3 Classic Video Games That Will Keep You Hooked For Hours

15 April 2023 at 19:43 in Gaming News with no comments

Here are 3 classic games you can play right now and get hundreds of hours of game time.

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  3 Classic Video Games You Can Play Right Now For Hours  

Key Facts

  • Some of the best games ever made are classics that are remastered.
  • The best classic games feature timeless stories, unforgettable characters, and hundreds of hours of gameplay.
  • Resident Evil, Fable, and Final Fantasy 7 all helped define their genres.



We love video games, old and new, and whether you’re old enough to remember the originals or want to try them for the first time, these classic games are the perfect way to spend your time.

  what are the best old games I can play now  

Fable Anniversary

Fable first released in 2004 on the Xbox 360 and PC, and it was praised for its rich RPG experience in which every decision and action you make has a consequence. Fable Anniversary is a remaster of the original, and features HD visuals and audio.


Resident Evil

Released in 1996, Resident Evil was an instant hit, changing the genre forever and becoming the standard for future horror games. After RE4’s recent re-release, you can return to where it all started and play the Resident Evil remaster, now with high-quality sound, modernized controls, and HD visuals.


Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII changed video games forever when it was released by Square Enix in 1997. FF7 is an epic RPG with over 100 hours of content, an unforgettable cast, and a timeless story that revolves around a group of activists trying to prevent an evil corporation from draining the world of its natural resources.




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