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Black Desert Online Gets Remastered

Black Desert Online is getting a remastered version as announced by developer Pearl Abyss and publisher Kakao Games during a press event in Korea. The MMORPG is getting lots and lots of updates starting with the graphics which had been done in collaboration with Silicon Studio. The audio was also remastered with the creation of 220 tracks. Some changes to the gameplay were also talked about and a new region is being developed as well. Most exciting of all is the introduction of a male ranger.

Fear the Wolves Focuses on Weather in Latest Featurette

Vostok Game’s Fear The Wolves got a new featurette and it is all about the game’s weather and how it will affect players. An example of this is that when it is raining, players will have a hard time visually or when handling vehicles, but will hide footsteps, and when it is windy, long-range shots will be affected as well as the trajectory of air dropped crates. The game was supposed to go into Early Access for PC last month but had problems. The game is expected to have a release date of 2019.

Polygod Launches This Week

A new launch trailer has been revealed for Polygod which is the newest game from studio Krafted Games. It is a minimalist first-person shooter that is fast-paced. Players will take the role of the Faceless One who is planning to ascend into Godhood but in order to do that, must defeat the Trial of the Gods. There are seven deities that will test the player’s skill. Polygod is available in Steam’s Early Access but will officially launch on August 17th for PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Forza Horizon 4 Showcases Formula Drift Car Pack

Microsoft has just released a new trailer for Forza Horizon 4 that features the Formula Drift Car Pack DLC. The DLC will serve as a pre-order bonus for all editions of the upcoming racer that adds 7 Formula D cars to the player’s garage. These are the 1998 BMW 325i, 2015 Ford Mustang, 2016 HSV Maloo, 1997 Nissan 240SX S14, and the 2006 SRT Viper. As an added bonus for those who own Forza Motrosport 7, these cars will be added to your collection in the said game as well. Forza Horizon 4 launches on October 2nd.

Treyarch Has Nerfed Movements in Black Ops 4 Beta

The second Call of Duty Black Ops 2’s beta took place last weekend, and players have discovered that Treyarch made a few changes to the game. One of the changes players noticed was that movements have been nerfe – bunny hopping and sliding to be more specific. According to Treyarch the reason why these were nerfed was so that the amount of bunny-hopping and sliding will be reduced. So far, players in the beta have been throwing negative reactions to Treyarch’s move.

Rage 2 Will Have a Social Component

id Software studio boss Tim Willits confirmed at QuakeCon that their newest game Rage 2 will not have a multiplayer mode, but it will have a different kind of “social component”. The developers do understand that connecting to other gamers is important so the social component will be available not just in the typical multiplayer style. Also, plans of having updates are one of their goals, some would be free and there would be paid updates as well. Rage 2 will launch sometime in Spring 2019.

Blood Ancestors Early Access Release Date Announced

Snowpeak Studio’s Blood Ancestors is out of the Alpha test phase and is now ready to come into early access on Steam. Fans of the game can have access starting August 16th. There are six different classes to choose from during the early access stages but would increase to eighteen once the game is fully released. Get to build your character around a specific playstyle depending on the talents that you choose on the talent tree. Along with the early access announcement is also a new trailer.

Doom Eternal’s Title Explained

During the recently concluded QuakeCon 2018, executive producer Marty Stratton explained why Doom Eternal didn’t end up being called Doom 2. They said that although they don’t regret calling the reboot ‘Doom’, they end up having to say “Doom 2016” whenever they talk about the game. They didn’t want that for the sequel. Also, they were inspired by how Christopher Nolan choose to name each entry in his Batman trilogy uniquely instead of just Dark Knight 1, 2 and 3. He also added that “Doom Eternal” just felt right with how they wanted people to feel about the game.

Leaked Forza Horizon 4 Images Reveals Crossover to Halo

A leaked screenshot from Forza Horizon 4 shows a possible crossover to the Halo franchise. The screenshot shows the Warthog, an off-road vehicle seen in the Halo series. It also looks like it is being commandeered by Master Chief, and being driven by the protagonist of the game. There’s also an image of a battleship in the background. If this is true, this only means Forza Horizon 4 will be doing a Halo crossover through a track that will transport players to the Halo universe.

Bethesda Threatens to Sue Someone Reselling His Copy of The Evil Within 2 on Amazon

Bethesda is threatening legal action against a man who posted a listing on Amazon, selling his unopened physical copy of The Evil Within 2. According to Bethesda, the man is not an authorized reseller, and should list the item he’s selling as “pre-owned” or “used.” Bethesda said that it is impossible for them to verify if the said copy has not been opened, and they don’t want buyers to later find out they’re missing an insert, or find a scratched disc. The man has since removed his listing on Amazon.

TI8 Prize Pool Distribution Revealed

With just a few days left before The International 8 kick off, Valve has revealed the prize distribution format that this year’s biggest Dota 2 event will be following. Who ever finishes at the top will be taking home 44% of the the total prize pool, which currently equates to over ten million, four hundred and seventy thousand US dollars. Second, third and fourth placers will be receiving 16%, 10.5% and 7% respectively. Those finishing last will still get almost sixty thousand US dollars, so everyone’s assured a hefty sum.


Monster Hunter World Reportedly Breaks Own Steam Record

Monster Hunter World has set a new record just days after its launch. Right on release day, the Monster Hunter World PC version was able to get over two hundred forty thousand nine hundred one concurrent players on Steam and that was the highest for any 2018 game released so far. The launch was on a weekday so the expectations are it will go up on the weekend, which it did, peaking at three hundred thirty-four thousand six hundred eighty-four concurrent players breaking their launch day record.

New Rainbow Six Siege Defender Revealed

Ubisoft has officially revealed the newest Operator coming to Rainbow Six Siege! The new Operator is Morowa “Clash” Evans, and she’s a Defender. Clash is a Scotland Yard specialist, and she wields a shield – a first for any Defender. Her shield is a massive one, it covers an entire person. It’s transparent, and is equipped with Tesla coil taser gun. We can expect more details on Clash when Ubisoft officially reveals her along with Operation Grim Sky on August 19th during the Six Major in Paris.

Monster Hunter World Won’t Be Available in China

It looks like the popular Monster Hunter World will not be available in China. The game has been removed by Chinese tech giant Tencent from their digital game marketplace called WeGame in just less than a week after the game launched in the region. It has been said that the popular hunt-em-up game received “numerous complaints” in regard to its content. However, it is not really clear if that is the case. Those who already purchased the game in the region can get a refund before August 20th.

Stunning Watercolor Fantasy Game Gris Unveiled

Devolver Digital announced a new game that looks stunning, it definitely runs as one of the most beautiful games of the year. The new game is called Gris, and it is a narrative platformer that tells the story of a young girl who gets lost in a world she created herself while trying hard to cope with a painful experience. Her dress shows her journey through sorrow, as it grants her abilities as she goes on. Its watercolor painting graphics come as a plus. We can expect to know more on Gris during this year’s Gamescom.

Survival Sandbox Game Scum Early Access Starts This Month

Devolver Digital has a new multiplayer survival murder sandbox game called Scum and it’s coming to early access this August 29th. Scum is set in 2012 and is presented as a TV show where prisoners murder each other for the entertainment of the viewers and sponsors. The game is also serious when it comes to survival since players have to check on their water consumption, sodium levels, calories burned, and so forth. The plan is to have the game in early access for a year before it is officially launched.

TerraTech Ends Early Access Run

Payload Studios’ TerraTech is out of Early Access, and has now officially launched! this sandbox game features a single-player campaign, PvP multiplayer, a creative mode, a time trial racing mode, and more! The game tasks players to explore an alien world and look for new resources. The game will involve crafting, building, and fighting in order to survive. Players can also get to choose from a wide variety of vehicles to move from one point to another. The game is currently available on Steam and Xbox One.

Rainbow Six Siege is Free This Weekend

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is right now the sixth most played game on Steam and we might see those numbers go up as the game is having a free to play weekend. Players will get access to all the maps, modes and Operators during the free play weekend which will start on August 16th up to the 20th. Those playing on the Xbox One will have access first at 8:01 AM, PlayStation 4 at 2 PM, and PC at 6 PM UK times. Preloading will be available today, August 14. Progress can be carried over should you buy the full game.

Total War: Three Kingdoms Reveals Campaign Map

Sega and Creative Assembly have released a new trailer for the upcoming game Total War Three Kingdoms, featuring the game’s campaign map. The trailer shows the game’s lush and colorful world. It also showed some cinematic featuring one of the playable faction heroes, general Sun Jian. It also showed some scenes of battles, characters traversing the map, and buildings emerging on the map. Total War Three Kingdoms will be playable for the first time on Gamescom 2018.

GTA Online Update Adds New Gear and Client Jobs

Grand Theft Auto Online is introducing more client jobs as well as some cool new gear. One notable addition is the Benefactor Terrorbyte and it is a mobile command unit that is equipped with gun turrets, a multi-lock missile battery, drone stations, a touch-screen enabled app and so much more. Access New Client Jobs for hacker contact, Paige Harris. The Pegassi Oppressor MK II is also coming, it is a hyper bike with rocket boost-capable engines. These can be picked up in the Warstock Cache and Carry.

Claws Emerges in the Top Spot in Quake Duels Showdown

QuakCon 2018’s Duel Showdown has named a winner! Emerging on the top spot for the second consecutive year, Clawz from Belarus won the tournament and took home 25,000 Dollars. The second spot went to DahanG from the US. Clawz also had to battle it out with other players like Whaz, Spart1e, and Garpy before facing Team Liquid’s DahanG in the finals. In other news, Quake Champions is now free-to-play forever, so grab the game now!

OnRush Gets Ranked Mode and Event This Month

Codemasters’ Onrush will get a new Ranked Mode at the start of the official season of its new event called OnRush Summer Slam beginning August 27th. The event will have a pre-season of two weeks which will introduce the Ranked Mode to players. The Summer Slam event will run over eight weeks. In the process, new content will be unlocked which includes new celebrations, character outfits, vehicle shells, liveries, XP bonuses and a handful of new Tombstones. OnRush is available on Xbox One and PS4.

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