Apex Legends 5th Anniversary Bash: New LTM, Rewards, and More!

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Apex Legends 5th Anniversary Bash

Apex Legends 5th anniversary celebration

Respawn Entertainment and EA are celebrating the Apex Legends 5th anniversary with all-new exclusive rewards, a limited-time mode (LTM), cosmetics, event packs, and Heirloom Shards. Join us as we explore the Apex Legends 5th Anniversary Collection Event.

New LTM in Apex Legends anniversary

In time for the Apex Legends 5th Anniversary Bash is the all-new Straight Shot, a LTM that offers all the excitement of Trios but with shorter rounds, more drops, smaller map, and more fights!

Apex Legends Straight Shot Features:

  • No More Jumpmaster. Players will spawn above a random POI and drop in. Each POI will contain two teams (choose to engage immediately or rotate and play the end-game).
  • Weapons will spawn kitted at different rarities, streamlining the loot process.
  • More drops, more fights, and more end-rings in less time.
  • Reduced Lobby Size of 30 players and shorter rounds.
  • Requeue with your party directly from the death screen.

The Straight Shot LTM is available throughout the 5th anniversary celebration and is live until the event ends on Februrary 27.

Are there exclusive skins for Apex Legends 5th Anniversary?

As part of the Apex Legends 5th Anniversary Collection Event, players can grab exclusive rewards, including a free community reward track designed by Apex Legends community artists.

5th Anniversary Community Free Reward Track:

Apex Legends 5th Anniversary

  • 250 EP: 5th Anniversary universal banner badge
  • 500 EP: Year 5 Anniversary transition screen by Yamadapan, x1 Apex Pack (Rare)
  • 750 EP: Cute & Deadly universal banner frame (Epic), x1 Apex Pack (Rare)
  • 1,000 EP: Flurry Fury Prowler SMG weapon skin (Epic)
  • 1,250 EP: Career Apex Kills stat tracker, Career Apex Wins stat tracker (Rare)
  • 1,500 EP: x1 Apex Pack, Career Apex Allies Revived Stat Tracker (Rare)
  • 1,500 EP: x1 Apex Pack, Career Apex Allies Revived Stat Tracker (Rare)
  • 2,500 EP: Nightwatch universal banner frame, Ursa Major Ballistic Legend skin (Epic)
  • 3,000 EP: Cutie Claw universal banner frame (Epic), x1 Apex Pack (Rare)
  • 3,500 EP: Cute Overload universal banner frame, x1 5th Anniversary Event Pack (Epic)
  • 4,000 EP: Eternal Rebirth Bloodhound Legend skin (Epic), x1 Apex Pack (Rare)
  • 5,000 EP: 5th Anniversary Event Pack (Epic)

Respawn has also dropped a bunch of exclusive event cosmetics as part of the Breakout Rewards, which is the ongoing event at the moment in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends 5th Anniversary Bash

Apex Legends 5th Anniversary

How to unlock Apex Legends anniversary rewards

For anyone wanting to try out the Apex Legends 5th Anniversary Bash and Collection Event, you can do so right now until February 27. And for those incredible skins and cosmetics you’ve seen in the store, you check out how to buy Apex Coins in our buying guide. Never spend more than what you have to!

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