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Release date
17 September 2020
Official website
Early Morning Studio
Ultimate Games
RPG Indie Vampire Character Customization

About this game

For eons, the village of “Vamp’Ire” has enjoyed a relatively peaceful life but rumors are spreading of late, of a possible threat of Witchmaster a wielder of the dark arcane arts. In desperation the village musters a meager militia to prepare for the worst, you are one of those recruits sometimes fate works in mysterious ways.

  • Vampires Fall: Origins is an open-world RPG with tactical turn-based combat meaning you will be able to explore the world from an isometric perspective but when it comes to combat it’s turn-based.
  • Fully Customizable Characters: before you start the game, you can pick from 4 unique Lineages the Nosferatu, Ranjeni, Magistrav or Equides which slightly alter some of your stats.
  • The game is a tribute to classic RPGs borrowing some of their darker aesthetics while also having Tongue and cheek humor and not taking itself too seriously.
  • Vampires Fall: Origins was originally a mobile game but with its port to PC and consoles, the team at early morning studios have managed to update the game’s visuals and adjust the balancing of the game for PC and consoles.


Clearly made by gamers with a strong affection for the 2D RPGs of old, Vampire’s Fall: Origins surpasses the standard of typical mobile games and delivers a solid experience that manages to stand on its own two feet. For gamers who want a value-for-money RPG and who can abide the lack of bells and whistles, look no further than this bargain bloodletter.


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