Unravel: 4 Stunning Features That Will Make You Want It

20 January 2016 at 15:13 in Gaming News with 1 comment



Winner of over 20 awards from notable award-giving bodies in the gaming world, Coldwood Interactive and EA Games’ Unravel brings you to an adventure that will not only test your puzzle solving skills, but also tug on your heartstrings.

But what sets Unravel apart from all the other side-scrolling platform games out there? Aside from its very simple gameplay, here are four features that will make you want to add this game to your stash:

1: Yarny


The newest character to take over the world of games by storm – Yarny. As his name suggests, he is made from a single strand of yarn and is Unravel’s main character. As he embarks on his journey of reconnecting the long-lost memories of a family, the wounded yarn on his body “unravels”. Your role as the one controlling Yarny is to bring him to his destination while using the unraveled yarn to solve puzzles, or help him reach unreachable platforms, among other uses. Since the yarn wounded all throughout his body gets unraveled as he moves, you must also make sure that he gets a fresh supply before the yarn on his body runs out.

DID YOU KNOW? You can also create your very own real-life Yarny! Check out this how-to video:

2: Breathtaking Environment 


Northern Sweden, Yarny’s birthplace and Coldwood Interactive’s home, is where the game takes place. Take a tour of this incredible place and bask in its gorgeous foliage, seas, snow covered fields, and so much more.

But of course, nature has its own way of bringing about challenges, so here’s where the physics-based puzzle solving action comes in. You can use your environment to your advantage by solving one puzzle to another, with tons of possibilities you can imagine – remember, your goal is to bring Yarny to his destination, so there’s nothing you can do but move forward.

3. Puzzles 


With the help of Yarny’s thread of yarn, you can interact with your environment to solve puzzles. You can use it to create bridges, launch Yarny in the air, swing from one area to another, ride a kite, and much more.

4. The Story


The story revolves around Yarny as he embarks on a journey through Northern Scandinavia in order to unveil a heartwarming story to reunite a family’s long-lost loved ones. The game’s story is told without the use of words, relying mainly on music and its environment. How you tell the story will entirely be up to you.

With its lovable main character, stunning environment, challenging puzzles, and a heartfelt underlying story waiting for you, Unravel will truly be one memorable game that is sure to be one of this year’s hits.

Unravel is available on Origin for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4.

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