Contra Operation Galuga: Last Chance To Play For Free & Unlock Bonuses

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Key Facts

  • Contra Operation Galuga free demo is still live on Steam
  • You can unlock 300 Credits and Alternative Sound/WayForward Mix in the demo
  • The game features unlockable bonuses if you have saved data for Contra, Castlevania, or Arcade Classics Anniversary Collections

Contra: Operation Galuga is a reimagining of the original Contra games from the 1980s for the NES and arcade. It features the same kind of fast-paced action gameplay you’ll remember, with iconic weapons like the spread shot and laser gun. But it’s been brought up to date with modern graphics and sound design.

The game is scheduled to release on March 12, 2024.

Contra Operation Galuga Free Download

Contra Operation Galuga is releasing in full in a few days but you can already start playing it now! It may not be the full game but playing its free demo on Steam not only gives you a sneak peak of the full version but it also allows you to unlock bonuses.

By downloading and playing Contra Operation Galuga demo, you have the chance to receive 300 Credits and the Alternative Sound/WayForward Mix (Contra 4) in the full game.

It is very rare that you get in-game bonuses for the full game just by playing its free demo. But that’s not just that!

The game also features unlockable bonuses if you have saved data for the Contra, Castlevania, or Arcade Classics Anniversary Collections. This was confirmed by WayForward’s official X account. Exactly what bonuses? That will be revealed soon!

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