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It's a digital key that allows you to download Jamestown Plus directly to Nintendo Switch directly from Nintendo eShop.

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Release date
12 December 2019
Official website
Final Form Games
Batterystaple Games
Action Shoot 'Em Up

About this game

Set in British colonial Mars in the 17th century, Jamestown+ offers an action, indie, shoot ’em up that can accommodate up to four players. Your mission is to protect the last Bastion of Britain – the Jamestown colony.

  • Offers a variety of difficulty levels that newcomers up to experts would enjoy.
  • Play the game with up to four friends. No worries as you will only lose credit when the whole team gets annihilated at once.
  • Enjoy new handcrafted level and new ships with 36 possible weapon loadouts.
  • The soundtrack and sound effects had also been remastered thanks to the new Gorilla Audio engine.
  • The game is compatible with any type of controller.


Jamestown+ sets out to be a well-made port on the Nintendo Switch, and it succeeds in every way. The game was great when it released eight years ago, and the same holds true today. It’s not often a game retains that kind of staying power, and this is one title that even casual players of action shmups should add to their collections.

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Jamestown+ is a strange trip through space-age colonial times. Take control of several ships with dozens of optional load outs and protect Roanoke and Jamestown alongside John Smith from the allied forces of the Spanish and the Martians. While the premise may seem weird and hokey, the gameplay is solid, fun, and is sure to satisfy shoot’em up fans for hours with multiple difficulties, unlockable game modes, and additional challenge tiers.

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