94% Of All Video Game Sales Were Digital in 2022

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All worldwide video game sales in 2022 were digital compared to physical sales.

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Digital Game Sales Rise to 94%    

Key Facts

  • Digital game sales now represent 94% of the video game market.
  • Physical game sales dropped by 10% in 2022.
  • Digital video game sales accounted for $173 billion compared to $10 billion in boxed sales.



The video game industry continues to evolve, as 94% of all sales were made digitally in 2022.

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According to reports by GamesIndustry via Newzoo, 94% of all game sales in 2022 were digital compared to 5.8 boxed.

It represents $10.7 billion in physical sales revenue and $173.8 billion in digital sales.

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Breaking it down further, on consoles, 72% of all sales were digital and 28% boxed, compared to 2% boxed and 98% digital on PC.

Of course, the market is only continuing a trend we’ve seen over the last few years, with digital sales making a mark during the pandemic lockdowns when people were stuck at home.




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