Against The Storm Joins PC Game Pass Today – Play for Free!

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Play Against The Storm for free with Game Pass starting today. Available on Game Pass for PC, Game Pass for Console X|S, and Xbox Cloud Gaming

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Key Facts

  • Against The Storm joins Game Pass for PC
  • Start playing the game for free on December 8, 2023
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Against the Storm is a challenging and rewarding game that offers a unique blend of city building and roguelike elements where you take on the role of a leader tasked with guiding your people through a series of harsh and unpredictable environments.

You’ll build settlements, manage resources, and research new technologies to ensure your survival. But the world is constantly changing, with storms, famine, and dangerous creatures posing constant threats to your budding civilization.

The roguelite elements of Against the Storm add a layer of excitement to the gameplay. Each playthrough is unique, featuring procedurally generated maps, events, and challenges. This means that you’ll never have the same experience twice and you’ll always be learning and adapting to new situations.

Against the Storm, the critically acclaimed roguelite city builder from Eremite Games, was initially released on early access in 2021. And now, it has finally weathered its way onto the Game Pass PC and out of early access!


How to play Against The Storm for free?

With an active Game Pass subscription, you can play Against The Storm for free starting December 8, 2023 just in time for its full release. The game will leave Early Access and launch as day-one on PC Game Pass too.

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