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The Bard’s Tale 4 Director’s Cut Launches in August

Microsoft has announced that The Bard’s Tale 4 is getting a Director’s Cut, and it’s coming next month. The Bard’s Tale 4: Director’s Cut will be available starting August 27th for PC and Xbox One players with an Xbox Game Pass. For those who are not subscribed, the digital copy of Director’s Cut will be available the same day, while retail copies will be available starting September 6th. The Bard’s Tale 4: Director’s Cut adds a new endgame, new weapons, more class and gender options, and many more.

Borderlands 3 Won’t Have Cross-Play at Launch

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has confirmed that Borderlands 3 won’t be having cross-platform support when it launches on September 13th. The much-requested feature, however, will still be coming to the game but after launch. Pitchfor explained, “To be clear, there will not be any cross-play functionality in Borderlands 3 at launch as we work closely with our partners to create a positive cross-play experience as soon as practicable… We are committed to cross-play on as many platforms as possible.”

Madden 20 Ratings Revealed

EA has revealed the ratings for all teams and players in Madden NFL 20. Overall, the highest-rated team are the Philadelphia Eagles with a rating of 89, while the lowest-rating team are the Miami Dolphins with 74. The full breakdown of team and player ratings are posted at EA’s website. Madden 20 ratings are determined by EA’s Andre Weingarten and Dustin Smith. Madden NFL 20 launches August 2nd on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

NBA 2K20’s Top-Rated Players Have Been Named

NBA 2K20 has unveiled its player ratings, with LeBron James emerging as the highest-rated player with an overall rating of 97. James shares the same rating with Kawahi Leonard who sits on the second spot. Coming in on third is Giannis Antetokounmpo with 96, followed by Kevin Durant and James Harden at 4th and 5th spots respectively, also with a rating of 96 each. NBA 2K20 launches in September.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Gunfight Mode Details Revealed

Infinity Ward has shared details on one of the multiplayer modes in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The mode is called Gunfight, and it is a 2-versus-2 last-man-standing mode. In Gunfight, everyone has the same random loadout for each round, and rounds last for 40 seconds each. The last team standing wins. When only one player for each team remain after 40 seconds, a flag spawns in the middle of the map, and the player who gets to it first should defend it for three seconds, and a point will be awarded for the round. First team with 6 points wins.

Super Mario Maker 2 Still on Top of UK Sales Chart

Super Mario Maker 2 is still sitting at the top of the UK Sales Charts! The game is joined by other racing games Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled, F1 2019, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on second, third and fourth places respectively. Completing the top 5 is Dragon Quest Builders 2. The top-selling games list is courtesy of UKIE and GfK Chart-Track, and does not include digital sales data.

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan Multiplayer Modes Revealed

Supermassive Games has revealed The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan’s multiplayer modes. The game has a co-op mode called “Shared Story Mode” which will allow players to go through the game’s narrative together. Another mode is available for up to four players and it is called “Movie Night.” This mode works with a pass-the-controller style gameplay where each player picks one character each.

Detective RPG Disco Elysium Announced

Developer ZA/UM has unveiled its role-playing game Disco Elysium. Previously, the game’s release date was unknown, but recently the developers updated the game’s Steam page, with the game’s release pointing to “the end of the year.” Disco Elysium will let players play as “a disgraced lieutenant detective in Revachol West.” Gameplay includes chasing down leads, interrogating suspects, and unraveling the city’s mysteries among others.

Dota Underlords Datamine Reveals New Heroes

Valve News Network has revealed that a datamine of Dota Underlords’ latest patch has revealed that new heroes are coming to the game. These heroes are from Dota 2, as the datamine shows references, skins, and models for these heroes. 16 of them have been found in the datamine, and they are: Chen, Clinkz, Dark Seer, Dazzle, Earthshaker, Pangolier, Riki, Rubick, Spectre, Storm Spirit, Sven, Undying, Vengeful Spirit, Weaver, and Zeus.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Legend of CaoCao (Tactics) Coming to PC

Nexon is proud to bring Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Legend of CaoCao (Tactics) to PC! The game will be available through Steam or Nexon Launcher starting July 24th. For players who want to get a headstart in the game, Nexon is opening a pre-registration event until July 23rd at 6PM PT. Players can register at Nexon’s website, and those who successfully do so will receive “a reward in the in-game mailbox by July 25.”

DC Universe Online Makes Its Public Debut at SDCC

Daybreak Games has announced that they will be showcasing DC Universe Online for Nintendo Switch at the San Diego Comic-Con happening from July 17th until the 21st. Attendees will be able to get a chance to try the game as Daybreak is hosting a hands-on throughout the event. DC Universe Online is a traditional action-based MMO featuring fast-paced combat and an interactive physics system. It also promises to bring fans’ favorite DC Comics characters to life, and even allows them to create their own superheroes.

PES 2020 Gets Juventus Exclusively and FIFA 20 Gets Piemonte Calcio

Konami’s PES 2020 previously had generic teams in the game but recently is getting some licensing done. The first that we heard about is for the Manchester United who they were able to sign with. And this time, they were able to get Italian super club Juventus. Not only that, they were also able to sign them up as an exclusive, meaning no other games can use their name, crest, and stadium. The FIFA franchise who previously had Juventus was forced to rename the team in their game to Piemonte Calcio.

World-Building Adventure Boundless Adds Farming

The sandbox MMO Boundless is getting the Harvest Era update where farming is introduced to the game. Players will now be able to cultivate crops for their settlements. With this new system, inorganic materials can also be created like fuel. Goo Farming techniques are also available where players are able to make Goo Pigment in order to use in Color Sprays that can be used on their builds. A lot of factors should be taken into account when you create your farms like location, irrigation and the like.

Super Monkey Ball HD will be Launching for PC, PS4, and Switch

Now officially announced by SEGA, Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD will be arriving to consoles and PC. This was first revealed when a Taiwanese rating board shared that the game was in development. The game will not be entirely new and it will actually be a remake of the Wii exclusive Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz of 2006. The game is set to launch on October 29 and it will come with upgraded graphics as well as an optimized control scheme for each platform that it will be available on.

Console Release Date for Tropico 6 Announced

The long wait for Tropico 6 for consoles won’t be that long anymore, well only a bit long since a launch date had been shared for it. The console release which is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One was delayed multiple times and the final date given is September 27th. For those playing on Xbox One, you are able to try the game out on the Game Preview which had just received some bug fixes as well as added the map generator in a major update. The PC version of the game had been available since March 29.

New Total War: Three Kingdoms Patch Revealed

Total War: Three Kingdoms will be getting a new update which will make the game 1.1.1, however, it is still in its beta form. The patch has fixes for the issues of the game that had been available since the game’s launch. There will also be some quality-of-life features added. First in the update is the ability for players to view the family tree of any faction. This is very convenient for arranged marriages and managing spies. Also the “marriage for income” exploit has been fixed as well.

Red Alert Remastered Shared First Look at new Tesla Tank

The Command and Conquer: Tiberian Dawn Remastered, and the Red Alert Remastered, are currently being worked on by Petroglyph and EA. They still have a long way to go in making the campaigns available but producer Jim Vessella was able to share some key updates. One of which is the very first look at the game’s Tesla tank. As compared to the original game’s low-res art to the full 4k is amazing. Some decisions in the design details had been made by the team since they were not visible in the original.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Survey is All About DLC Content

ArtPlay and 505 Games’ Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has shared a new survey which involves the future DLCs of the game as well as its pricing. In the survey, you will have to answer some standard questions before getting to the DLC items as well as price ranges that both ArtPlay and 505 Games are considering. In all the possible options, none are actually super outrageous. The price ranges that players are able to choose from in the survey range from 99 cents to 9.99 dollars.

Fenyx from Gods and Monsters is Fully Customizable

Ubisoft’s newest IP called Gods and Monsters is set to launch by next year and details were shared today by the game’s creative director Jonathan Dumont and senior producer Marc-Alexis Côté. Dumont said that the game’s protagonist Fenyx is a character that is “fully customizable”. Players are able to change their appearance, stats, armor, and gear. Also, the game offers “over-the-top” combat. Gods and Monsters will be launching on February 25, 2020, and is available for PC and consoles.

First In-Game Look for GhostWire: Tokyo Shared

The action-adventure horror game called GhostWire: Tokyo will have you fighting paranormal enemies and trying to clear a city from the supernatural evil. The game is from the maker of The Evil Within, Shinji Mikami, so you know that this will also be a great horror game. Right now, we know very little about this latest IP but the very first in-game look has been shared for it. Although the game is said to be spooky, it will be on a less serious note as compared to The Evil Within.

Next Halo: Reach PC Flighting, Firefight Available This Month

343 Industries and Microsoft will be launching the very first flighting for the Halo: The Master Chief Collection PC later this month. This will offer the Firefight matchmaking to PC gamers. The schedule may change though as 343 Industries said that “The team is beginning to review release candidates that have the core features to support this flight,” however, things may shift, but their set target for the release is by end of this month.

PC System Requirements for Everreach: Project Eden Revealed

Headup Games’ newest sci-fi, fast-paced, story-driven, third-person action, role-playing game called Everreach: Project Eden is set to launch this September. Along with the announcement is the release of the game’s official PC requirements. The minimum processor that you will need is an Intel i3 Skylake or an AMD FX-6000 series, for graphics it is the Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or an AMD Radeon HD7870. The storage needed is about 19 GB of available space and the least amount of Memory is 6 GB of RAM.

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