Action RPG Bellwright Releasing into Steam Early Access in December

5 October 2023 at 14:00 in Gaming News with 2 comments

Bellwright, the medieval action RPG come city-builder, is coming to Steam Early Access in December ahead of a 2024 full release.

  Bellwright coming to Steam early access in december  

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Here’s the Essential Information

  • Bellwright is an upcoming hybrid of survival, city-builder, and action game from developer Donkey Crew.
  • The devs have revealed a December Early Access launch with a full release on consoles and PC in 2024.
  • Keep checking back on Allkeyshop to learn more about the game as it becomes available.



Donkey Crew’s upcoming Bellwright, the survival and city-builder, will launch into Steam Early Access in December. It will hopefully have a full release on consoles and PC in 2024.




Wrongfully accused of regicide and marked for death by the ruling Crown, you’ve been a fugitive, lurking in the shadows, biding your time.

But when you narrowly escape an assassination attempt, a chilling revelation emerges – was your framing mere coincidence, or is there a deeper conspiracy at play?

With unwavering determination, you embark on a perilous journey back to the very heart of the kingdom that betrayed you.

Along the way, you’ll forge an unlikely alliance and spark a rebellion against the oppressive Sovereign who has cast a dark shadow over your homeland.

Build and expand your own settlements, nurture the land’s inhabitants, and enlist others to your righteous cause. Each recruit brings not only their unique skills but also a piece of the puzzle that will unravel the truth you seek.

Lead your forces into battle, demonstrating your valor in combat, and emerge as the heroic savior your people yearn for. The time has come for the bells of freedom to toll once more!



  bellwright key features  

Embark on an epic journey of survival and exploration! In this unforgiving world, you’ll gather, hunt, build, and craft your way to victory. The harsh land is teeming with secrets and adventures waiting to be uncovered.

Chart your path from a humble camp to becoming the fearless leader of a grand rebellion. Strengthen your bonds with settlements, amass your armies, and liberate regions from the oppressive rule of the Crown to fortify your cause.

Select your gear from an array of medieval weapons and armor, including swords, axes, mauls, polearms, and bows. Define your fighting style and sharpen your skills in the art of directional combat.

Equip and train your troops to your exact specifications and orchestrate their movements on the battlefield to showcase your mastery and power.

As you expand your influence and armies across the land, unravel the secrets of your family’s past and unearth the truth surrounding the tragic death of the Prince, a murder you were falsely accused of. The enigmatic mysteries of the kingdom await your discovery.




Bellwright could be the next big thing in the survival and city-building genres. Ensure you keep checking back on Allkeyshop to learn more about the game and when it releases.




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