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Release date
29 July 2021
Official website
Fallen Flag Studio
United Label, CI Games
Action Adventure Action RPG Dark Fantasy

About this game

Eldest Souls is a dark fantasy, boss rush, action role-playing game developed by Fallen Flag studios, after centuries of enslavement humanity rebelled against their masters the old gods with great cost, they overpowered them and imprisoned them within the Citadel, years passed and humanity prospered but it was not meant to be, Eksyll the leader and the most corrupt of the old gods found a way to get back at humanity, a curse that would plunge humanity into another dark age, the last of humanity came together and forged a mighty sword made of pure obsidian a weapon that could kill the old gods, it’s up to you mysterious warrior to take the sword to the Citadel and slay the gods that cursed the world.

  • The world of Eldest Souls is heavily inspired by Dark Souls and Bloodborne the bread and butter of the souls-like genre, but Eldest Souls differs in this regard by condensing the entire experience into 10 unique and memorable Boss fights. But once you defeat an Old God you get a fraction of their powers.
  • Explore the ruins of the once-mighty Citadel, a powerful prison built to chain the gods, but humanity underestimated Eksyll brutality, he experimented with his fellow gods to make the curse and took over the citadel, find out more about the world by talking to NPC’s and finding notes scattered throughout the world.
  • Customize your loadout from three distinct fighting styles Wind slide, Counter, and Berserker Slash. Pick and choose which skills you like the most in a skill tree, you can switch them back into different ones before each boss battles without any cost.


Eldest Souls straddles the line between frustratingly difficult and overwhelmingly satisfying. I had to stop playing before bed because I’d have trouble sleeping from the nervous tension it caused. Whether that’s appealing or not is up to you, but for me, I eventually found my way around to really digging Eldest Souls.



Eldest Souls is a frantic and tough boss-rush experience that features slick combat, entertaining battles, and a beautiful yet desolate world to explore. Basically, it’s everything you’d expect from an indie Dark Souls title, which is exactly what it wants to be. It’d be a discredit to say that Eldest Souls doesn’t find its own ways to innovate though, with the Bloodthirst system and deep upgrade mechanics offering some cleverly implemented ideas that complement the gameplay.


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