout mode. The patch also fixes the issue where some new players were not able to get a default Calling Card during the initial boot. The animation for the health bar when taking in damage has also been improved and in general, the game’s stability and crash fixes have been done. To get the complete patch notes you can go to the game’s official site.

Agony Unrated Mysteriously Appears on Steam

The Unrated version of Agony has suddenly popped up on Steam, even though developer Madmind Studios has made no announcements about the title. What’s more is, creative producer Tomasz Dutkiewicz is listed as both developer and publisher. The listing also shows that the game is due out on October 31st. Agony Unrated was cancelled back in June with Madmind saying that they’ve run into financial problems. If this new listing is true, the fans will be pleasantly surprised.

New PUBG Anti-Cheat System Can Permanently Ban Players’ PC

PUBG is getting a new anti-cheat system and it has the ability to permanently ban your PC if you were found guilty of using hacks. Previously, cheaters that were caught would only have an account ban. However, with the new anti-cheat system players would receive a permanent ban on their account plus the PC that they were using when they were caught cannot be used for the game anymore. Xbox One cheaters would only get a permanent ban.

The Waylanders Launches Kickstarter Campaign

The Kickstarter campaign has started for the time-traveling fantasy RPG called The Waylanders. The game is from the development team Gato Salvaje Studios who is helped by former Bioware lead Mike Laidlaw as their creative consultant. The amount that the game is trying to reach is $150,000 and they promise to give players an engaging narrative that has impactful character development, a deep technical combat system, a unique romance option and time travels between the Celtic and Medieval eras.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Gets New Patch

The fourth PC patch for Shadow of the Tomb Raider has been released by Nixxes and it has fixes for some visual artifacts, stability and functionality. The patch does fix the issue that prevents players from getting 100% completion. It also fixes the collectible statistics in the UI as some users have incorrect information. The problem causing Dolby Atmos to not activate correctly on some PC setups has been fixed as well. The patch notes are quite short, you can check it out on their official page.

Hirpes Revealed as One of the Enemies in Assassin’s Creed Origins

A new enemy has been introduced for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and it is Hirpes. She is part of the Mercenary system. She will wander the map and will be coming after you if by chance you get a bounty on your head. There are a lot of mercenaries but Hirpes is the most special of them all. She is described at the cruelest. When she knocks her victims down, she ties them to a log and then cut them, pour salt on their wounds then get them ready for the flames. She is so twisted that she loves the screams.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Hans Capon DLC Out Now

The newest DLC for Kingdom Come Deliverance is out now! The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon will let players go on an adventure with Sir Hans Capon as he attempts to woo the love of his life. Players will take on the role of Cyrano, Hans Capon’s wingman. The DLC comes with some quests which may require players to invade bandit camps and perform other quests along the way in the name of friendship.

Sonic Colors May Be Coming to PC

Sonic Colors may be coming to PC. This was hinted by an artwork for Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog sale on Steam. Someone with the Twitter handle Tracker_TD spotted this and posted about it. According to the post, it appears like the game will be coming to Steam as it is included in the artwork. Sega is yet to comment on this news. Sonic Colors is currently available on the Nintendo Wii, and it also has a Nintendo DS version.

The Quiet Man Will Get a Sound and Speech Update After Launch

The Quiet Man whose protagonist is a deaf guy named Dane, was supposed to be a soundless game as players are supposed to experience it through a deaf person’s perspective. However, once you finish the game, the second playthrough will be introducing sound with the new free update that will be released a week after the game’s launch. The game will also come in 29 available languages. Also, in other news the theme song of the game called “The Quiet” is performed by singer-songwriter Imogen Heap.

Iron Danger Calling for Closed Alpha Sign-Ups

Applications for the closed alpha test for Action Squad Studios’ upcoming tactical RPG Iron Danger is now open. Full details on how to send in applications are available in the company’s Discord. The alpha test is planned to begin by the end of this month, and will last for two weeks. The company is looking to get feedback from players during the closed alpha. They added that they will only be giving access to a limited number of people. Iron Danger will be released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2019.

Generation Zero Closed Beta Will Start This Week

Generation Zero is having their closed beta this week starting at 9 AM CEST on October 18th. The Official Generation Zero Beta Kickoff Stream, on the other hand, will start at 4 PM CEST on the same day. This will run until October 22nd 9 AM CEST. The keys for the beta will be distributed on or after the stated start time. Those who missed out but would still want to join could do so as other keys will be made available by following the game’s social media channels or by watching their live stream.


Black Ops 4 Update Increases Duos Player Count to 100

The latest Call of Duty Black Ops 4 update has made a number of changes and brought major crash fixes to the game. Duos now supports 100 players in Blackout, while player count has gone down to 88 in quads. Duos supported 88 players while quads supported 100 at launch. The featured playlist has been changed to 100-player duos and TDM playlists now support 6-player parties. As mentioned, there’s also a decent serving of crash fixes, with PC players getting the lion’s share.

Call of Cthulhu Gets New Preview Trailer

Call of Cthulhu just released a new trailer called Preview to Madness. If the trailer is any indication, this game will most definitely not be suited for the faint of heart. The game follows the adventures of private detective Edward Pierce as he tries to solve the mystery behind the unusual death of the Hawkins Family. Things soon take a turn for the worse when insanity and madness start creeping in. Call of Cthulhu launches on October 30th for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Overwatch Pink Mercy Campaign Raises Over 12 Million Dollars

Overwatch in partnership with Breast Cancer Research Foundation or BCRF held their first charity event and it was for the Pink Mercy skin. It was a limited-time exclusive skin that was available earlier in the year. The sales of the charity skin was able to raise $12.7 million which is the biggest donation ever made in a single year within BCRF’s 25-year history by a corporate partner. The money will be used to support research “into understanding, preventing and treating breast cancer”.

AVARIA Launches on Steam This November

Fans of earlier Final Fantasy games will surely welcome this upcoming tactical RPG from Juncture Media. The game is called AVARIA and it is inspired by earlier Final Fantasy games. It will be released in the form of two different games: the first one is called AVARIAvs which is a turn-based versus game. It will be having a final closed beta for Kickstart backers from October 19th until the 21st. It will be releasing via Steam on November 8th. The second game is yet to be announced.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Metacritic Reviews Will Be Available October 25th

Metacritic has revealed just when the review embargo for Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption 2 will end. In a recent tweet, the review aggregator stated that reviews will start popping up on October 25th at 12PM BST or 1PM CEST. Metacritic also mentioned that the first game scored a solid 95 on both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, so it’ll be interesting to see how the second installment will fare. Red Dead Redemption 2 is set to launch on October 26th for Xbox One and PS4.

PUBG Releases Halloween-Themed Trailer, Possibly for Halloween Event

It looks like PUBG is gearing up for what looks like a Halloween event. The game’s official Twitter account posted a nine-second clip that shows a Pennywise-like clown and a nightmarish nurse reminiscent of those in Silent Hill chasing a player around in some sort of dark facility. The Tweet also says, “Beware… Halloween approaches.” It’s just a teaser for now but it’ll be exciting to see what Brendan Greene and the team will have in store for their players.

Darksiders 3 Playtime Will Be Over 15 Hours Long

The hack-n-slash action adventure game, Darksiders 3 will have players take the role of Fury with the task to take down the Seven Deadly Sins. The game will be launching in about a month and THQ Nordic’s Reinhard Pollice, the Business & Product Development Director of the game confirms that Darksiders 3 would be playable at around 15 hours plus on average which is similar to the very first Darksiders game. Darksiders 3 will launch on November 27 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Spider-Man’s New Game+ Mode Has Been Delayed

Insomniac’s Spider-Man won’t be getting its New Game+ mode anytime soon, as the company announced it will be delayed yet again along with the Ultimate Difficulty mode. The company clarified on Twitter that reports of the New Game+ Mode and the Ultimate Difficulty mode coming out October 17th are not true, and that these two are still marked as “coming soon.” The game’s Heist DLC is still on schedule and will be released October 23rd.

Sean Bean is Hitman 2’s Elusive Target #1

Hitman 2 won’t be releasing until November 13th, and IO Interactive has started announcing the first Elusive Target who is none other than Sean Bean. In the game, Bean plays as Mark Faba with the nickname “The Undying” who was an ex-MI5 agent and has become an assassin. IO Interactive is yet to announce when the first Elusive Target mission will start. Elusive Targets are limited-time missions where players need to eliminate a single target within a set amount of time, and a few clues.

Steam Gets Over 45 Million Active Users Daily

In an update posted by Steam detailing improved support for Spanish and the addition of Vietnamese support on the platform, Valve has inadvertently revealed the current number of daily users on the platform. The FAQ section for game developers said that Steam has “45 million daily active users”. That’s definitely an impressive number, with a 12 million increase from when Valve last disclosed that they had 33 million people logging onto the platform everyday back in August 2017.

Rocket League’s Cross-Play Feature Delayed Again

The previously announced online cross-play for Rocket League has been delayed yet again. It has been several years now since talks about the game having a cross-play option was set but unfortunately it will be delayed once again to 2019. The delay was due to the proposed system for the RocketID which will make it possible for friends to play together across the different platforms that they have. Whether the game will get the full cross-play option is yet to be seen. Fingers crossed!

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