Allkeyshop Halloween GIVEAWAY

31 October 2022 at 22:59 in Gaming News with 5 comments

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Congratulations to all our lucky winners!

We also want to thank all the participants in the Allkeyshop Halloween giveaway. We really appreciate your support.

For those who didn’t get a chance to win, good news! We have something more for you! We will do more giveaways and fun activities in the future. Make sure to keep an eye out for future giveaways and lots of surprises!

Catch Janice live on Twitch every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and make sure to join our giveaways to win amazing prizes.

See you guys around! Happy Halloween Everyone!

Join our twich here: Twitch Allkeyshop

Congratulations to all our lucky winners!

Scorn was won by Zahk_Chan

  1. Saitama
  2. NomadX
  3. Paliompoyzo
  4. CarlitaGamerGirl
  5. Mazuur
  6. -TexWiller-
  7. idpqd
  8. SaleN
  9. FireBurn
  10. Sir Magnetron
  11. Tony
  12. M1rr0R
  13. RĦN ᵒ Kalil
  14. Vaterman617
  15. Markcop
  16. febo
  17. DMAS
  18. Geno
  19. CaBilau
  20. aquila
  21. Draken
  23. Senpavo
  24. ReDiCuoriCookHood
  25. LimboWalker
  26. Rabia
  27. CoinaPaCova
  28. NocLaN
  29. OtakuLoves
  30. Nick Firzen
  31. Fidalgø
  32. Fr3aa/◢ ◤
  33. Ninjasummoner
  34. IncognitoMuffin
  35. .Simone033
  36. Prokopis
  37. I.
  38. MrRocky
  39. Mortiis74
  40. Darkswift
  41. YoshiroTV
  42. Man of Sorrows
  43. Vinpascal
  44. Chack
  45. 9nohS
  46. Gray92
  47. Doff
  48. Американецът
  49. Jalishe
  50. Floriant

In order to claim your reward, here are a few steps to follow Please read it carefully:

If you’re among the winners, all you have to do to claim your prize is to contact Bulle (Maddy)#9664 in DM on Discord:

“Hello, I won the Halloween event! My allkeyshop’s email is”

Make sure to join first our official Discord server Discord Allkeyshop, and to have your settings enabled so you can send her a direct message (don’t add as friend).

To check if your settings are functional to send DM, you can go to your settings, privacy, and check if “Allow direct messages from server members” is enabled.

Keep in mind that it might need a few open days for your prize to be sent, do not send multiples messages.

You have until November 30 2022 to send the message to claim your prize.

Install our Extension “Allkeyshop’s Browser Extension”