GTA 6: New Gameplay Leak Shows 32-Player GTA Online 2 Mode

22 March 2023 at 19:22 in Gaming News with 1 comment

A new GTA 6 gameplay leak shows off a possible 32-player GTA Online 2.

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  GTA 6: New Video Shows GTA Online 2 Multiplayer Gameplay Leak    

Key Facts

  • GTA 6 is in development and Rockstar are striking down any leaked information on the game.
  • A recent leak showed multiplayer footage of what could be GTA Online 2.
  • The leak revealed some animations and references to multiplayer and lobbies.



More GTA 6 gameplay leaks have found their way to the internet, and this time it was a multiplayer gameplay video believed to be GTA Online 2.

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Unfortunately, the leak has already been taken down by Rockstar, but the footage showed what appeared to be 32-player multiplayer lobbies, which is more than the 30-player lobbies of the current GTA Online.

The clips also seemed to show animations taken from Red Dead Redemption 2, and showed a player carrying another over his shoulder.

GTA 6 information has been pretty light since Rockstar officially confirmed it, and leaks are taken down quickly as Rockstar looks to protect the game.

There’s also no confirmation yet on whether GTA Online will be expanded or if there will actually be a GTA Online 2. We just have to wait for Rockstar to come out and confirm it either way.




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