Allkeyshop TV News 18 August (Recap)

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The Bard’s Tale Will Lower Its Price for Steam and GOG Wishlists

inXile Entertainment was able to launch a unique marketing strategy for their upcoming game The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep by asking users to add the game to their Steam and GOG wishlists. So this, of course, is a cumulative initiative. At 100,000 wishlists, the torch from The Darkest Dungeon will be added to the game. At 300,000 there is a permanent price drop from $40 to $30 for the game. At 500,000 the game will permanently drop to $30 and the add-on called The Haernhold is available for free.

Warframe Gets Fighting Game Mode

Digital Extremes’ free-to-play third-person shooter Warframe is getting a free arcade fighting game called Frame Fighter. This is a mini-game where you would have to visit Cephalon Simaris and by getting the Ludoplex. Players will be able to choose between Excalibur, Volt, and Mag Warframes as characters. Each one is equipped with unique abilities. Other Frame Fighters can be unlocked by gathering Fragments through out Warframe. Other mini-games are also available in the game.

Battlefield 5 Battle Royale Mode Hinted

The Battlefield 5 Gamescom trailer includes a sneak peek at the game’s battle royale mode. The mode was shown towards the end of the trailer. As the trailer suggests, the game’s battle royale mode will include a ring of fire which slowly closes in on players. The reveal of Battlefield 5’s battle royale is quite similar to how it was revealed on Call of Duty Black Ops 4’s multiplayer trailer. At this year’s EA Play at E3, EA announced that the battle royale mode will come to the game after launch.

Road Redemption Heads to Consoles

Road Rash-inspired motorcycle brawler Road Redemption is heading to consoles on Fall of this year, specifically on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The console port will retain all the features from its PC version. It includes a full campaign mode with support for four-player split screen. It also includes an online multiplayer component. The PC version is available on Steam.

Hitman 2 Shows You How to Hitman

A new video called Hitman: Immersion has been shared by Io Interactive and it will give fans an idea on how players can blend into the crowd with the different personalities that is populated by the game’s AI. Hitman 2 has been announced in June and it features new locations and experiences like the Sniper Assassin mode. A co-op feature will also be available where players can work with others online. Hitman 2 launches on November 13 available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Black Ops 4, Destiny 2, Sekiro, Playable at Gamescom

Activision has revealed the games they will be showcasing in the upcoming Gamescom 2018. On August 21st, Tuesday, four titles will be playable during the event: Call of Duty Black Ops 4, Destiny 2: Forsaken, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and Spyro Reignited Trilogy. The first three will be playable at Activision B2C booth in Hall 7.1. The publisher also promised that they will be sharing news and announcements during the event.

Realm Royale Lost 93% of Player Base

Hi-Rez Studio’s battle royale game called Realm Royale had a player drop of around 93%. Realm Royale had concurrent players peaking at 105,000 and is now left with around 3,000 currently active. That number is still enough to fill in a 100 man match but the decline could still spell trouble for the game. The cause of the decline is said to be because the game is unbalanced. It looks like the only thing retaining the interest of players is the 100,000-Dollar tournament for the game featuring Twitch’s NINJA.

Rainbow Six Siege Has Confirmed Its New Attacker Maverick

Ubisoft has confirmed that Maverick is the newest attacker on Rainbow Six Siege. There’s still very little information about him, but what we know so far is that it appears his gadget can cut small pieces out of walls so players can take a peek thorugh it and rain bullets on unsuspecting enemy players. His weapons are not confirmed yet, although Rainbow Six Esports Brazil has hinted that his primary weapon may be some sort of heavy assault rifle. Maverick is expected to be included in the game’s Grim Sky update.

Faction Abilities Can Change During a Game in Total War Three Kingdoms

Creative Assembly’s senior designer, Leif Walter said that in Total War: Three Kingdoms, the abilities of your factions will change during the game. It will all depend on how you evolve your characters in the faction and who among them becomes prominent in the realm and that is what will shape your faction. This gives variety to the game, Walter said. No other details were shared about that for now. Total War: Three Kingdoms is scheduled to release by Spring next year.

Super Neptunia RPG Delayed

Side-scrolling role-playing game Super Neptunia RPG’s release has been delayed. The game was originally scheduled for release this coming Fall, but now it has been moved to Spring of 2019 for North America and Europe. The game features a newly-developed 2D character that sets out to explore dungeons. Players can also play with up to 4 party members. It also features all-new 2D art and gorgeous animations.

For Honor Kicks Off Season 7 Event

For Honor’s Season 7 event has been revealed! The 7th season is called For Honor Season VII: Storm and Fury, and its in-game event, Reigning Inferno has already begun. Reigning Inferno will run until August 30th. This event will introduce players to a new exclusive game mode called Infernal Dominion, and it will also include exclusive rewards. Players on the Xbox One can get For Honor on Games with Gold from August 16th until September 15th.


Resident Evil 2 UK Collector’s Edition Includes a 12-Inch Leon Figurine

Capcom has revealed that the Resident Evil 2 remake will also be releasing a Collector’s Edition in the UK. The limited edition will be available for Xbox One and PS4 and includes a 12-inch Leon figurine, a Raccoon Police Station poster, an artbook, a set of police station keys, the soundtrack CD, and a Made in Heaven pin. It also packs some digital goodies including an “Original version soundtrack swap” and a few extra costumes for both Leon and Claire. The Collector’s Edition will sell for a whopping £230.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Console Features Revealed

Bandai Namco has just released a new trailer for the upcoming console release of Divinity Original Sin 2. The trailer details what players can expect when they step into the game’s world. Players have the choice of creating a custom character or picking one of 6 pre-made ones, each with their own backstory. The trailer also showcases a few of the different ways players can approach challenges and overcome threats. Divinity Original Sin 2 launches on Xbox One and PS4 come August 31st.

Hollow Knight’s Gods and Glory Update Renamed to Godmaster

Free Content Pack #4 for popular indie metroidvania Hollow Knight has been given a new name. Formerly known as Gods & Glory, the update will now be called Godmaster. The name change seems to have been prompted by conflicts with the title of a mobile game from “a very large, very powerful video game company”. Given that Australia-based developer Team Cherry is just a small indie outfit, the name change may be for the best. The Godmaster update will be hitting PC, Mac, Linux and Switch come August 23rd.

Artifact to Debut at PAX West

Valve has announced that they’ll be debuting their new Dota-based card game, Artifact, at this year’s Pax West. Those attending the event will be able to sample the unique mechanics of the digital card game and earn themselves some Artifact merchandise. Participants can get to take home “signed prints of artwork and two keys for free copies of the game when it is released”. Players will get access to 4 pre-built decks, each one themed around a certain style of play. You can view the decks on Artifact’s official site.

Adventure Game “Another Sight” Gets PC Release Date

Story-rich adventure game Another Sight now has a confirmed release date for PC. Developer Lunar Great Wall has announced that the game will be launching on Steam on September 6th, with console releases for Xbox One, PS4 and Switch to follow later this year. The game follows the story of the unlikely pair of a blind girl and a mysterious cat as they brave the fantastic world hidden under the streets of London. If that setting sounds familiar, its because the game is inspired by Neil Gaiman’s novel, Neverwhere.

Rage 2 Players are Free to Explore Its Five Biomes

When id Software and Avalanche Studios’ open-world shooter, Rage 2, launches, players will have complete control over the pace of the game. As soon as the introduction is completed, players are free to explore the game’s 5 biomes, each one oozing with personality and color. Players can choose to rush through the main story quests or indulge themselves in the world’s side activities. What’s more is players can jump right back into the world even after they finish the main story.

Far Cry 5’s Dead Living Zombies DLC Release Date Announced

Far Cry 5’s third DLC called Dead Living Zombies will be released on August 28th, and a teaser trailer was shared about it. Players will be working with Guy Marvel who is a D-tier film director with a vision for an epic zombie saga. He will be taking you through seven maps and scenarios, one of which is a version of Romeo & Juliet but in a world full of zombies. Romeo will be “a mashup of all the monsters that you can think of”. Once completed, you will unlock the Score Attack mode for the main campaign.

PUBG Throwback Brings Players Back to Early Access Days

The latest PUBG event mode will be bringing players back to the game’s early access days. It is called Early Access Memories, and it recreates the early days of the game for its players. The old loot system will be making a comeback as well as care packages that have the Kar98k and Tommy Guns. Level 3 helmets can also be seen all throughout the map. This event is now live and will end on Sunday, August 19th at 7 PM PT or 10 PM ET. You can go to the game’s site for the full details of the event.

New Team Sonic Racing Characters Revealed

Team Sonic Racing has revealed three more characters from the Sonic universe that will be added to the roster! The reveal was done via a tweet revealing Blaze the Cat, Vector the Crocodile and Silver the Hedgehog coming into the kart racer. They will be joining Sonic, Knuckles, Amy Rose and Big the Cat in the game. Get ready to race with your favorite Sonic characters! Team Sonic Racing will be launching by December this year and will come to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Burnout Paradise Remastered PC Launches on August 21st

The PC version of Burnout Paradise Remastered finally has a release date. Criterion Games announced that the PC version will be launching on August 21st. The console versions were launched earlier in March. For members of Origin Access and Origin Premier, they can already download and play the game right now. Access members can play for up to 10 hours while Origin Premier members will have unlimited access. This will also include all the free updates previously launched for the game.

Epic Games Switch Fortnite Sniper Shootout From Solos to Duos

Fortnite’s Limited Time Mode Sniper Shootout, which pits snipers with other snipers, has gotten a new change from Solos to Duos. The mode was first introduced in March. Here, the only weapons that are dropped are sniper rifles. The kill and death stats are tracked and the loot spawns are reduced in half. A new assault rifle has also been added: the Heavy Sniper which has a damage of 150/157 to opponents and 1050/1100 to structures. The downside to this is that the reload time is a little slower.

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