Allkeyshop TV News 13 December (Recap)

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New Crash Team Racing Update Out Now

Crash Team Racing has a new update called the Winter Wonderland Grand Prix. Get to race through snow using decked out Nitro Sleighs. This new update comes with a new track called the Gingerbread Joyride. New characters will also be added namely Rilla Roo, Yaya Panda and Chick n Stew as well as a new character named Hasty who is a highflying Moose. There are new karts also available which are the Snowplower, Candy Cone, and the Nitro Sleigh. A lot of pit stop items are also included and so much more.

WoW Classic Gets Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley Battlegrounds

Two new battlegrounds have been added to World of Warcraft Classic. These are the Warsong Gulch and the Alterac Valley. The players of PvP realms are able to progress through their ranks in the Honor System fighting it out at selected key points of conflict around Azeroth. The new instanced Battlegrounds will actually give players the opportunity to earn decent amounts of Honor at any type of realm with structured opportunities in order to climb the PvP ranks.

Magic: The Gathering Theros: Beyond Death Set Cards Revealed

Magic: The Gathering Theros: Beyond Death set will be adding to the game 254 cards. This set will arrive by January 2020. Some of the cards have been revealed, one of which is Ashiok the legendary Planeswalker. Another Planeswalker had been revealed and it is Elspeth. Both these cards are included in the main set. The third card revealed is a buy-a-box promotional card and it is Athreos. The set will first launch on January 16th at the Magic: The Gathering Arena and the rest of the world on the 17th.

Forza Horizon Eliminator Mode Announced

Forza Horizon 4 is getting a new update and it will pit 72 players with each other in a battle royale race mode. The new mode is called Eliminator as announced by Playground Games. Win in the head-to-head matchups and get upgrades as well as faster cars. A circle of death will also slowly close in on the open-air arena, and the last racer standing is the winner. The Forza Horizon 4 Eliminator mode is for free and is out now.

Fallout 76 New Update Came With Problems

Recently, Fallout 76 launched a patch that came with some strange bugs. After the update, players soon realize that their defense stats drop when they are reloading their weapons. Apparently, this is not only happening when reloading weapons, even reloading film into the in-game camera gives the same effect. Other players reported that there had also been issues with the weapon durability with the update, which makes it break much more easily. The devs are reportedly looking into the issue.

Resident Evil 2 has a Tie-in Achievement with Resident Evil 3 Remake

The mysterious, unfinalized achievement for Resident Evil 2 on Steam has finally been revealed and it has been described as “Chasing Jill – Read a letter left behind by Jill.” This Jill Valentine achievement actually ties into the recently revealed Resident Evil 3 remake. Right now, this achievement can only be seen on Steam and not for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Update Datamined

A new update is coming to Destiny 2 and it is called the Season of Dawn update. Information about the upcoming update has been datamined and it brings Prince Uldren Sov, the queen’s brother back from the dead. When Uldren killed Clyde he got shot in the head but was revived by a cheerful Ghost named Pulled Pork and is now a Guardian. When a Guardian is brought back from the dead they no longer retain any memory of their past life. So he has no idea why everybody seems to dislike him.

Rocket League Reworks New Blueprint System

Last week Psyonix shared an update for Rocket League which changed the game’s microtransaction system. Instead of the crates in the game, it was changed into a new blueprint system. The difference is that with the blueprint system players will know exactly what they are getting as compared to the crate system which is usually a surprise. The problem with this is that the prices of the items became too expensive. Psyonix was able to make changes and halved almost all of the prices of the items.

Two Point Hospital Console Launch to Happen February of Next Year

Two Point Hospital will be coming to consoles by February 25, 2020. Digital prepurchases of the game are now available on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. The Nintendo Switch will have the preorders available on the eShop soon. The console launch will come with two of the expansions that were launched for the PC which are Bigfoot and Pebberley Island. The newest DLC that is available for the game is called Close Encounters.

Resident Evil Resistance Introduces Martin Sandwich

Capcom has made the announcement that their team-based survival horror game called Resident Evil Resistance will be launching next year along with the Resident Evil 3 Remake. Also, with that announcement came the introduction of one of the characters named Martin Sandwich. Sandwich is a “skilled engineer and mechanic” as described in the post. Resident Evil Resistance as part of Resident Evil 3 will be launching on April 3, 2020.

Steam’s Winter Sale Date Confirmed

Valve has confirmed the start date for Steam’s Winter Sale this year. The sale will start December 19th. Also, Valve will be revealing the nominees for this year’s Steam Awards soon, and voting will begin when the Winter Sale starts. Voting for each category will open each day until it closes on New Year’s Eve at 09:00 PT / 12:00 ET / 17:00 GMT.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Delayed

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered was originally set to launch on January 23, 2020, however, the game had been delayed to a less specific date of Summer 2020. The reason behind this is that the developers would want to provide the best experience possible for the players. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition will be available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, iOS and Android. It will have cross-play between all four platforms.

Comic Book Adventure Game Liberated Announced

Atomic Wolf has an upcoming comic book adventure video game called Liberated. The game had been featured during the Nintendo Indie World Showcase. The said launch for the game will be in 2020 available for the Nintendo Switch and a PC version will be available at a later date. Liberated is a side-scrolling noir adventure that has a graphic-novel style format for both its cinematics and gameplay. Players will get to play as multiple protagonists throughout the game.

Fortnite Annual Player Pass Will Not Be Released

The previously talked about 2020 Annual Pass for Fortnite will not be launching as announced by Epic. The information about the Pass was datamined and no official announcement was made. An Epic spokesperson said that the Pass had been considered but they don’t have any plans of releasing it. Also, the Bao Bros skin has been confirmed to be coming to the game, after players had been waiting for it for quite some time now.

Layers of Fear VR Version Now Available

Bloober Team’s first-person horror game called Layers of Fear is getting a VR version. The original game came out in 2016 and it features a tortured painter who is trying to complete his masterpiece. The creative process, however, seems to be affecting his sanity and is making him hallucinate bringing to the surface some troubling memories. Layers of Fear VR will be a separate game which will cost around £15 with a 10% discount. If you own the original game, you will have a 30% additional discount.

Planet Zoo Arctic Pack Revealed

This holiday season, Planet Zoo is getting a festive update which will be arriving on the 17th of this month. This is called the Arctic Pack which will come with four new animals which are the arctic wolf, polar bear, reindeer, and dall sheep. There will also be two new arctic scenarios available with this paid DLC. The Arctic Pack will cost around £7.99 pounds. Along with this paid DLC is a free update that will have an age slider, new heat maps, new nature assets, and some fixes.

The Game Festival Announced

The Game Awards will have an event called The Game Festival which will have some limited-time demos available on Steam. There will be a dozen titles to choose from like System Shock, Eastward, Spiritfarer, Moving Out, Röki, Chicory, Wooden Nickel, Haven, Heavenly Bodies, Acid Knife, The Drifter, Carrion, SkateBird and so much more. The games will come with a limited 48-hour window for each before it gets removed from Steam.

The Blast Pro Series Global Final 2019

The Blast Pro Series Global Final 2019 will be concluded this week. This is a $500,000 dollar tournament that will be held in Riffa, Bahrain. The four teams that are featured in the finals are the FaZe Clan, Ninjas In Pyjamas, Astralis, and Team Liquid. During the December 12th semi-finals FaZe faced off against NiP where NiP won. During that same day Liquid battled Astralis where Astralis won. Nip and Astralis will be competing with each other in the upper bracket final.

The Capcom Cup 2019

The Capcom Cup 2019 will be marking the end of the currently running Capcom Pro Tour. This is the fourth season of this tournament. It had been a back-breaking year and 31 players which include the one Last Chance Qualifier will be testing their skills for the Championship in Los Angeles. There are a lot of players that show amazing potential and are the ones to watch out for like Masato ‘Bonchan’ Takahashi, Olivier ‘Luffy’ Hay, Daigo ‘The Beast’ Umehara, Adel ‘Big Bird’ Anouche and so much more.

Anthem’s New Seasonal Event is Called Icetide

A new seasonal event is coming to Anthem as announced by EA and Bioware. The seasonal events for Anthem are an effort for a new approach for the game. It had previously wrapped up the “season of skulls” and the upcoming event is called the “Icetide” event. This will be setting the game’s world in snow and frost. This will also make a few changes to the enemies as well as the inventory. Get to expect a few localized ice storms as well.

AO Tennis 2 Career Mode Reworked

AO Tennis 2 is getting a Career Mode which offers a new perspective to players. This time around players will also be rewarded based on how they behave at external events, but of course, the performance on the court is still a top priority. The external events include press conferences, discussions with managers, having good relationships with those around you, and just mainly gaining favor from the public and your sponsors. AO Tennis is set to launch on January 9, 2020, for PC, PS4, Xbox One.

Master Chief Collection Reaches Almost 3M Players at Launch Week

Microsoft Revealed in a post on the Xbox blog that the Master Chief Collection was able to reach almost 3 million players on both PC and Xbox One during launch week. The game is doing exceptionally well on PC being the top-selling game on Steam on its launch week as well as getting the highest-ranking debut for an Xbox Game Studios title on Valve’s platform. The game had also been the most-watched game on Twitch during the launch day.

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