Age of Water Early Access Starts SOON – Key Comparison Inside

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Dive into a world sculpted by water in Age of Water Early Access, starting SOON. Compare key prices and secure your spot at the lowest cost with Allkeyshop.

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Age of Water is a new online MMO game with adventure, shooter, and exploration elements. You will play as a sea captain who will explore a post-apocalyptic world where Earth is covered in water.

As you sail through the dangers of the open water, you will trade resources, fight off enemies, and even capture other boats. You will learn the ways of the seas as a pirate, a naval “officer”, and a survivor.

Age of Water Release Date

Age of Water was initially scheduled to release on April 18, 2024. But it was postponed last minute to make way for final polishing, particularly in the voice-over feature of the game. But fortunately unlike most postponements, we only had to wait for a week with this one.

Fast forward to now, Age of Water is finally making its Early Access debut on April 25, 2024. While there is no official pre-ordering of keys, participants of the closed beta testing last year who bought the packs are starting to receive the keys now. This gives access to one of three editions of Age of Water. The particular edition that will be received depends on the set that was purchased during the beta.

If you’re one of these lucky gamers, you should receive the key in the email you used to register a Gajin account with. Once you have it, enter the code on the activation page or on the Steam app. Although you will have the key early, the game still unlocks on the 25tth. So no, there is no early access to the game’s early access, if that makes sense.

If by any chance that you lost the email you registered with, you may contact their support to resolve the issue.

As for everyone else, you can buy Age of Water game key on April 25. The game is a one-time purchase and so no subscription like a lot of online games recently.

Is Age of Water available on console?

Age of Water is also coming to consoles. The game will be available on Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S at the same time as the PC Early Access launch.

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