Region free and Region restricted games on Steamkeybox.

By Newscaster on January 1, 2018 SteamKeyBox with No Comments
Steamkeybox offers the best games that you can get for free! Anyone in the world can win a  free game by simply joining our rewards programs. However there are cases that some games are with a Region Restriction notice. Region Restricted Games : games that can not be played and installed in a specific country. Region Free Games: games that can be played and installed in any country.
  • On Steamkeybox, before we add a game to our selection, we release a news/blog on our page to inform everyone about the games availability and its region restriction. so be sure to check our page everytime!
  • If you will focus on these newly added games, you can see that all of them have a Region Restriction.
  • Be sure that you are located on the specific country before you add the game to your wheel.
  • You can contact our live chat if you want to be sure that the game you want to add to your wheel has region restrictions or none. Our support Agents will be more than willing to assist you.
However, at we try as much as possible to add games that are Region free so that our loyal users and subscribers won’t have any issues getting the game they want to add to their wheel. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to be informed of upcoming games to be added on Steamkeybox the best site for free games! Facebook Twitter Google+ *If you need further assistance or have any other questions you can contact us through our live chat support (bottom right) or email us, we will be more than happy to help you.