LEGO 2K Drive – Play it for free this weekend

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This weekend, you can play and test the racing game LEGO 2K Drive for free on PC and Xbox. You can find all the details here.

Main Information

  • From April 6th to June 6th, you can play LEGO 2K Drive for free on PC and Xbox.
  • Build your own vehicle and race against others.
  • Save on purchase with AllKeyShop.

What is LEGO 2K Drive?

LEGO 2K Drive is a LEGO racing game published by 2K and developed by Visual Concepts. Like many other racing games, LEGO 2K Drive features an open-world environment that you can freely explore, even with multiple friends. Additionally, there are races similar to Mario Kart races. There are power-ups, weapons, and much more, allowing you to slow down your opponents or speed up yourself during the race.

Since the cars are made of LEGO, they can break quickly during the race. But after a certain time, your vehicle will be repaired, and you can continue driving. You have three different types of vehicles: your normal car, an off-road car, and a boat. The vehicles automatically change depending on the terrain. And as you might expect, you can build your own car with over 1000 different LEGO bricks. If you’re not interested in that, you can alternatively download a car from other players in the workshop.

LEGO 2K Drive

Play LEGO 2K Drive for Free

This weekend, there is an event where you can play LEGO 2K Drive for free on PC and Xbox. However, there is a slight restriction on Xbox, but we’ll get to that in a moment. If you want to play LEGO 2K Drive for free on PC, you can simply download it for free from Steam. To play it for free on the Xbox, you need to have Xbox Game Pass Core or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This free period is limited to this weekend only and ends on June 6th at 7:00 PM, so now is the perfect time to try out this game.

Buy LEGO 2K Drive at the Best Price

If you’ve tested the game, liked it, and are considering buying it, we’re here to help. The game is not discounted on Steam and costs €30. For Xbox, it costs only €23.09 thanks to a discount. But there’s more! With AllKeyShop, you can save on every console. That’s why we’ve compared LEGO 2K Drive for you, so you only pay what’s really necessary. Since April 3rd, LEGO 2K Drive has also been part of Xbox Game Pass; you can find out more about it here.

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