2 FREE Games You NEED To Claim This Weekend

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2 FREE Games You NEED To Claim This Weekend

This week we have two promotions available for the Steam store. We are talking about two games redeemable for free, namely Endless Legend and 100% Orange Juice. Two decidedly different games far from the spectrum of the video game genre, but two titles that should intrigue a good portion of players!

And who doesn’t like free games? Especially two well-made games, both with the multiplayer option to play with friends. Making them two fantastic games to try this weekend, especially if you haven’t found a new game to try yet.

How to redeem Endless Legend and 100% Orange Juice for free

Redeeming both games is very simple. In fact, both Endless Legend and 100% Orange Juice are available directly on Valve’s store! The AMPLITUDE Studios team decided to give away Endless Legend for free after the good feedback from the last giveaway on G2G, making it available to everyone directly on Steam, but only until 23rd May 2024, at 10:00 AM CEST! You can search for the game on Steam or click directly HERE.

The Orange_Juice team is also joining, continuing the Tenth Anniversary celebration of the game by making 100% Orange Juice available to all Steam users, available until 22nd May 2024, at 7:00 PM CEST. You can search for the game on Steam or click directly HERE.

What are Endless Legend and 100% Orange Juice?

But let’s talk more about the two free games. At first glance, both are very different, but Endless Legend and 100% Orange Juice have some small elements in common. Both were released almost 10 years ago on Steam and are both turn-based games. But Endless Legend is a 4X strategy game by AMPLITUDE Studios, part of the Endless fantasy saga. Set on the planet Auriga, we have an excellent title with a strong management component. Managing resources, population, and troops, as well as diplomacy, trade, and a sharp market sense to stay one step ahead of your opponents!

100% Orange Juice, on the other hand, is a fun multiplayer board game that integrates the use of dice and cards. But the colorful cast of characters, coming from all the team’s previous games such as Flying Red Barrel, QP Shooting, Suguri, and Sora, will certainly take the lead. New characters will also be added, allowing you to combine character abilities with those of the various cards, of which we have over 50 collectible cards. But you’ll also need a bit of luck to win the game, just like any board game!

Hurry before the respective promotions end. But if you missed the promotion and are interested in Endless Legend and 100% Orange Juice, you can find them at an incredible price thanks to Allkeyshop!


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