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Release date
28 July 2017
Official website

Hey! Pikmin is an action game developed by Arzest and published by Nintendo.

Captain Olimar is leading a group of Pikmin through 2D levels,collecting items that contain the main source of fuel for his ship, “sparklium”. Unlike other games of the Pikmin series, in this one you can’t choose what Pikmin to bring into levels. When you enter a level, you use whatever Pikmin you can find while exploring.

Olimar can swim and also use a jetpack to reach different areas, or he can be carried by winged Pikmin. Olimar can’t attack on his own, he always relies on the Pikmin for defense. When he has more sparklium, Olimar is able to upgrade the capabilities of his space suit.

All recruited Pikmin go to the Pikmin Park after clearing a level. Pikmin Park is an area where Pikmin are sent to look for objects with sparklium. Each time colored pellets are found, the amount of Pikmin in the park can be increased. Pikmin get to explore more sections once they finish clearing a section.

The game provides a variety of in-game bonuses and also a Pikmin-themed Amiibo was also released at launch.

Hey! Pikmin is a game that wants you to replay levels, in order to find passages and hidden stages, so you can discover more Sparklium in each stage.

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